The Perks Of Being A Wedding Planner And How To Become One


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The Perks Of Being A Wedding Planner And How To Become One

  1. 1. The Perks Of Being A Wedding Planner And How To Become One Wedding planners are nearly the norm these days for frazzled brides and grooms everywhere. While years ago, it would have been unheard of to hire someone to plan a wedding, these days it is practically a necessity. The wedding planner industry began with mostly independent planners, but now it has evolved to include entire companies that hire and provide wedding planners. The shift has left people wondering how to become a wedding planner. Making A Choice: The Only One Or One In A Million When you first decide that you would like to become a wedding planner, you will need to make a very important choice: will you start your own independent business, or will you work for a wedding consultant company? The first choice is popular; 60 to 70 percent of consultants work from home. It is also a good option because you keep the entire profit, and do not have to give a percentage to the company. Working for a public company has its perks as well. The publicity is better, and you might be offered more clients. The resources available to you might be better as well. However, before you make this decision, you must make sure that becoming a wedding planner is the right move for you. So Many Skills Becoming a wedding planner, no matter how much you want to, is not the right career for everyone. Typically, the most successful wedding planners have degrees in an area such a event planning. However, there are also certain personality traits that might make someone more successful as a wedding planner. One such quality is being a people person. Dealing with people and being able to calm them down is an important part of being a wedding planner. Organization is also an important skill, as is communication. Money In The Bank Nowadays, no matter how you become a wedding planner, getting into the career is sure to guarantee a respectable salary. Though less people are getting married, most of those who do are elderly and thus have more money to spend. Wedding planners typically make about ten to fifteen percent of whatever the wedding costs. And while the cost of the wedding depends on the area of residence, a typical wedding planner earns between $1900 and $2850 per wedding! A Vicarious Life
  2. 2. As a wedding planner, you might be forced to put up with stress, details, and difficulties. However, you also get to relive the happiest day over and over again—vicariously through other people, that is!