Gamma Soft and NuoDB Speed Up Data Consolidation And Cloud Migration


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Learn how Gamma Soft, a real-time data migration and synchronization company, can easily transform and integrate your data to a highly-scalable, geo-distributed NuoDB database.

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Gamma Soft and NuoDB Speed Up Data Consolidation And Cloud Migration

  1. 1. How Gamma Soft and NuoDB Speed Up Data Consolidation And Cloud Migration Live Webcast Dec 11, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to NuoDB Benefits of Consolidation Introduction to Gamma Soft Demo: Gamma Soft Q&A
  3. 3. NuoDB, Inc. Unique ability to deploy a single, logical DBMS in multiple locations 10,000+ strong developer community Recipient of numerous industry awards Deep database DNA in management team and world-class investors Headquartered in Cambridge, MA Magic Quadrant 2013
  4. 4. Database Management Issues of Top Concern IDG Research Services Survey (Oct 2013)
  5. 5. Why Consolidate to NuoDB? Scale-Out Performance Geo-Distributed Data Management Continuous Availability The Familiarity Of SQL 5
  6. 6. Historical DBMS Limitations Difficult to support complex distributed HA use cases Doesn’t easily scale out on commodity hardware Inflexible administration of distributed deployments Doesn’t support geodistributed deployment outof-the-box “NuoDB is the most elegant database I’ve seen in a long time. It has a very powerful and innovative architecture, which demands attention.” - Robin Bloor, Principal Analyst, The Bloor Group
  7. 7. High Availability Replication & Cost Pains Traditional Approaches Failover Replication Active NuoDB Passive Sharded Replication Active Active Active / Active Shared Disk Durable, Distributed Cache Active  Fixed server deployment  Expensive to set up and maintain  Difficult to fail-over  Flexible deployment  Simple to set up and manage  Database is always available Database
  8. 8. Scaling Out Difficult To Maintain ACID Properties Traditional Approaches Passive Active NuoDB Master / Slave Active / Active Active Active Active Shared Nothing  Application fixed to deployment model  Expensive to set up and scale  Either replication delays or sharding break model of a single, consistent DB Durable, Distributed Cache  Elastically scales with no effect on application design  Simple to set up and scale ondemand  Single, consistent DB Database
  9. 9. Administration Cost & Complexity Pains Traditional Approaches  Admin tools not designed for multiple server deployment  Complex combination of layered components  Serious need for hands-on direct management and monitoring NuoDB  Coherent tools designed to address distributed deployment  Simple, unified managed model out-of-the-box  Automation templates for common deployment scenarios Database
  10. 10. Geo-Distribution Consistency, Latency & HA Pains Traditional Approaches Passive Active NuoDB Master / Slave Active / Active Active Active Active Shared Nothing  Maintaining ACID guarantees across geographic regions is riddled with issues  Expensive to set up and scale  Hard to monitor and react to failure Durable, Distributed Cache  SQL/ACID-compliant DBMS designed for geo-distributed deployment  Simple to set up and scale  Built-in automation for monitoring geodistributed deployment Database
  11. 11. Gamma Soft & NuoDB Corporate Accounts NuoDB DB2/400 Oracle Service Accounts Integrated Management Console • • • PostgreSQL On-premise Hybrid Cloud / AWS Consolidated Accounts SQL Server E-Commerce Accounts MySQL on AWS Database
  12. 12. Technology Alliance Move and replicate data from a variety of data sources to: Extend existing legacy systems for real-time reporting and analysis Consolidate databases for scaleout cloud or global deployment NuoDB integration with Gamma Soft supports: Data migration – even from multiple, simultaneous data sources Real-time data replication into NuoDB without disrupting existing systems or applications Data transformations as needed Import and replication of data from Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2 AS/400, PostgreSQL & Progress OpenEdge Gamma Soft test to replicate 100,000 transactions: Database Time to Replicate (seconds) NuoDB 24 SQL Server 57 PostgreSQL 125 Leading RDBMS 301 MySQL 355
  13. 13. Overview
  14. 14. Today’s Computing Requirements • • • • • • • Real-time information availability for BI Compliance auditing CRM integration Mobile accessibility Big Data aggregation Cloud-based system integration Disaster recovery, hot backups 14
  15. 15. The problem • • • • Data must be INTEGRATED Data must be MOVED Data must be ACCESSIBLE Data must be BACKED UP • • • • Slow development Slow data Disruptive to production systems Costly to develop and maintain 15
  16. 16. Typical Solutions • ETL • EAI • CEP Data Source A Data Source B ETL Data Warehouse • Custom integration • Middleware Data Source C 16
  17. 17. About Gamma Soft customers include: • • • • Offices in Paris, France and Boston, MA Operating since 1995, now US expansion IBM Business Partner Recognized in Gartner 2012 and 2013 Data Integration Magic Quadrant Reports 17
  18. 18. Gamma Soft’s Solution Microsoft SQLServer AS/400 iSeries Power i Oracle Database Progress OpenEdge MySQL PostgreSQL Sybase ASE Custom Connector Any Operating System Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries INTEGRATION ULTRAFAST NON-INTRUSIVE MIGRATION Real time HETEROGENEOUS SYSTEMS TRANSFORMATION NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED REPLICATION Any Operating System Microsoft SQLServer AS/400 iSeries Power i DB2 LUW Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries Oracle Database MySQL PostgreSQL ODBC Flat File XML API WebServices .Net Vectorwise Netezza 18
  19. 19. Technical Features  Millisecond response time  Guaranteed capture and delivery of transactions  Massive parallelism with intelligent checkpoint  Automatic recovery including orphan management  Non-intrusive using redo-log CDC technology  Does not require a production window for batch loading  Can be implemented without disrupting 24/7 production systems  Installed and managed remotely  Small footprint - CPU impact < 0.2%  Heterogeneous scalability using multi-stream data flow technology  Intelligent Selection, Transformation and Aggregation on the fly  Intended for non-developer users  Almost no ongoing maintenance or administration required 19
  20. 20. Real Time Data Movement 20
  21. 21. Watch a recording of the live webinar: Contact us: