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Integrated and innovative solutions for businesses and governments


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Presentation of Company, Innoker - private venture in Astana, Kazakhstan to provide consulting and management services in marketing research and planning, business planning and strategic development, advertising, web development and promotion and etc.

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Integrated and innovative solutions for businesses and governments

  1. 1. INNOKER Integrated and innovative solutions for businesses and governments Astana - 2013
  2. 2. Introduction Nurbek Achilov –an expert for strategic management, marketing and ICT Registration date of Innoker: 18.06.2007 Competences: – organization of presentations, speeches and trainings – organization of seminars and trainings on business development and marketing – evaluation and research of markets, industries, products and services – preparation of recommendations for development and improvement of industries and organizations – organization and promotion of international forums (Astana Economic Forum, World Anticrisis Conference and etc.) – development and promotion of internet portals and web-sites (G-Global, AEF, WAC, EECSA, ACNPL, IAA, Iodine and others) – Management of CRM project of Astana Economic Forum – Media communication and implementation of media projects (Khabar, Kazakhstan, Euronews, CNN, BBC, DW, France24 и др.) – Publication and research on topics: economy, ICT, “green economy”, world currency and economy and etc. – Industry experience (market research, business planning and etc.): telecommunication, energy, tourism, industry, food, construction, economic research, advertising, organization of events, education, education, transport and logistics, consulting, innovation, “green technology” and etc. – Education in marketing, marketing management, operations management and e-business – Languages: russian, english, german, kazakh, uzbek
  3. 3. Registration Registration date for Private Entrepreneurship “Achilov Nurbek”: 18.06.2007 Formation and rename date for Private Entrepreneurship “Innoker”, 27.09.2013 Number 0000388 Serial 6205 Date of issue Date of completion Reasons of Completion Tax Committee 6205 – Tax Department of Esil region of Astana Tax Department 27.09.2013 Main Economic Activity: Type of Activity Source classification number 70220 Consulting on commercial and management activities Secondary Economic Activity: Secondary data: Source classification number Type of Activity 73110 Activity of advertising agencies 73200 Marketing and public research
  4. 4. Mission Provide marketing and research support for companies and organizations in Kazakhstan for improvement in processes, implementation of new technologies and ITC projects, developing quality of products, promotion and entering new markets, including import and export activities
  5. 5. Goals • Organize research services for companies and organizations, including governments and international organizations • Support of companies and organizations in application of marketing tools for development strategic areas and improvement of export potential • Support governments in applications of marketing tools for public analysis, improvement of state services for population, developing businesses, SMB, and improvement of economic indicators • Support international organizations in research and development of programs for regional and country development
  6. 6. Tasks • Providing integrated solutions for companies and organizations in market research, business and strategic planning • Participation in tenders and state procurement • Taking part in round tables and seminars on socioeconomic and technological development issues • Implement development projects on regional and international scale • Providing consulting services • Organization of events (conferences, tranings, round tables, seminars and etc.) • Implementation of joint projects in marketing, ITC, business planning and etc.
  7. 7. Services • Providing marketing and research services of targeted and potential markets • Analyzing the resources and processes • Business planning • Building strategic maps and plans • Develop and implementation of new technologies • Implementation of ITC projects • Promotion and advertising • Developing strategies and plans for increasing sales, improvement of quality of products and services
  8. 8. Team and Partners • • • • • • • • • • • • Private Company “G-Global Business Portal” Non-profit organization “G-Global Business Community” EECSA, Kazakhstan Intelligence in Science, Belgium AuronIn Company, США, Singapore Mercurus, USA Coalition for Green Economy, Kazakhstan Maxim, UK Media Agency Success, Kazakhtan MAB, Canada Social training center, Estonia Rocket Media Communications, Austria
  9. 9. Implemented IT projects • Projects in Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association: – Development of technical specification and web-sites of Astana Economic Forum, (2010-2013) – Development of technical specification and web-site of G-Global communication portal - (2011-2013) – Web-site of Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association (2010-2013) – Web-site of Astana Club of Nobel Laureates - (2011-2013) – Web-site of iodine project: (2012-2013) • Projects of JSC «International Airport Astana»: – Preparation of concept and development of web-site of IAA with implementation flight arrival/departure information • Promotion of web-sites and portals in social networks and in internetернете – АЭФ, G-Global, АЕЭКУ, АЕЭКУ • • • • Organization of online conferences with participation of government organizations on G-Global portal (2012-2013) Organization of online lectures with participation of Nobel Laureates and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan (2011-2013) Organization of online broadcasts of Astana Economic Forum in cooperation with 24KZ, Khabar and Success (2012-2013). Implementation of CRM system and integration with registration system of Astana Economic Forum (2013)
  10. 10. Implemented research projects and recommendations • • • • • • • • • • • Preparation of recommendations for support of youth and improvement of youth policy as a result of scientific and practical round tables, 2013 Research and analysis of transit and transport system of Caspian region, 2013 Analysis and preparation of statistical table “Economic indicators of Kazakhstan for 20 years” with support of Administration of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011-2013) Research and Comparative analysis of development of “green economy” in cooperation with “Coalition for green economy and G-Global”, 2013 Preparation of recommendations in culture and education as a result of scientific and practical round table, 2013 Research and comparative analysis of consumer basket in Kazakhstan, 2012 Development of effective chain of waste management in Kazakhstan, 2010 Development of concept schemes for development of energy saving, image building of Astana City and Kazakhstan, and also for resistance to the global risks, 2010 Research and preparation of presentation for development of SMB in Kazakhstan till 2020 for Economic Research Institute, 2010 Proposals for development of media industry in Kazakhstan, regional and technological development of Kazakhstan, 2011 Development of recommendations for G-20, 2009
  11. 11. Implemented projects in marketing research and planning • • • • • • • • • • • • EECSA projects: Marketing research, planning and strategies for promotion of annual Astana Economic Forum and G-Global communication platform, Astana Nobel Club, Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, virtual forums and etc. International Airport of Astana: Marketing research and strategies for development of new routes and transit potential of Astana Airport Private Company «Glavstroynab/Главстройснаб»: Marketing services and development of marketing pland for increasing sales of construction materials «International Institute of Information Technology»: Marketing services and business development in promotion of educational products in ITC Satellite Network Company «Kazsatnet»: Marketing research and plans for development of satellite and telecommunication services in Kazakhstan Electrical Company «Alageum Group»: Defining market share of the company and general marketing plan for development of markets Telecom company «Global Novikom»: Marketing research and development plans for promotion of professional communication network and services (ТЕТRА) «Alam Partners»: Development program for improving tourism sector of Akmola oblast Private German Company «Ingenatic GmbH»: Marketing plan for promotion of educational products in technical specializations Uzbek-Chinese Joint Venture «Tarim Import-Export»: Marketing strategies for promotion of polyethylene products Uzbek-Chainese Joint Venture «Oltyn Don»: Development and Realization of Marketing program for promotion of cereal products Factory «Lazzat»: Development of marketing program for promotion of confectionary products
  12. 12. Implemented media projects • • • • • • • Organization and coordination of televised debates with CNN, Euronews, Russia24, Khabar, Khazakhstan and others in preparation to the 5-th and the 6-th Astana Economic Forum Organization of distribution services of information letters and pressreleases in media channels and for journalists (2011-2013) Organization of participation of kazakhstani and international media Organization of production of documentary films with Khabar, media agency Success, Rocket Media Communication (2011-2013) Organization of production of ads spots and brodcast on CNN, Euronews, BBC, via Rocket Media Communication, in Kazakhstani TV channels (2011-2013) Organization of exclusive interviews of key speakers and moderators, Nobel Laureates, delegates of annual Astana Economic Forum (2012-2013) Organization of press-conferences within preparation to annual Astana Economic Forum (2011-2013)
  13. 13. Organized international events • Organization and promotion of annual (IIIVI) Astana Economic Forum • Organization and promotion I World AntiCrisis Conference
  14. 14. Projects in process and in plan • Preparation of business plan and technical specification for development of business portal for business cooperation in Estonia • Providing services in research, development and promotion of project in transport and logistics on development of sea port infrastructure of Kuryk • Analysis and preparation of recommendation on tax, financial and banking reforms in Kazakhstan • Organization of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Estonia • Market research and business planning for private security agency
  15. 15. Company experience and visits Ingenatic GmbH (Germany, 2005), SAP AG (Germany, 2004), John Deer (Germany, 2005), Würth GmbH (Germany, 2005), Braun GmbH (Germany, 2004), Fraport AG (Germany, 2005), John Deer (Germany, 2005), Mercedes Benz Educational Centre (Germany, 2005), FESTO (Germany, 2005), WOK (Poland, 2006), Vobra (Poland, 2006), Macao Airport (Macao, 2008), Malaysian Airlines, МAS Cargo (Malaysia, 2008), International Airport of Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia, 2008), Karangkraf Printing and Advertising (Malaysia, 2008) СNN International, Turner Co (UK, 2012), Financial Times (UK, 2012), Oxford University (UK, 2012), Cambridge University (UK, 2012), London School of Economics (UK, 2012), EBRD (UK, 2012), EU Parliament (Belgium, 2012), EU Commission (Belgium, 2012), EU Council (Belgium, 2012), UNCTAD (Switzerland, 2012), European Economic Commission of UN (Switzerland, 2012), ILO (Switzerland, 2012), WTO (Switzerland, 2012), WTC (Switzerland, 2012), WIPO (Switzerland, 2012), ISC Intelligence in Science (Belgium, 2012), Reinventing Brettonwoods Committee (France, 2012), ECB (Germany, 2012), European Socio-Economic Committee (Belgium, 2013), Energy Charter Secretariat (Belgium, 2013), Osaühing Sotsiaalne Õppekeskus (Estonia, 2013)
  16. 16. Acknowledgements and certificates - Acknowledgement Letter of the President of Kazakhstan for EECSA Acknowledgement of Coordination Management of EECSA Acknowledgement of partners and suppliers Certificates and diplomas
  17. 17. Bank information INNOKER Private Entrepreneurship Nurbek Achilov ID # 780409399033 Tax # 620220644996 Bank account number: KZ47914398416CC08541 (KZT) Bank: Branch bank JSC Sberbank, Astana Branch BIN: 0108410000828 SWIFT: SABRKZKA
  18. 18. Contacts Nurbek Achilov «INNOKER» Company Tel.: +7 701 940 29 78, +7 777 957 54 37 E-mail: