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K9 Training by K9 Trainer Goktan Eker


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Our Services:

- Demand-based service supply to airport and seaport police and private security companies for narcotics
- Train handlers and trainers
- Rent K9 teams (dogs and handlers) for security projects
- Supply green dogs to Turkish police and military K9 units
- Provide services for the neighboring countries, such as Iraq and Afghanistan
- Provide equipment
- Provide consultancy services
- Certifying, auditing and reporting services K9related projects

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K9 Training by K9 Trainer Goktan Eker

  2. 2. CONTENTS1. MANAGEMENT SERVICES- Consulting- System support Human Recourses Certification Auditing and Report Quality control Re-certification course- Kennel facility management and K9 logistics
  3. 3. 2. DOGS AND RELATED ITEMS- Green “single purpose” and “dual purpose” dogs- Orange “single purpose” and “dual purpose” dogs- Red “single purpose” and “dual purpose” dogs (Explo-sive-, Demining-, Narcotics-, Patrol-, SAR- and Police-dogs)- Home protection dogs- Equipments
  4. 4. 3. TRAINING PROGRAM- Kennel Manager and Kennel Keeper course- Dog Handler course- Trainer course- Seminars and workshops4. LEASING PROGRAM- K9 leasing program- K9 team (K9 with handler) leasing program
  5. 5. 1.1 CONSULTING
  6. 6. Management need to explore the security risks beforedeveloping a K9 program.K9 SECURITY can help you finding the answers on:- What are the current security risks?- What kind of threats are we facing in the future?- Why is there a need for a K9 program?
  7. 7. Designing a K9 program, what do we need to investigate:- What kind of threats are basis for setting up the pro-gram?- What kind of dogs suits best? How many?- How many handlers do we need?- Where they will be utilized?- Who will conduct the initial basic training and the fol-low-up proficiency training?- How do we manage and supervise the program?- Budget? Buying / Leasing? Outsourcing?
  8. 8. Implementation of a K9 Program 1:- Dogs- Handlers- Protocols- Management (evaluation moments, certification stand-ards, auditing)- Kennels (building, maintenance and cleaning)- Veterinary supportK9 SECURITY WILL BE YOUR PARTNER INDEVELOPMENT.
  9. 9. Implementation of a K9 Program 2:- Transportation- Training program, maintenance training of dog andhandler- Training Kits and storage- Food- Supplies (leashes, health items, food, medications etc.)- Uniform standardsK9 SECURITY WILL BE YOUR PARTNER INDEVELOPMENT.
  10. 10. 1.2 SYSTEM SUPPORT Re-audit Identify StandartsImplement Collect data change on current practice Plan necessary Compare chance to standarts
  11. 11. 1.2.1 HUMAN RESOURCESHuman recourses are a key-factor in developing a K9program. The foundation of the program are the peoplethemselves. Managers have to be convinced about theimportance of the program. And even though the dog isexcellent trained, it’s the handler which has to direct andread the dog.K9 SECURITY provides human recourses support for dif-ferent stages in the program as we are experienced ininternational areas and are involved in several projectsin the world.
  12. 12. 1.2.2 CERTIFICATIONThe K9 unit is establishedwhen the program is certi-fied.After the people are trained,examined and evaluated byK9 SECURITY procedureswill be implemented.
  13. 13. 1.2.3 AUDITING AND REPORTINGTo keep the standards of the K9 unit high, regularly au-diting of the procedures is necessary.The goal is to eliminate all uncertainty for the team andmanagement.Regular K9 SECURITY audits, provides the managementwith objective documentation for the K9 units. Objec-tive testing also provides focus points to improve and in-crease program standards.
  14. 14. 1.2.4 QUALITY CONTROLWith the necessary approvals from the local governmentthe quality control can be done parallel with the auditingprocedures.This service should be turned into real scenarios as “wettransitions” and “dry transitions” in the working environ-ment of the K9’s.
  15. 15. 1.2.5 RE-CERTIFICATIONA K9 unit that passed the certification should have a re-certification exam periodically. Audits and reporting arenot enough.A well trained K9 team is very versatile and can be de-ployed in myriad of environments. The teams can be de-ployed to full range of scenarios ranging from routinesearches to full combat situations.According to the importance and risk of the missionre-certification exams should be done.
  17. 17. The kennels are an integral part of the dog’s life.Health of the dogs is depending on it.They need to be adequately maintained and cleaned.Under appropriate conditions for the dog (housing, han-dle and care) the life span of the dog is prolonged, whileeveryday performance improves. K9 SECURITY can ad-vise you on how to establish, manage and maintain yourkennelsK9 SECURITY can advise you in establish, maintainingand manage the kennels.
  18. 18. 2. DOGS AND RELEATED ITEMS-Green “single purpose” and “dual purpose” dogs-Orange“single purpose” and “dual purpose” dogs-Red“single purpose” and “dual purpose”dogs(Explosive-, Demining-, Narcotics-and Patrol dogs)-Search And Rescue dogs (SAR dogs)-Home protection dogs-Equipment
  19. 19. 2.1 GREEN DOGS
  20. 20. K9 SECURITY has the network through the whole Euro-pean market to select the highest quality “green” dogsof different breeds.Our focus, the dog must be social towards the handlerand his team.“Green” dog : Inexperienced trainable young dogSingle purpose : Great ball drive Or huge bite desireDual purpose : Great ball drive And huge bite desireAll our dogs are fully medical tested.
  21. 21. 2.2 ORANGE DOGS
  22. 22. K9 SECURITY applies a unique system to train the dog onodors. This training method has proven itself for over 20years and has set the standard throughout the world.
  23. 23. Orange dog : Pre trained young dogThe dog is already scent imprinted to recognize differentodors of explosives, narcotics, etc.A transition period from sleeve to bite-suit for dualpurpose dogs is carried out.Explosives : TNT, Semtex, C4, Data Sheet, DetonationCord Gun Powder, Black Powder, Dynamite, RDX, etc.Narcotics : Marihuana, Hash, Grass, Cocaine, Heroine,LSD, Amphetamine, etc.
  24. 24. 2.3 RED DOGS
  25. 25. Red dog :Trained and certified dogsThe dog is already trained and certified for indoor, out-door, vehicles, open area and according the needs of thecustomer.Dogs can be trained as:- Explosive dog- Narcotics dog- Patrol dog- SAR dog- Demining dogK9 SECURITY is also experienced in purchasing Red dogs from Eur-asian countries.
  27. 27. Home protection dogs : Show and working lineShepherds with pedigreeWe can provide Shepherds with pedigree which arehighly social, extreme obedience and very protective to-wards home and family.These dogs are purchased at sport clubs in Europe andgrew up in families. Additional trained at our facility tobecome the perfect: Home protection dog.
  28. 28. 2.5 EQUIPMENTSK9 SECURITY has the network to supply the complete range of dogrelated equipment to run adequate your dog program.
  31. 31. The Kennel Manager and Kennel Keeper courseprepares the future kennel keeper to manage the kennel.The kennel manager is the heart of the K9 program.Kennel Keeper is responsible for the health of the dogs,specially when the number of dogs increases the tensionon viruses and diseases will increasing.
  32. 32. K9 SECURITY developed a kennel keeping courseregarding:- How to clean a kennel facility- How to maintain a kennel facility- How to disinfect a kennel facility- Preventive health care- Basic dog behavour- First aid for K9- Recognizing viruses and diseases- Basic knowledge of medication
  33. 33. 3.2 DOG HANDLER COURSE
  34. 34. DOG HANDLER COURSEThe experienced and professional staff of K9 SECURITY providesthe following handler courses:- Basic obidence course- Single purpose narcotic or explosive course (detector dog)- Patrol dog course- SAR handler course- Re-certification courseAll courses will end with a certification exam.K9 SECURITY can give these courses in several different countriesand locations including lodging and dinner.We can also travel to your facility for on site training and re-certifica-tion.
  36. 36. Dog handlers which are motivated and experiencedenough can be send to the “Trainers course” program.This course combines all phases of Detector and PatrolDog Training. The course member will have the opportu-nity to completely train several “green” dogs through allphases of Dog Training.
  38. 38. Seminars and Workshops:- The deployment of K9 teams for managers- Auditing of K9 teams for managers- Providing K9 supplies- Development of terrorism and smuggling- Custom made seminars and workshops related to theirK9 program
  39. 39. 4. LEASING PROGRAMBecause of risc management many firms started aLeasing program. K9 SECURITY knows that companieshave to invest and focus on their core business.
  40. 40. 4. 1 K9 LEASING PROGRAM
  41. 41. We developed a K9 leasing program:Benefits:- Initial investments are significant lower.- Risk of losing dogs because of accidents and illnessare converted into success.
  43. 43. K9 SECURITY also provide a leasing program for K9 handlers withdog.This service is suitable for:- Immediate needs, it gives a company time till their own handlersare trained and certified to combat the security risks.- In those situations in case there is not sufficient staff. (human re-sources).-In case the required K9 unit is to small to hire people, managemen-tand to build a facility.-In case management says: …..…(we just want to concentrate on ourcorebusiness).
  44. 44. CONTACT US: GÖKTAN EKER K9 TRAINER 00902164841824 00905325145465