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The Tech You Need to Supercharge Critical Banking Apps

In 2019 the banking industry realized that public cloud is here, today, ready to host your most critical systems, including payments, core banking, and credit card processing. To maximize the agility and efficiency capabilities of the public cloud, you need to use the technology leading the way to deliver your critical banking apps on a platform that’s highly resilient and massively scalable.

You can overcome cost and technology challenges of moving to the cloud using Google Cloud Platform powered by Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory and NuoDB’s distributed SQL database. Move from on premise to the cloud for on demand scalability, exceptional performance, and significant cost advantages

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:
+ Choose your deployment with hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise containers
+ Scale in the cloud at the speed of DRAM
+ Provide continuously available mission-critical banking apps

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The Tech You Need to Supercharge Critical Banking Apps

  1. 1. September 2019 Supercharge Transactional Workload Processing on GCP Powered by Intel® Optane™ & NuoDB
  2. 2. Boris Bulanov VP of Technology, NuoDB, Inc. Mike Blalock General Manager, Financial Services Intel Parviz Peiravi CTO, Financial Services Intel Bipul Kumar Cloud Customer Engineer Google
  3. 3. Agile Reliable Digital BANK Business Paradigm Shift DIGITAL BANK IN THE CLOUD Slow Reliable Bricks-and-Mortar BANK Digital Transformation
  4. 4. The Transformation FROM TO Enterprise IT DevOps Hardware Cloud Mainframes Containers Applications Microservices Databases Distributed Databases
  5. 5. Why Large Scale for Banks Drivers ● Large Scale on-prem ● Consolidation ● Headroom for Growth BANK Payments Cards Core Banking Trading Compliance Fraud
  6. 6. Open Smart Trustworthy Scaled Pragmatic We have online and in-person training, OnRamp, Coursera, Khan Academy, and more. Survey results repeatedly show that GCP is the easiest cloud to learn. We discovered Spectre/Meltdown and patched with zero downtime, just like Heartbleed, and Rowhammer, and over 800 other CVE’s: GCP is the secure cloud. Best uptime too. No upfront costs. No byzantine legal wrangling. No fixed-size waste. Pay only for what you use. Best price/performance, by far. Systems designed to reduce operational toil. Simple. We’ve built our whole cloud this way, Beam, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Istio and the other 20m+ lines of OSS we’ve released more make GCP the open cloud. Today, customers across more than 150 countries trust Google Cloud to modernize their computing environment for today’s digital world. We are helping thousands of organizations, including many of the world’s largest companies, transform their businesses. Why GCP for my infrastructure?
  7. 7. Technological Paradigm Shift INTEL’S BREAKTHROUGH Yesterday - 32 cores, 0.5TB Memory Today – 56 cores, 6TB Memory Abundant Memory Lower Latency Increased Capacity Persistence Breaks the Memory/Storage Barrier Move from Storage-centric to Memory-centric computing Memory-centric computing
  8. 8. Database Paradigm Shift for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) NuoDB Distributed RDBMS Elastic - Capacity on demand Multi-master – All Active servers Operators – Ease of automation Hybrid – Move to Cloud at your own pace Container Native No Single Point of Failure Built-in Redundancy Active Across Zones and Regions Non-Stop Availability Memory-centric App App App Database Low-latency OLTP Massive scale Efficiency
  9. 9. What Can Banks Do Today? On-Prem On GCP Tier-0 Applications Tier 1-5 Applications Analytics Big Data App + Spanner App + CloudSQL BigQuery BigTable App + NuoDB + Optane DCPMM
  10. 10. The Demo Shows… Scale – Very large OLTP system operating in GCP today with Optane DCPMM Memory Resilience – NuoDB Database service delivers High Availability on GCP Speed – Optane DCPMM Memory enables low-latency processing of massive data sets
  11. 11. Cloud Bank … … … Sample Customer Questions: • Latest 20 transactions (< 10 ms) • All transactions for 2 years (< 500 ms)
  12. 12. App 6 TB 6 TB 2.5TB 100 GB Dashboard Server 2.5TB App App App App GCP Host, 6TB - Optane DCPMM GCP Host, 6TB - Optane DCPMM GCP Host, 200GB - DDR - NuoDB TE (Transaction Server) - NuoDB SM (Storage Manager) Demo Topology
  13. 13. Demo Dashboard
  14. 14. Summary Digital Transformation Technology & Experience Agile Reliable Digital BANK
  15. 15. Thank you