The Four Must Have Traits Of Personal Assistants


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The Four Must Have Traits Of Personal Assistants

  1. 1. The Four Must Have Traits of Personal Assistants Personal assistants are vital to busy bosses whatever industry they belong to. The tasks may vary according to what type of superior they have. The salary will also depend on the kind of trade where the superior is involved with. You may be used to celebrities having their own PA’s. If you have been exposed to the corporate world, you should know that all the executives on such setup have their own PA’s. The duties of the assistants will greatly differ on the tasks of their bosses. They may differ on the industry where they thrive. The salary may also be different depending on the business and their employers. The tasks, of course, also vary. But a personal assistant must have the following skills to be able to cope with the challenges that their job poses each working day. 1. Brilliant communication skill. As a personal assistant, you would have to interact with the people whom your boss is transacting business with. You would have to set up meetings with them. It is your duty to accommodate them when they arrive at certain locations where your boss will be conducting meetings with them. You have to relay to these people important messages in ways that you will be clearly understood. This way, you will be helping your boss carry out the tasks that they could no longer bear by themselves. And that is also their main reason why they would hire an assistant. 2. Pleasing personality. You should appear bright, attentive and at the same time, pleasant. It cannot be helped that sometimes, certain guests will arrive at the office at times when your superior doesn’t want to be disturbed. You have to tell the guests in the manner that they will not be offended about the situation. You need to stay calm amidst all turmoil. Your composure will help your boss a lot in times when they feel that business is tough and everything seems so incontrollable. 3. Good with problem solving. There are times when you have to decide things on your own. There are simpler situations and problems that your boss does no longer need to be concerned about. And it is your duty as their assistant to judge the situation accordingly and do the necessary action. Also, your superior may ask you for your advices at times, especially when they deem you as expert in such situation. You should be able to assess the problem and give out the right words and suggestions to help alleviate the problem in your own little way. 4. Hardworking. As a personal assistant, it cannot be helped that your services will still be needed beyond work hours or even on your rest days. This usually happens when the boss thrives in a business where transactions happen almost every day and they have to deal with a lot of situations and people all at once. You are your boss’ shadow. They will be able to work better with your aid. For this reason, you must be ready to extend your patience and service way beyond the agreed hours and days of work.
  2. 2. All the abovementioned skills are must haves for personal assistants. You must value your job and you must really love it in order to last. The payoff will surely be good once you’ve gotten used to how things work in such environment.