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Forum reading

  1. 1. Date Title Message Full Name postedDISCUSSION 08 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 1 Good Evening Pn Rahimah...thanks for the 2012 Binti Ajlan compliments...yup..reading has a lot of purposes 09:34:35 PM and benefits..To does not matter what kind of books we read as long there is something can be gained from it. A meaningful reading is the main focus because we are what we do...reading is one of the good thing to be done. And, fiction or non fiction books definitely have their own advantages.. Previously, I love to read fiction books too. But, due to time consuming, I do not have time to read fiction books with the long stories anymore..So, I choose to read something such as brochures..and mostly it fulfill my need to know about something.. Actually, I really agree that fiction books help a lot in teaching of reading in primary schools such as by story telling, the pupils will be more attracted to read and listen to especially when the teacher uses a lot of body gestures, movements or facial expression to tell the story. As the conclusion, reading is really good as long it is beneficial to us and there is no reason for us to say NO to reading... 27 Feb NurhafizahDISCUSSIONQUESTION 1 Good morning Mr, it means that 2012 Binti Ajlan you like to read fiction books..which are 12:37:58 PM made up by the author ....based on imagination... Like myself, I like to read non fiction books which are telling about the real things happen in life...real events or places...For example, I like reading the brochures which describing and explaining all about certain places in Malaysia...People who like travelling definitely would like to read these kind of books/texts.. But the thing the types of books related to our thinking styles? This is because, some people said that fiction readers need them to think out of the box and more to imagination .
  2. 2. DISCUSSIONQUESTION 1 Hi, Alia...Good morning...yes, lately I read 04 May 2012 Nurhafizah Binti Ajlan some fiction books such as novels..What I 08:52:39 AM can see is, most of the flow of the story is referring to the reality of life..Most probably taken from the real incident happened to certain people in the world.. And for sure..a lot of moral values can be taken from the story itself...It is not impossible that some of the moral values from the story touch the feeling of certain people who are related indirectly to the story. Fiction books are a bit challenging our thinking too because this kind of books allow us to keep on predicting the consequences of something will be happened..So, it encourages the people to think beyond.DISCUSSION Good Evening Pn Norliza...Yes, that is true..we will get the benefit if we keep on 08 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 1 searching for the information about animals..Especially for those who really 2012 Binti Ajlan like to keep pets at home.. 09:42:08 PM We will get to know about their habits, characters, weaknesses, lifestyles and so on about the animals...Like myself, I like to keep pets. So, definitely non fiction books will be my favourite. There are a lot of books such as I Wonder Why created by Grolier which telling us detailly about animals.DISCUSSION Yup, thats really true...they key word is....DRILLING.....and, choices of 12 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 2 texts could be one of the reason of why do the pupils become bored of 2012 Binti Ajlan reading...I think we need to simplify some texts but at the same time we 02:53:27 need to make sure that the content and objectives are still PM there...referring to the syllabus tooDISCUSSION Thats a great idea too, Mr Hendry....when the pupils wear the tag for the 12 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 2 whole day, at least they will be able to memorize the word of the 2012 Binti Ajlan day...Thanks for the idea...I have not try this idea yet... 02:57:08 PM One more thing is....what technique or method of reading you have done in your reading activities in the classroom? Like myself, I always do choral reading, pair/group reading...How about yours? any suggestions ?DISCUSSION Salam Suhaida...thanks for the good idea...actually most of us are 23 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 2 on the right track too...I agree with your choice of effort that is 2012 Binti Ajlan
  3. 3. teaching them to create sentences using the word maze...We need 02:58:13 to let them be more familiar with the words in order to enrich their AM vocabulary skill...And, provided by their self learning attitude towards learning English every day....not at school only but at home too.. Next, maybe we can use our 5 to 7 minutes slot before starting the assembly every Monday...let the talented pupils to make a performance such as standing in front of the rest of their friends and read a short story or passage. Then, we can ask the performer to ask questions to their friends pertaining to the story read . Pupils who are able to answer correctly will get some rewards ...DISCUSSION 27 Feb NurhafizahQUESTION 2 Good morning.....most of the pupils from the rural 2012 Binti Ajlan schools having this kind of overcome 12:57:41 PM it, I do a 5 minutes slot which is done 5 minutes before the lesson starts, ask the pupils to say and spell the words listed to them a day before. This kind of activity can help them to increase their memorizing skill in order to spell out the words correctly. At the same time, they will learn something everyday. The total of the words depend on the teacher. But normally, I give 5 words a day to them due to their ability. Sometimes, frankly to say that, I feel a bit tired of doing this kind of activity because of the time consuming, but after thinking of it deeply.. I realize that practice makes perfect. It is not easy to be succeed and it needs sacrifaction.....DISCUUSION 27 Feb NurhafizahQUESTION 3 Good Evening....reading activities would be fun 2012 Binti Ajlan and enjoyable if the teachers use variety of 07:20:44 PM methods or approaches..There are a lot of reading activities can be done in the classroom such as choral reading, reading aloud and etc.. But, there are some problems in doing the reading activities. The first problem is...influence of the usage of their mother tongue. My pupils are using Bahasa Semai as in their daily conversation...Bahasa Malaysia becomes their second language and English as the third one....So, a bit difficult to the teachers to teach reading because some of them a bit difficult to
  4. 4. sound some letters such as z and f....They will sound the letter of z as /s/....and f as ?/p/ but not /f/. It happens because of the influence from their mother tongue which is affect their pronunciation towards some words. Do we have some effective ways to overcome this kind of problem?DISCUUSION Yup...tongue twister is really good and enjoyable...How about teaching 12 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 3 them to make bubbling?..Is that really works to practice the sounds of 2012 Binti Ajlan /b/ and /l/? 05:04:08 PMDISCUUSION Oh yeah...jazz chants and nursery rhymes really least they 12 Mar NurhafizahQUESTION 3 can have a fun learning process rather than having chalk, talk and 2012 Binti Ajlan lecture. 05:09:20 PM Reading the jazz chants and nursery rhymes also can enhance their pronunciation skill in term of learn and enjoy. Like kill a bird with 2 stones.........We can gain knowledge in reading and fun at the same time... 04 May NurhafizahDISCUSSIONQUESTION 4 Good morning teacher..I do agree with your 2012 Binti Ajlan opinion that some of the authentic 09:00:04 AM materials/texts are not very suitable for the weak pupils in the classroom. But, if I am not mistaken, authentic materials/texts can be simplified to make it easier for them. But, one of the disadvantage of simplifying the materials/texts is..the teacher will be facing grammatical problem because some of the teachers are facing the low proficiency in grammar. The only thing we as teachers could do is, keep on refreshing ourselves to improve our grammar everyday to make sure that no grammar mistakes on doing the simplification of the materials/texts.DISCUSSION Good morning teacher...I do agree to your opinion of using the authentic 04 May NurhafizahQUESTION 4 materials such as real situation which is related to the pupils. Just to 2012 Binti Ajlan share an experience of a pupil in Year 3 from my previous school.A 01:51:58 teacher was showing to a man who was cycling his bicycle to the town. AM The teacher intended to focus on the bicycle itself because he was teaching the topic of transportation to the pupils in the classroom. So, that was the correct time for him to use realia ( authentic material ) to
  5. 5. give a better imagination of what a bicycle is. But suddenly, there was a girl started to cry at her place. All the people in the classroom felt shocked to see the girl cried. Then the teacher asked the girl, why did she cry...The girl kept quiet and suddenly there was a boy standing next to the teacher and told that the girl has no father anymore..Her father had just passed away on last 2 months... The point is...authentic materials are very good to be used..its just need us to be more alert of the sensitivity of certain situation related to our pupils...I am not disagree the using of authentic materials...just sharing the experience to us in order to have a good learning and teaching process with the pupils.DISCUSSIONQUESTION 5 Good morning Suhaida..I do agree that role 04 May 2012 Nurhafizah Binti Ajlan play is very good to be implemented in our 10:09:04 AM lesson. Furthermore, we are teaching a language subject that sometimes can be bored if we do not use accurate or suitable technique in teaching English. English should be fun if those kind of activities or techniques used in our lesson. Other than role play, we also could use action song as one of way to teach Parts of the Body. Action song needs them to use body movements or gestures to express out the song as well as the names of parts of the body. This is important in order to have fun learning of English Language. Sample of action song : 5 Good morning everybody..Yup..I do agree 04 May 2012 Nurhafizah Binti Ajlan that questioning is good to help the pupils 02:20:49 AM generate their ideas in learning process. And, it also depends on the types of questions used by the teacher to the pupils. According to Socrates, thoughtful questioning is really helpful to help the learners reach the levels of thinking. There are 5 types of questions can be used
  6. 6. in the classroom. There are factual, Convergent, Divergent, Evaluative and Combination. All the 5 types are very good to be implemented because it help the pupils to think creatively.DISCUSSION Good morning teacher..It is true that questioning is very good to let them 04 May NurhafizahQUESTION 5 aware of the important of reading the texts given. We could say that 2012 Binti Ajlan questioning allow us to have a meaningful reading rather than reading the 09:14:37 texts without any purposes. AM There are 5 types of basic questions can be used in our lesson..The first one is factual question which is simple and direct to the point and more straight forward. Example : Who is our Prime Minister? The second type is convergent which is usually within a very finite range of accuracy. It needs them to make inferences based on what they have read. Example : Based on the case of the kidnapping, why do you think the girl being kidnapped by her own uncle ? Next type is divergent question which allows the pupils to explore different avenues and create many variations of alternative answers or scenarios. This kind of question also allow them to analyze or evaluate and predicting the consequences. Example : Lisa is a girl who comes from a well known and rich family. In this situation, why do think that she pretended to be a poor girl who always steal money from the people around her? The fourth type is evaluative question which is requires sophisticated levels of cognitive or judgement. At the same time, pupils will combine the logical and thinking process before creating a perspective or point of view. Example : What are the similarities and differences between Western and Traditional food? The last type is combination question which blends together with any combination of the above. Example: According to the criminal cases happen in Malaysia, what are the main factors of the criminal and describe some actions can be taken as prevention.