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What is Nuppu Labs?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What is Nuppu Labs?

  1. 1. Web + Mobile // !Design + Development!
  2. 2. Nuppu Labs is a web & mobile development agency! ! We design and create web sites, mobile apps and digital products. ! of delivering outstanding digital products.!Nuppu Labs helps you to find the right digital solution and technology for your business. We offer both multi-device HTML5 solutions and native applications.! ! Projects are managed by multi-site development professionals, with 10+ years experience !
  3. 3. Nuppu Labs Talent Bed! ! We select the best talent, experience level and skills to meet our clientʼs need. ! ! Our talent base includes strategists, web, graphic and interaction designers in NYC and Finland.! ! Our programmer pool is built on Finlandʼsleading educational system and long tradition of technological innovations as well as to the excellent availability of programming talent.!
  4. 4. Nuppu Labs
Founder + Project Leads!
  5. 5. Nuppu Labs
Strategists + Designers!
  6. 6. Nuppu Labs
Technology Developers!
  7. 7. Please see behance for ourever-evolving and growing portfolio of projects ! !! !
  8. 8.!+358504867250!