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400 612 1877                                                               Shandong Anthente New...
400 612 1877                                                 Shandong Anthente New Materials Tec...
400 612 1877                                                                 Shandong Anthente N...
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bulk container liner


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Bulk Container Liner is suitable for pellet and powder materials. Most use in Petrochemical and Food industries, such as PP, PE, Rice, Flour etc.
We are producing various kinds of bulk liner depending on product characteristic and handling method such as:

- Carbon Black
- Pure Terephthalic Acid or PTA
- Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET
- Polyethylene or PE
- Polypropylene or PP
- Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

- Tapioca Starch
- Sugar
- Rice
- Fertilizer

Bulk Container Liners are produced according to customer specification and concern such as material quality, design, and purpose. All our bulk liner are produced through ISO9001:2008, AIB, HACCP standards.
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bulk container liner

  1. 1. 400 612 1877 Shandong Anthente New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. ASTpack Dry Bulk Container LinerASTpack Dry Bulk Liners are used for a wide and constantly growing range of granular andpowder products as a highly cost effective and time saving alternative to sacks and bags.ASTpack Dry Bulk Liners, form a clean, dry and protective shield between the product and thefloor and walls of the container. This enables a 20 and 40 bulk container to be used as a low costalternative to a road tanker for the transport of free-flowing, bulk products. Such as dry granules,powder, grains, chemicals and other products. After discharging, the liner is simply removed anddiscarded, leaving the container free of residue and the danger of cross-contaminationsubsequent products.Anthente is the innovative and quality concerned manufacturer of Dry Bulk Container Liners, weoffers numerous styles of dry bulk liners, mainly are PE Film Dry-bulk Container Liners and PE/PPWoven Dry-bulk Container liners,capable of transporting any non-hazardous good flowing dryproducts. Furthermore, we can also make kinds of product according to customers requirementincluding detailed dimension and standard fittings of products they use.ASTpack Dry Bulk Container Liner Applications1)CHEMICALS1)CHEMICALSABS Resin ABS,Aluminium Powder,Glass Beads, Polyester Granules,Polyethylene Granules,Polycarbonate Granules, Polypropylene Granules, PVC Granules,PTA, Soda Ash,PE Resin,PPResin,PS Resin,PVC Resin,Pigments2)FOODSTUFFS2)FOODSTUFFSBarley, Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Corn, Flour, Lentils, Milk Powder, Nuts,Peas, Rice, Seeds, Sugar,Mixed Grain Feed, Soya Beans, Tea LeafASTpack Bulk Container Liner Advantages1) Cost saving on packaging material, handling cost & transportation cost.2) Minimize cargo spillage & waste.3) Maximize the loading percentage.4) Protect cargo from containmination.5) Easy & fast to install, load & dispose. 1
  2. 2. 400 612 1877 Shandong Anthente New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.ASTpack Dry Bulk Container Liner Sketch PE/PP Woven Dry Bulk Liners Size: 20/30/40 Feet Feature: Diverse Load/Discharge Spout; Stitched Belts to Tie on Lashing Bars; With Strong Woven Bulkhead Suitable For Cargos in Granule/Powder Suitable: PE Film Dry Bulk Liners Size 20/30/40 Feet Size: Feature Top Load or End Load, Diverse Load/Discharge Feature: Spout; Welded Plastic Tabs to Connect Lashing Bars; Optional Strong Woven Bulkhead Suitable For Cargos in Granule/Powder Suitable: 2
  3. 3. 400 612 1877 Shandong Anthente New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.ASTpack Dry Bulk Container Liner Loading/Discharging Conveyer Loading Hopper Loading Pneumatic Loading Thrower Loading Tilt Discharging PumpingASTpack Bulk Container Liner Installation1) Throughly sweep out the container2) Unfold liner completely3) Begin hanging at front corner of container4) Move towards rear inserting rubber bands into hanging clips5) Attach filling spout fastening both sides of each filling hatch6) Move towards rear attaching all filling spouts of liner7) Insert opposite front corner rubber band into corner hanging clip8) Move towards rear inserting rubber bands into hanging clips9) From front,peeling back paper from double sided tape,pulling backwards and outwards10) Ensure base liner is fitted against edges of container and is free from creases11) Attach any remaining rubber bands on liner end12) Insert rubber bands at ends of discharge hold up cord into side clips13) Check that discharge is slightly clear of floor14) Attach rubber band to hanging clip on door 3