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How To Do Basketball Crossover Moves


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Published in: Sports, Education
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How To Do Basketball Crossover Moves

  1. 1. How to Do Basketball Crossover Moves Basketball is, perhaps, the most famous sports all over the world. And with its popularity, many young men and women are into this sport. Many people are also watching this game; be it a game on television or a live court action. There have been several basketball associations in the United States alone. But the most popular is the National Basketball Association, most popularly known as simply the NBA. Why? This is because it showcased the finest players as well as best basketball crossover moves that the whole world have ever seen. The Crossover Dribble This is the most notable crossover move. Also known as the ankle breaker, too many ankles have been broken using this move. This is a low and quick bounce dribbling in front and allows the player to switch momentum as quick as possible. This is being used to outmaneuver the opponent and have the chance to drive to the hoops. The action that you will see in a crossover dribble is so fantastic that many spectators consider it as a very exciting spice on a game. Mostly, the crossover dribble is an important move that the players holding the guard positions should know. But, it is also a great move that every player should learn because it will be an advantageous offensive move. Steps in Making a Crossover Dribble If you want to learn crossover dribble, there are several steps on how you can do it; • The first step that you have to learn is how to dribble using your strongest hand. You have to learn how to do this as you approach the defending opponent. • Pause and focus on your dribbling keeping your opponent at bay. • Next, you have to push the ball to the side where you’re dribbling. With that, your opponent may move with you. When he did that, you have to bounce the ball in other direction and move to the net before he catches up. There is also a technique in this move if you want a three-point play. You have to run in front of the defender; when he chases you and goes for the ball, a foul will be called. • You should also learn to watch the moves of your defender while being careful with your moves. If the weight of your opponent shifted, you will know that he bites out at your crossover move. • You have to keep in mind that speed and control of the ball is essential for this move.
  2. 2. • Also, you have to concentrate on the defender’s mid section while concentrating on your own moves. Most Notable NBA Player Doing the Crossover Dribble: • Allen Iverson – his variation; he doesn’t go straight to the hoop. Instead, he crosses over again and drives using his left hand. • Jason Williams • Tim Hardaway • Dwayne Wade • Kobe Bryant • Deron Williams • Baron Davis • Steve Francis Even if you think that a crossover dribble is such an easy technique to execute, you will be surprise at just how hard it is in actual practice. And you will need several things in order to be successful in this move. First, you have to have strong and agile hands. Next, your legs should learn how to be responsive. Excellent control of the ball combined with speedy foot works are the main key to crossover dribbling. Your upper body should also be sturdy and tough; you have to learn how to coordinate your body movements with the rhythms of your foot works and ball handling. Lastly, and probably the most important spice is a deceptive mind. Yes, this is what you need because you are not only convincing your defender but yourself as well that what you are doing is real, until the very last moment.