Reading and writing for tesl


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guidance for TESL student.this is for reading and writing subject.

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Reading and writing for tesl

  1. 1. Perfumes
  2. 2. Introduction of perfumes.
  3. 3. In modern era  Perfume had been used in world wide.  It is used up in 3 ways :  To cover up body odor  For own personal sense  To attract opposite sex  Can describe a person’s personality.  It is a substance that gives off a pleasant smell to the owner.
  4. 4. In the past  Used it in a religious ceremony and seduction purposes  Nowadays, it is used more advance.  In history :  Perfume is called “per fumum”  Means through smoke  Comes from Latin words  Found by Egyptians  They accidently burn a wood to warm them
  5. 5. Types of perfume  There are 4 types :  Parfum  Eau de parfum  Eau de toilette  Cologne  The highest percent dissolves in alcohol is eau de parfum
  6. 6. 3 composed?  Perfume has stages like music note  Top note ○ Do not last long ○ Disappear in 10 to 12 minutes  Middle note ○ Can last longer ○ Disappear in 30 to 45 minutes  Base note ○ The back up for top and middle note ○ Can last up about four hours and more
  7. 7. Questions?
  8. 8. What are the differences in perfume making between the old days and the modern days?
  9. 9. Answer  Old days :  Used natural materials such as plants and animals.  Most important ingredient is plant.  Use certain plant such as sandalwood, rosemary, jasmine, cinnamon and roses.  These plant gives out their unique aroma.
  10. 10.  For essential oils :  Petals, bark, seeds, leaves and roots of a certain plant.  Some used secret substance from animals to make the perfume last longer and slow down the evaporation.
  11. 11.  In modern days :  Combination of natural  Synthetic  Chemicals  Alcohol  Water  Used alcohol to dilute the ingredients  Some famous perfume making kept a secret of their ingredients from being copied.
  12. 12. How to understand perfume personality?
  13. 13. Answer  According to the perfume expert, we can relate the personality of someone with the perfume they wear.  Two scientist say that a person will use perfume based on their favorite color.
  14. 14. Been stated that  People who like bright color such as pink, yellow and orange will choose fruity or floral scents.  Some who choose darker color such as red, green or purple will attracted to oriental fragrance.  So, basically, we can judge their personality by their smells.
  15. 15. These are the characteristics of the person and the types of perfume that they wear. Characteristics Types of perfume Enjoy classical music Spend holiday in rural area Like pink color Floral Sensual personality Outgoing and optimistic Musky Loves rock music Pampered with activities such as spa or pedicure Fruity
  16. 16. What tips to overcome perfume problem?
  17. 17. Answer  Why?  People hate changes  Don’t want to be sprayed with unpleasant perfume by the perfume seller.  Perfume that they been used may not suits with the body reaction.
  18. 18. Tips to overcome the problem.  Stress • Change diet • Will react with the sweat • Gives unpleasant smell  Age  Always alert with sense  Wear suitable perfume  Eat more healthier food
  19. 19.  Medications  Will change body chemistry  Take with the advice from doctor  Exercise more
  20. 20. Why people wear perfume and other fragrance?
  21. 21. Answer  Fragrance are famous around the world.  many products such as aroma candles, bath products and body products.  Many reasons why people wear perfumes.  The most important fact is it make people feel happy.
  22. 22. 1. Fragrance and memory  It has a strong connection  Example: ○Chocolate will remind about home made chocolate cake ○Strawberry will remind the sweetness air of strawberry farm  It will automatically connect our mind with the positive memories we had.
  23. 23. 2. Escape from stress  Perfect place to release stress is bathtub and shower.  The scent of shampoo and soap is a good therapy  Will feel more comfortable and reduce a little bit of stress.
  24. 24. 3. Show off unique personality  Use mood or color  Match the scent with mood  Influence confident and self- esteem  Wrong scent with wrong mood will change into a disaster
  25. 25. Conclusion  Hence, the sense of smell plays an important role in our emotional. Dr. Schiff man of Duke University said: “although the world will continue to become more technological, our biological nature will always be at the core of our lives. A life without olfactory pleasure would be an empty one”.
  26. 26. The end