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London Breakfast Seminar


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During the “Architecting for the Cloud” breakfast seminar we discussed the requirements of modern cloud-based applications and how to overcome the constraints of traditional database infrastructure.

We discussed how the right cloud-based database architecture can:
- Provide easy and fast access across multiple geographies
- Handle rapid user growth by adding new servers on demand
- Provide high performance even in the face of heavy application usage
- Offer around-the-clock resiliency and uptime
- Deliver cloud-enabled apps in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments

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London Breakfast Seminar

  1. 1. Distributed SQL Database Bob Walmsley EVP Sales & Services
  2. 2. Magic Quadrant 2013 NuoDB, Inc. Unique ability to deploy a single, logical SQL DBMS in multiple locations Clear choice for SQL OLTP Recipient of numerous industry awards Deep database DNA in management team and world-class investors Headquartered in Cambridge, MA
  3. 3. NuoDB Database DNA Steve Cellini VP, Product Management Object Design, Microsoft Seth Proctor CTO Sun, Nokia Michael Waclawiczek VP, Marketing & Operations IONA, StreamBase, Object Design John Wagner CFO Carbonite, Constant Contact Bob Walmsley EVP, Sales and Services IONA, Veracode Object Design Adam Abrevaya VP, Engineering Object Design, Pantero Jim Starkey Co-Founder Interbase, MVCC, Datatrieve, Blob Barry Morris Co-Founder & CEO IONA, StreamBase, Lotus, DEC Mitchel Kertzman Investor & Director Sybase, Powersoft Nilanjana Bhowmik Investor & Director Object Design, Broadview Gary Morgenthaler Investor & Director Ingres, Illustra, Siri Roger Sippl Investor Informix
  4. 4. 2nd largest independent software vendor in Europe ($3B in annual revenue) Leader in 3D Design Software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management 170,000 customers and 10M on-premise users moving to cloud Customers include Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Tesla, NASA, Airbus, Fujitsu, Coca Cola Deployed to 20,000+ Users Dominique Florack, Senior Executive VP Products-R&D Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes Deployed Customer & Investor NuoDB delivers a lot of the features required to address the market needs in terms of usages in the new world of experiences. --- This investment demonstrates our strong interest and belief in NuoDB’s strategy and technologies for next- generation cloud based services. “ ” ” “
  5. 5. • Leading international provider of electronic payment and banking systems (customer and investor) • $1B+ Revenue (Customers include Barclays, HSBC etc) • Process $13 trillion in payments and securities transactions for 500 customers, including 21 of top 25 banks Problem Solution Benefits Oracle limitations around: ▸ Lack of elastic scalability & distributed operations required major workarounds ▸ Also major workarounds with Oracle GoldenGate ▸ Tens of millions in annual Oracle costs ▸ NuoDB distributed DBMS with built-in support for multiple data centers & regions ▸ Delivers superior transactional performance & scalability ▸ Phased delivery of advanced enterprise services including point- in-time backup, data and network partitioning ▸ Simplified app design and operations workloads ▸ Transactional consistency across datacenters in normal operation, automatic and app- driven control under network partition ▸ NuoDB delivers critical continuous availability to a 24x7 geo-distributed application
  6. 6. Scale-out, SQL database Copyright © 2015 NuoDB Database in the cloud
  7. 7. Topics What is the cloud database problem? Lift and shift right? Not quite. OldSQL + complexity + compromise NoSQL + revolution + skills shortage – transactions Why does NuoDB fix it? Who says so? What we are learning from our customers How does it do that? A little peek under the hood Copyright © 2015 NuoDB ✗ ✗
  8. 8. What our customers tell us: Case Study III Situation U.S. ISV. Customers across N America, S America and Europe. Deployed on dedicated equipment in customer data centres. Issue Customers increasingly want cloud-friendly products. Management of DR and upgrade complex & challenging. Why NuoDB Continuous Availability. Geo-Distribution. Ease of Management. Benefits Active/Active/Acti ve True multi-data centre operation offers richer customer experience and better. Rolling Upgrades A torturous upgrade process that carries real risk of outage, hugely simplified. Ease of Migration Rich SQL support in NuoDB supports a straight forward and swift migration.
  9. 9. What our customers tell us: Case Study III Situation European ISV Innovative mobile product. Piloted in emerging markets. Issue Appliance deployment not attractive in major markets. Performance not sufficient for major markets. Why NuoDB Cloud deployment. Scale-out performance. Benefits Cloud Offering Attractive pricing and packaging for target markets. Scale-out performance Ability to deliver in target markets. Ease of Migration Simple migration achieved improved performance on like-for-like kit.
  10. 10. What our customers tell us: Case Study III Situation Global cloud solutions provider. Built/acquired cloud technology stack. White-labeled by private cloud providers. Issue Current management database inadequate. No DBaaS operational database offering. Why NuoDB Active/Active Geo-distribution Elastic scale-out performance Strong SQL capability Benefits Scalable cloud management Geo-distributed scalable solution for namespace, compute management, metering, etc. Operational simplicity Ease of management & flexibility Attractive SQL offering Deliver customers familiar platform and tools with swift migration
  11. 11. What Our Customers Tell Us • Geo-distributed • Cloud Ready • Transactions • SQL • Existing skills Copyright © 2015 NuoDB They want to get They don’t want to lose
  12. 12. What is the cloud database problem? Copyright © 2015 NuoDB
  13. 13. Traditional Application Scaling Users Application Database Storage ✓cloud friendly Web Servers scale out App Servers scale out “OldSQL” Servers don’t scale out Storage Servers scale out ✗ ✓cloud friendly ✓cloud friendly
  14. 14. NuoDB Cloud-friendly Scaling Users Application Database Storage • Geo-distributed • Cloud Ready • Transactions • SQL • Existing skills
  15. 15. What is NuoDB distributed, transactional, SQL database, engineered for the cloud Copyright © 2015 NuoDB because single data center is not enough; active-active-active, geo-distribution is becoming table stakes because ACID is vital for many critical use cases because tools and skills are in place; re-engineering and re-skilling costs are prohibitive scale out elastic continuously available low administration
  16. 16. Continuous Availability Fault tolerant Arbitrarily redundant Online backup Rolling upgrades scale out elastic continuously available low administration Key Virtualization Capabilities Low-cost Admin Auto-admin Rules-driven Auto-optimizing Auto-backup 16 Active/Active/Active ACID Semantics Transactional Local-User Latency Geo-Distribution Scale-out Performance Instant, elastic scale out Public/private/hybrid cloud Benchmark linear scalability Real world use case scalability
  17. 17. How does NuoDB work? Copyright © 2015 NuoDB
  18. 18. Management Storage Transaction brokers/agents NuoDB Architecture : Multi-tiered Database Archives Transaction EngineTransaction Engine Storage ManagerStorage Manager
  19. 19. brokers/agents TETE SMSM NuoDB Architecture : Elastic scale out Database Archives TE TE
  20. 20. TETE SMSM NuoDB Architecture : Distributed Database Archives TE TE brokers/agents
  21. 21. TETE SMSM NuoDB Architecture : Continuously Available Database Archives TE TE brokers/agents
  22. 22. TETE SMSM NuoDB Architecture : Distributed Cache Database Archives TE TE brokers/agents AA A A ✗✓
  23. 23. Engineered for the cloud Copyright © 2015 NuoDB Scale-out SQL Database