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PowerPoint Presentation on Geriatric Care Management Services through Infinity Care Management of Virginia

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Infinity Care Mgmt Presentation

  1. 1. GERIATRIC CARE MANAGEMENT Linda Recinos, RN, BSN, GCM Owner & President, Infinity Care Management Serving the Greater Lynchburg, VA Community and the surrounding Counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, & Campbell
  2. 2. Current Situation• America is graying and graying fast. By 2030, 1 of 5 people in the U.S. will be over the age of 65.• Elders are living longer and as they age, they need increased assistance – 50% of those over 85 need support and assistance.• About 40 million Americans provide unpaid family care to someone over the age of 50 (1 out of 6 Americans is involved in providing care). Source: MetLife Caregiver Study
  3. 3. The Geriatric Care ManagerThe Geriatric Care Manager(GCM) is focused onmaintaining the well-being, independence anddignity of elders and dependentadults, while balancing thespecial needs and problems offamilies caring for them. Lindais a GCM and a registerednurse with 24 years ofexperience with 19 of those Linda Recinos, RN, BSNyears specializing in geriatricpatient care!
  4. 4. GCMs Positively Impact Quality of life… Geriatric Care Manager Nurses can provide…• Objective assessments & care planning• Screen/Arrange/Supervise in-home care• Skilled nursing care; injections, dressings, blood pressure monitoring, disease mgmt education• A single point of access to the range of eldercare options• Medication management & teaching• Liaison service for families at a distance• Consumer education, advocacy, and promotion of independence• Time and money saving expertise• Nutrition & diet compliance education & support
  5. 5. A PROFESSIONAL PROCESS: With a focus on understanding UNDERSTANDING: AssessmentPLANNING: Customized Plan of CareMANAGING Part I: Implementing Needed ServicesMANAGING Part II: Follow-up/MonitoringOn-Going Re-Assessment
  6. 6. Who are Infinity Care Management Clients?OLDER ADULTS AND ADULTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS• Adults who could benefit from professional oversight and care• Family members who could benefit from support and guidance• Older adults who want to remain living in their own homes• Dependent Adults whose spouse needs a break• Developmentally Disabled Adults• Psychiatrically Impaired Adults
  7. 7. Case Study Client Example 76 years Alzheimers Disease (chronic condition)PROFILE: Lives at home Husband, 78 years old 3 adult children living at a distanceSITUATION:• Miserable experience with paid caregivers in past• Husband increasingly overwhelmed• Each child is getting conflicting information• Ambivalence around placement - feels “guilty”• Needs help and guidance but reluctant to ask• Increased social isolation• Adequate finances & LTC insurance covers care needs• Medication compliance is fragmented: schedule is difficult to follow• Everyone feels stuck
  8. 8. Interventions• Initial assessment & consultation with nurse GCM• Conference call with all children and parents outlining needs, preferences, and cost-effective options• Secured commitment of all involved in process to the customized plan of care• Initiated intermittent in-home care for the client as a means of respite -- matched caregiver and set up monitoring schedule via home visits• Day Care = socialization for wife / respite for husband• Medication device in place; nurse filling it every week• Set up a means for regular communication for family members
  9. 9. Results• The client is getting the care & support she needs• Husband can be a partner again; he takes daily walks & sees some of his old friends for breakfast 1x week• Nurse GCM addresses any problems resulting from having care in the home – relief for husband• Nurse GCM overseeing meds & orders refills on time; client gets correct meds every day – husband relieved• As situation progresses, greater peace of mind for all that there is a professional advocate that will stand by them to help them through the process
  10. 10. CARE MANAGEMENT: A Distinctive model• Proactive approach• Professionally led decision- making• Recommendations reflect balance of assessed needs with values and preferences• “Whole family” / “whole person” approach• Improved communication with all involved
  11. 11. When to Call a Nurse GCM?• Family is out of town and/or only limited social support is available to the client• Need support and resources to maintain independence• Caregiver(s) overwhelmed/stressed out• Multiple diagnoses/difficult situations, complicated decision-making and care coordination• Patient and/or involved family need a „road map‟ after new diagnosis or hospitalization• Family facing nursing home decision but feeling guilty and wants other alternative• Client high risk for falls, ER visits, or med errors
  12. 12. When to Call a PGCM? (cont’d)• Family members disagree about next step; need information and objectivity• Struggling with balancing safety and independence• Needing consistent unbiased, accurate communications• Existing caregivers require supervision and ongoing training• Non-compliant behaviors with meds or diet• Driving incompetency present; driving risk
  13. 13. When to Call a PGCM? (cont’d)• Lives alone & has balance or cognitive issues• Main caregiver going on vacation or out of town• No longer able to self-inject insulin or needs regular allergy or vitamin B-12 injections• Client is vulnerable to elder fraud or has been a victim already• Poor appetite, malnutrition, irregular meals or unplanned weight loss• Social isolation or depression symptoms present• Clutter & junk accummulation has become a fire hazard or falls risk
  14. 14. Services that Help Keep Senior Adults Living at Home Infinity Care Management of Virginia provides a variety of services in addition to unique & helpful products to assist senior adults to age gracefully in their own homes for as long as they wish while maintaining their safety, well-being, and independence. Over 10 different kinds of assessments Computerized Medication Dispenser Rentals Emergency Help System with 2-way Voice Communication TeleCare Phone Outreach Service Mental Status Screenings Home management; Bill paying, home repairs, groceries
  15. 15. TeleCare Phone Outreach Services“TeleCare” is a phone outreach service for patients who need a little monitoring to make sureeverything is going smoothly with them. The client is called on designated days and are asked10 key questions about how they are getting along for that day. The clients answers to thosequestions determine if there are any "yellow or red flags" present that could be a potential harmor negative consequence to them. The "yellow or red flag" information is then scrutinized a littlemore in order to determine if a home visit is needed for further investigation. The designatedfamily member is then notified with all information.• Proactive calls can help ward off a crisis, ER visit, or a hospitalization• Proactive calls are less costly, less disruptive and easier than reactive interventions• Ideal for clients with cognitive deficits, memory loss, or beginning Alzheimers• Can be used as stand alone service or with other services• Available 1 day/week to 7 days/week or as requested
  16. 16. Emergency Help System with 2-way Voice UnitThe Emergency Help System or “EHS” is a personal emergency response systemwith 2-way voice communication that makes live help just the push of a buttonaway. Installation of the unit base will connect your parent or loved one to a "liveperson" at the emergency response center by pushing a single “ help” button onthe main transmitter unit. In addition there is the remote “help” button that iscarried with them on their belt, pocket, on a chain around their neck, or on theirwrist for that 24/7 availability of help. This life saving unit is rented monthly and isconnected to the patients telephone system for continuous peace of mind service.• Ideal for clients with a history of falls or unstable balance• Great for clients who live alone and have minimal support help• Quick response time to local emergency services; police, fire, paramedics• Low monthly rate plus installation fee
  17. 17. Computerized Medication Device - CMDThe Computerized Medication Dispenser “CMD” is a safe, convenient andautomated solution that organizes, reminds and dispenses medications so pills aretaken properly and on-time. The event reporting features make it a true cuttingedge device that improves medication adherence and reduces the risk of missedand dosing errors. Reports are immediately generated to the family and/or thenurse so phone follow up can determine if a home visit is needed to take care of anissue. This unit can be installed and rented monthly with the services of the nursefilling the medications regularly or with the family filling the unit with medicationsfor the patient instead. Nursing management services in conjunction with this CMDrental, provide a complete stress-free and hassle-free experience for your parentgiving you peace of mind that their medications are under good control..• Visual AND sound alarms alert client when to take medications• Supports independent living for clients who get easily confused or overwhelmed• Increases medication compliance immediately
  18. 18. What Can I Do to Get Started?Please visit the Infinity Care Management website and click on the “Services”page as well as the “Additional Services” page for more information on howto make your senior loved one safe and happy at home. OR CALL TODAY (434) 237-1975