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Halal Pharmaceutical


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Published in: Education
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Halal Pharmaceutical

  1. 1. NO ITEM 1 Introduction 2 What Is Halal 3 What Is Halal Logistics 4 Vital Ingredient In Halal Logistics 5 Halal Pharmaceutical 6 Halal Vs. Kosher 7 Why Halal Pharmaceutical? 8 Requirement For Halal Pharmaceutical 9 Halal Pharmaceutical Chain 10 Driving Factor For Global Halal Pharmaceutical 11 Halal Pharmaceutical Traceability 12 Halal Pharmaceutical : Industry Impact 13 Conclusion
  2. 2. • The halal industry has seen a tremendous growth over the past few years, seeing increasing demand for halal from both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers, inquiries about halal know-how from the manufacturers, more participation from suppliers of halal-compliant raw materials, and more research to proof the benefits of halal products.
  3. 3. • Halal are things or actions, that are permissible or lawful under Shariah. • Halal dietary laws define food products as “halal” (permitted) or “haram” (prohibited) and it deals with the following five issues : • Prohibited animals • Prohibition of blood • Method of slaughtering/blessing • Prohibition of carrion • Prohibition of intoxicants
  4. 4. • Halal logistics is the process of managing the material flow and information flow throughout the supply chain in accordance to a halal standard. • Halal logistics is a system based on segregation instead of detection. • Halal products are segregated from non-halal products to: • Avoid (cross) contamination • Avoid making mistakes • Ensure consistency with expectations of the Muslim consumer
  5. 5. • Halal and non- halal goods are not mixed on a load carrier • Cleaning procedure for both the container and transportation vehicle: when the history of former transport carried severe najis. TRANSPORTATION • The basic principle of a halal warehouse is a segregation of halal and non- halal cargo throughout the warehouse process. This relates to both “physical” and “virtual” segregation STORAGE & WAREHOUSING • Basic principle of a halal compliant terminal is to ensure a physical segregation of halal cargo from non-halal cargo through the terminal process. • Inspection of halal cargo is done at a designated area to ensure that the halal integrity is not compromised. • No mixing of halal and non-halal livestock (such as pigs) in the quarantine and holding areas. TERMINAL
  6. 6. Forms of Pharmaceu tical Products Biopharma ceuticals Radiophar maceuticals Tradition al medicines Investigatio nal Medicinal products
  7. 7. • Halal Pharmaceuticals contain ingredients permitted under the Shariah, and fulfill the following conditions: • Do not contain any parts or products of animals that are non-Halal or not slaughtered according to Shariah • Do not contain Najs according to Shariah • Do not contain any human parts or its derivatives that are not permitted by Shariah. Ingredient • Not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment contaminated with Najs according to Shariah • During its preparation, processing, handling, packaging, storage and distribution, the Halal pharmaceutical products are physically separated from any other products that are decreed as non-Halal and Najs by Shariah. Process • Safe for consumption, non-poisonous, non-intoxicating or non-hazardous to health according to prescribed dosage Product
  8. 8. Halal means 'lawful' or 'permitted' in Islam and refers to all matters of life, not just food. Kosher means permitted in Judaism and is associated only with food. Prohibits all intoxicants, including alcohols, liquors and wines. Alcohol and wines are regarded as Kosher. Hence Kosher foods may contain alcohol Gelatin prepared from swine and permitted animals which are not slaughtered are prohibited. Gelatin is considered permitted regardless of its source of origin Must pronounce the name of God on all animals while in the act of slaughtering Does not require pronouncing the name of God on the animals while slaughtering.
  9. 9. Products Halal certified products not only benefit Muslims but EVERYONE because of the wholesomeness (“THOYYIBAN”) aspects:  Safe for consumption and use  Assurance of product efficacy  Quality standard of production & ingredients/materials  Hygienically processed
  10. 10.  Devices, utensils, machines and processing aids shall not be made of or contain any materials that are decreed as najs by Shariah law and shall be used only for halal pharmaceutical products.  The line shall be operated for Halal pharmaceutical products only.  Repetition in converting the line to najs al-mughallazah line and back to halal line, shall not be permitted. The line must be dedicated halal.  Systems should be in place to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical product by foreign matters such as plastic, glass or metal shards from machinery, dust, harmful gas or fumes and unwanted chemicals. In other words, during its preparation, prosessing, handling,packaging,storage and transportation shall be physically separated from any other non halal product.
  11. 11. • Halal Pharma Chain
  12. 12. Growth in the muslim population- more supply Increasing demand for Halal pharmaceutical spur more R&D Rising income among muslim consumers created more purchase Most pharmaceutical marketed are not halal and has spurred demand for genuine Halal products, hence need Halal certification from competent authority A choice from muslim to consume halal pharmaceutical
  13. 13. • Recognition by ingredient suppliers of the Muslim market • Recognition that alternatives can be sought – There was a move from bovine into porcine research as base materials for majority of pharmaceutical products due to the BSE/ mad-cow disease and the porcine based materials are easily available because of its organized supply chain for their animal parts
  14. 14. Halal Pharmaceutical is the emerging growth sector in the Halal industry. There are still a lot of matters to address in terms of Halal compliance in this industry, and also the acceptance of the necessity of its Halal certification. National, regional & global effort to harness resources in addressing the various aspects of halal pharmaceuticals.