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Innovation in service teachers training program


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Published in: Education, Business
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Innovation in service teachers training program

  1. 1. Innovation / Framework ofIn-Service Teachers Training Program Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Presented by: Nur Ali Tejani (10745) Rafiq Bharwani (00000)
  2. 2. In-Service, we define as• In service training is a process and a part of continuing education that helps the teachers to gain greater insight into teaching.• In this training teachers become involved in order to broaden their knowledge, improve their skills and attitudes. This training takes place once the teacher has joined a school and can be both formal or informal in nature
  3. 3. Factors determining In service Model Content of Training In Student Quality Of Achievements Service Training training School Culture
  4. 4. Model Steps for In-service Awareness Action Training
  5. 5. Key paradigmatic shift – in service training (Fraser, 2006)From … To(wards)…Pragmatism Philosophical EnquiryInformed Prescription Informed Professional JudgementCulture of dependency Culture of professional authorityBest practice thinking Next practice thinkingCommunities of Practice Communities of LearningCollaboration Networked LearningInstitutional Leadership Educational LeadershipReforming schools and Evolving schools and
  6. 6. The innovative Framework • Moving from one spurt teacher training to continuous development program • Shifting from lone theoretical teaching • Building learning partnerships • Developing communities of practice The following activities • Interconnectednesswill lay the foundation for • E- Readiness effective In service program.
  7. 7. Continuous development programNEW DIMENSIONS • Children With special needs, • Tolerance • Multicultural education • Classroom management • Communication with parents • Multicultural education • Bilingual education • Respecting social diversity in classroom (incl. poverty) • Communication • Child development • Psychology of learning • Teaching methods • Curriculum design • Assessment • Subject knowledge • Education management• INSET COURSES SHOULD BE – Interactive – Based on the needs of teachers – Connected to real life problems
  8. 8. Building Understanding• The most important aspect of continuing professional development is “to continue the process of developing understanding about it.” We all need to engage ourselves in an ongoing process of READING, THINKING and TALKING about all those ideas necessary to educate the young learners.
  9. 9. Interconnectedness ContentAttitude PedagogyTechnology Skill
  10. 10. Developing New Communities of Practice Teaching Shadowing Practicum In-servicePeer To Peer Co Teaching Learning
  11. 11. Monthly Open Seminars• Continue enhancing understanding about Content / Pedagogy / attitudes.• Example: First Monday of each Month – A monthly schedule with themes, venue, timings, and facilitators to be circulated – teachers can log in for any one session – Both External and internal human resource can be engaged in leading the seminars.
  12. 12. Teacher Learning Projects (TLPs) The other most important aspect is to experience it. Teacher want to explore any area. Based around themes Through TLPs, we can engage ourselves in the process of unfolding concepts and initiate small projects One way of building an understanding is through seminars and discussing the ideas at theoretical level.
  13. 13. E- Readiness TECHNOLOGY Knowledge of technologies that support teaching and HOW to use these CONTENT PEDAGOGYKnowledge of WHAT we teach Knowledge of HOW we teach –in our subject / learning area teaching methods
  14. 14. Keeping On-line Forum alive• An online forum can be developed.• Teachers can be encouraged to use such forums to engage in healthy discussions and sharing of best practices.• At least on working Saturdays, teachers should be encouraged to go on to forum and share their thoughts.• Blogs to share best practices globally
  15. 15. Networking Learning
  16. 16. Other innovative features…..Reflective Practice in form of journalingTeachers conducting mini researchesSharing of best practices through publicationsSubject Based meetings – content discussionsTutorials - on professional school days