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UXSG 2114 Making web more human by Nurgul Karadeniz

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UXSG 2114 Making web more human by Nurgul Karadeniz

  1. 1. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB ! ! “Making the web more human” Nurgul Karadeniz Principal Consultant UX Thought ! @nurdeniz
  2. 2. Internet Today 10,000,000,000 Connected Devices Cisco estimates 20 billion by 2020
  3. 3. 1 Known Known Known OR I know where to get gluten free products. I just need to find the link 3 Unknown 2 Unknown Unknown OR I need to find some gluten free products Known OR I need to find some sort of special dietary products, what was it Unknown OR I have absolutely no idea what products I need nor what I can do with them 4
  4. 4. We need technology that can adapt to users rather than forcing users to adapt to technology
  5. 5. Human Language User asks "I want to find a hotel for next week in Singapore with a pool and less than 5 min walking distance to any MRT station"
  6. 6. WHeubm uannd eLrasntagnudasge “Destination Name:City name’ “Date range”: Calendar Start Date + Number of Nights “Room type”
  7. 7. “Is there an easy way to find the best mortgage product and the best mortgage deal from the high street banks in UK”
  8. 8. Making the Web more human?
  9. 9. Semantic Web Users Data Relationships Whats data?
  10. 10. Present information in a structured way Salary stats Which university course? Potential job titles Industry review Universities Tuition Fee Entry Requirements Market estimations Decision and Application
  11. 11. News Bio Program Pages Current Web Wiki web page “ Web results for Jeremy Clarkson?” Jeremy Clarkson Page tags!
  12. 12. Semantic Web “ Who is the guy who works with Jeremy Clarkson?” Jeremy Clarkson Wiki
  13. 13. Current Web Results
  14. 14. Semantic Web Results
  15. 15. This brings together a focus area Understanding users data relationships
  16. 16. Design Process Discovery User Research Interaction Design Visual Design Usability Evaluation Linked Data Ontology RDF FOAF Development Semantic Web Process
  17. 17. Storing information with actual meaning..
  18. 18. Current Web Semantic Web
  19. 19. Things and the relations
  21. 21. CASE STUDY… BBC Learning Project: PEOPLE, PLACES and EVENTS
  22. 22. Auto curated pages
  23. 23. Step 1: What these means for users
  24. 24. Step 2: How things could be related
  25. 25. Related Entry Point content Related content Find information about Churchill People “Adolf Hitler” Places “Kent” Events “Battle of Britain” Things “Imperial War Museum Step 3: Designing user journeys Things “Churchill speeches” Place “Germany” Event “World War I”
  26. 26. People Events Things Places Related Events Related People Related Things Related Places PEOPLE PLACES AND EVENTS
  27. 27. PEOPLE Project Challenges PLACES ! AND EVENTS Understanding Relationships Christmas day – Charlie Chaplin died Christmas - Religion Level of information needed Project Boundaries
  28. 28. BBC aims; Connect the content of 5 million BBC Pages ! Provide one service for ten product across four screens PEOPLE PLACES AND EVENTS
  29. 29. Guided Navigation ! !
  30. 30. Guided Navigation ! !
  31. 31. PROS CONS Level of information required at concept phase ! Consider different users e.g. cultural stereotype ! Cost of building ! Extensive IA and Analysis required to spot edge cases Easy to discover content ! Easy to manage large volumes of content ! Guided navigation ! Presents information in a structured way ! Multiple ways of accessing information
  32. 32. Examples of semantic web today Facebook: Graphsearch Google: 15% of Search Apple: Siri Windows: Cortana BBC: Public content Twitter: Realtime search Best Buy: Online retail !
  33. 33. Where can we use semantic web?
  34. 34. Semantic Technologies ! Understand human language - Linked Data Understand other meaning of words - Linked Data Manages sources - RDFs Define related information - Ontologies Product Visibility - Domain Driven Design
  35. 35. Semantic Web ! Understands what we mean Reliable online services and contextual content Offering successful decision support applications Auto-curated pages guided by the users needs
  36. 36. Designing for semantic web ! Users: Mental model, Motivation, Culture, Perception Data: Content, Sharing resources, User Journeys ! Design: Defining user journeys, designing variety of page template for auto curated content
  37. 37. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB Punk References Big & Bold Beautifully Clean - Article: Too much information? Improving user experience of semantic web http:// - Bing vs. Google - - Duane Degler - Design for Semantic Web, Design for Context - Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and sensor web technologies for public. fulltext.html#Fig11_459 - Facebook Graph Search - - Faceted Semantic Search - Massimiliano Dal Mas 1202.6685.pdf - Find out about Semantic Web in simple terms - 2008/02/03/semantic-web-for-dummies/ - Frankfurt Show Daily Article: The future of content delivery in publishing http:// - How a Facebook Search Engine Could Change the Way People Find Your Business - Lee Feigenbaum (May 1, 2007). "The Semantic Web in Action". Scientific American. Retrieved February 24, 2010 Nurgul Karadeniz ! nurdeniz
  38. 38. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB ! - Linked data and the semantic web - Punk Big & Bold Beautifully Clean art20130724121658626 - Link Data Platforms - - Music Datasheet - Automatic Interlinking of Music Datasets on the Semantic Web Yves Raimond, Christopher Sutton and Mark Sandler (http:// doi= - Next-Generation Wikis: What Users Expect; How RDF Helps- Axel Rauschmayer - Semantic Web Handbook - Pascal Hitzler Krzysztof Janowicz http:// - The Semantic Web: Research and Applications - Springer Link http:// - The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project - h - The NoTube Project, (retrieved on January 31st, 2012) - The NoTube Use Case “Personalised News”, personalised-news/ (retrieved on January 31st, 2012) THANK YOU ! Nurgul Karadeniz ! nurdeniz