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Article Review


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Article Review

Published in: Education, Technology
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Article Review

  1. 1. Article Review : Written By Nur Nabihah Binti Mohamad Nizar. April 2014. Studying at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam. Contact : 0175783638. Blog : . Free Ebook : Name of the Journal Investigating Students' Achievement in Mathematics through Non Technological Game Based Teaching. Written By : Javed Mustafa, Alam Khan & Atta Ullah Issue / Volume 4 (3&4) Page Number 151-164 1.0 Overview Games are joyful and belief to engage people. The real learning process should full fill with joy, excitement and passion of learning and these can be created through games. Different people have their own ways of learning and sometimes it does not fit with other people. In order to improve students' academic achievement, the various way of learning are suggested. If before this, students more to conventional ways but nowadays students are towards technology but due to lack of facilities there are certain people are not able to use technological games. Based on that, the authors come out with non technological that are belief have same function as technological games in order to make sure the experiment can be done everywhere. This article briefly about an initiative taken by Javed Mustafa, Alam Khan and Atta Ullah to do an experimental in order to improving students' achievement in mathematics subject through non technological game based teaching. In these research, they want to know the difference in students' performance when the educators used game 'Guess and Tell' as non technological games in teaching aid. The achievement will be compare with students' achievement when are not using non technological games as teaching aid. It involves both gender of students who are in grade eight children. As a result, they found that the uses of game 'Guess and Tell'
  2. 2. can improving students' achievement compare without using the non technological games. 2.0 A Description Of The Methodology The research were conducted at government middle school in rural area of District Karak in the province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK). It involves 39 grade eight students which 16 students are male and 23 students are female. In Pakistan, the permission from parents are not needed, so the authors are not take permission from parents. This research take from 40 to 55 minutes per working day for two weeks to be done. The purpose of this research to identify the effect of non-technological game toward students' achievement in mathematics subject. Another purpose is to compare the mathematics' achievement from male and female students through non technological games. The researcher used experimental research as their research design. There are two instruments used in this research. Game 'Guess and Tell' is the first instrument for mathematical concepts 'Mean' and 'Mode'. Second instrument involves the students achievement from pre test and post test. For the pre test, the questions are based on their text book from previous lesson while for the post test, it based on the selected topic which is Information handling in Chapter 4 also from their Mathematics text book. Before the experiment to students are conducted, researchers have trained and taught teachers how to use the game 'Guess and Tell' in teaching mathematics. In this research, there are four null hypothesis. H01 : there is no significant difference between the pre test and post test scores of the whole male and female students. Based on the result, this hypothesis are rejected because at the end of the study the
  3. 3. researchers found that there is a significant difference between the pre test and post test scores of the whole male and female students. In fact, game 'Guess and Tell' give a positive impact on students' performance in mathematics subject. Besides, for H02 : there is no significant difference between the pre test post test scores of male students. This hypothesis also rejected because the students got higher score during their post test compare with pre test. It proved that the uses of game 'Guess and Tell' can help students improving their academic achievement. The H03 : there is no significant difference between the pre test post test scores of female students cannot be accepted. The result show that this game help female students to increase their test score. Lastly, H04 : there is no significant difference between the achievement level of male and female students is the only one hypothesis are retain as null hypothesis because at the end of the study the researchers cannot found any statistically difference between the achievement level of male and female students. Based on the findings, it clearly show that game 'Guess and Tell' giving a positive effect to students in order to improving their academic achievement in mathematics subject compare when they are not using game as teaching and learning process.
  4. 4. 3. An Evaluation Of The Study  The researcher use a relevant research question based on the topic that is chosen from the 8th grade Mathematics text book. The pre test and post test are based on what all the sample learn. So, the researchers are able to got strong evidence from this research.  In this research, i agree with the method that have been used which is experimental research. By using this method there searchers got the strong result from the uses of game 'Guess and Tell' towards improving students' academic achievement.  Based on the findings, as a conclusion this game are proved as one of the teaching and learning aid that can be used to improve student's academic achievement in mathematics subject. Students got higher score when game is use in teaching and learning process compare with using conventional ways.  The researcher only used experimental research design to find out the findings. Perhaps, the researcher can use survey research design also to let know why the educators do not use game as their teaching aid because it proved that it is good for improving academic achievement.  In my opinion, the researchers are an ethical person although they clarify all the name of sample. I just assume that the researchers already got permission from the sample to exposed their name.
  5. 5. 4.0 A Discussion Of Implications In 21st century there are a lots of way that can be applied to improving students achievement and game is one of the channel. It includes either non technological or technological games because the main objective and impact are same. Based on this research, we can conclude that game can give positive effect to the students and students are enjoying in learning process towards increasing their academic achievement especially in mathematics subject. In line with technology that increasing rapidly, the learning and teaching process also should be on the line. Although sometimes, the new approach of teaching and learning that more towards technology are not fit with some students but it still should be apply in order to develop students according to the requirements that our nation needs.