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Mattila visually tasty_low_res (1)

  1. 1. visuallyvisuallytasty a
  2. 2. DEFINITION of“The one whois eye-minded; precision 3D visualization Technique 3D Imaginga visualizer.”Definition of Visualizer: Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  3. 3. Product Render 2012 | Non-commercial
  4. 4. Product Render 2012 | Non-commercial
  5. 5. Product Render 2012 | Non-commercial
  6. 6. Product Render 2011 | Client: PP Promotion Oy
  7. 7. “The one whovisualizes,especially aperson whose aesthetics photography Technique Studio Photographymental images Image Editing 3D Imagingare predomi-nantly visual.”Definition of Visualizer: American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
  8. 8. Product Advertising 2011 | Client: PP Promotion Oy
  9. 9. Product Advertising 2011 | Client: Normincies Oy
  10. 10. Product Advertising 2011 | Client: Normincies Oy
  11. 11. Product Visualizing 2010 | Non-commercial
  12. 12. Product Visualizing 2010 | Non-commercial
  13. 13. Product Visualizing 2010 | Non-commercial
  14. 14. Product Visualizing 2011 | Non-commercial
  15. 15. Product Visualizing 2010 | Non-commercial
  16. 16. “The qualitythat givespleasure to with love... exhibition Technique Outdoor Photographymind or Sincire Love Retouchingsenses.”Definition of beauty: American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
  17. 17. Love and Looting in Sitges 2009 | Exhibition ’09
  18. 18. Love and Looting in Sitges 2009 | Exhibition ’09
  19. 19. Love and Looting in Sitges 2009 | Exhibition ’09
  20. 20. Love and Looting in Sitges 2009 | Exhibition ’09
  21. 21. “Perfection isachieved, notwhen there isnothing left to passion workingadd, but when Skills Image Editing Photography 3D Imagingthere is noth-ing left toremove.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  22. 22. I am a 28-year-old, Helsinki one of my instruments at creating beautiful images is that it has en- abled me to gain an extensive understanding of Photoshop and re- based commercial visualizer. touching. I have been working with im- ages full-time for over 4 years, Since the fall of 2011 I have brought in 3D -rendering as a part of with experience ranging from my workflow. I pay attention to the smallest details and aim to al- photography and image ways get them to work correctly, which is a key to get photo realistic editing to 3D. results in my opinion. I apply this same attention to detail to all my work.In the beginning of 2010, after returning from a 4 month Sitges /Barcelona -project, I started working on a project called Studio ma, All product renders in my portfolio were made digitally, not fromma which later evolved into a joint company, Malmi & Mattila. Malmi photographs. No ready blueprints were used. I started with creatingwas specialized in cultural management and event producing. With an accurate blueprint of the actual bottle. This was done by takingan iron fist she organized anything from permits to public exhibitions. measurements and transferring the bottle’s base-reliefs on to paper,Mattila, my half of the company, was specialized in commercial which later was scanned and vectorized. After taking measurementsproduct photography, image editing and CGI. Our studio was locat- the bottle was modeled in Maya 2012. Earlier scans of base-reliefsed in Kokemäki, Finland. were then transformed into displacement maps, which were applied on to the bottle. Labels were also scanned and vectorized. Render-In my work I focus on the visual aspect of advertising and branding. ing was done in a single phase in Maxwell Render, followed by gen-I’m happy to stay in the background and make ideas a reality. Sim- eral retouching in Photoshop.plicity leads to perfection, but it can only be achieved through learn-ing, and like most Scandinavian people, I’m obsessed achieving the The purpose of this portfolio is to introduce myself as a visualizer. Itthe former. was put together to cover different aspects of my work and show my skills and personal style in those areas. In the end, I am not try-In photography, I have experience of both studio and on-location ing to reinvent the wheel. I just want to make gorgeous pictures.shoots. Photography has always been a way for me to unleash my I hope you had an visually tasty experience!creativity, whether it be through creating a miniature rainforest insidean aquarium or using 5 Euro reflective beach carpet as a main lightsource. I enjoy creating new setups from scratch, letting my creativeside run the show. Part of the reason why I chose photography as Jarkko Mattila
  23. 23. jobba werkentrabajar 2009 2012workinglavorare
  24. 24. contact Jarkko Mattila +358 41 3130 052 Aleksis Kiven Katu 48 C 66 00510 Helsinki FINLAND© Copyright Malmi & Mattila 2011, all rights reserved. Malmi & Mattila logo is pro- tected by copyright law and may not be used without permission. Design by Jarkko Mattila