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Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database


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Today’s on-demand market realities are prompting a seismic shift toward the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) models.

And while the benefits of such a migration are well documented, it’s easy to overlook the role the database plays in achieving benefits such as elastic scalability, reduced load times for users, 24x7 availability, and lower costs due to virtualization, containerization, or on-demand provisioning.

In this on-demand webinar, Jeff Kaplan, founder and managing director of analyst firm THINKstrategies, discusses:

- Where SaaS companies are failing to deliver on the promise of cloud
- How the cloud model has created new database performance challenges
- Why traditional databases are ill-suited to meet these needs

NuoDB CTO Seth Proctor then explores how today’s databases are being deployed in a SaaS environment and why companies are turning to NuoDB to meet the needs other databases can’t.

The recorded webinar can be found here:

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Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database

  2. 2. SPEAKERS TODAY Jeff Kaplan Founder & Managing Director Seth Proctor Chief Technology Officer
  3. 3. AGENDA + Market Drivers for SaaS Migration + Customer Expectations from a SaaS Environment + Data Opportunities & Challenges in SaaS + Database SaaS Requirements + NuoDB for SaaS Applications + Q & A
  4. 4. LOGISTICS + You will be on mute + Submit questions in the Q&A box on the right + Webinar is being recorded and will be available for replay
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES FOR SaaS Jeff Kaplan, Founder & Managing Director, THINKstrategies
  6. 6. The Best of Times & Worst of Times Good News, – More market opportunities – More models for success Bad News, – Greater competition – Higher expectations ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.6
  7. 7. The World Is Changing ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.7 Globalization Workforce Dispersion Consumerization
  8. 8. Welcome to the Cloud Generation ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.8
  9. 9. Mobility, BYOD & BYOA ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.9
  10. 10. The Stages of Cloud App/SaaS Adoption Horizontal SaaS Enterprise Applications Cloud-Based IT Management Tools Industry-Specific, Vertical Market Cloud Solutions ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.10 IaaS PaaS
  11. 11. Software Becoming Embedded Everywhere ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.11
  12. 12. Software Transforming Everything Industry In a Connected World ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.12 Connected Cars Connected Homes Connected Health And, Cloud Enabling Today’s Connected World
  13. 13. Subscription Economy Disrupting Every Industry ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.13
  14. 14. Sharing Economy Changing Every Business ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.14 New Business Models are Cloud-Enabled
  15. 15. SaaS = New Ways to Serve Customers  What do I need?  What do I prefer?  How do I behave?  When am I at risk?  What will I want/need next? ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.15 Record Analyze
  16. 16. Using SaaS to Better Target Solutions ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.16
  17. 17. Welcome to the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’ Gartner’s Hype Cycle You are here. ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.17
  18. 18. World Moving to SaaS "By 2018, most software vendors will have fully shifted to a SaaS/PaaS code base. This means that many enterprise software customers, as they reach their next major software upgrade decisions, will be offered SaaS as the preferred option. Put together, new solutions born on the cloud and traditional solutions migrating to the cloud will steadily pull more customers and their data to the cloud." ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.18
  19. 19. Shifting SaaS Adoption Patterns Ad-hoc, Business End- User/SBU Adoption; IT Avoided. Planned Enterprise-Wide, Business-Driven Adoption; IT Involved. ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.19
  20. 20. Good News…Bad News Proliferation of Players = ‘Cloud Rush’ >2600 Companies Divided into 90 App, Industry, Service and Technology categories on THINKstrategies’ Cloud Showplace. ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.20
  21. 21. ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.21
  22. 22. Today’s Big Data Challenge Gartner predicts over 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit Big Data for competitive advantage through 2015. ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.22
  23. 23. Meeting Escalating Big Data Demands ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.23
  24. 24. Move to the Cloud Clear ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.24 Source: IDC
  25. 25. Keys to Building SaaS Database Architecture Cost-Savings Scalability Performance Accessibility ©2016, THINKstrategies, Inc. p.25 Portability Manageability Ease of Deployment Security
  26. 26. DATABASE REQUIREMENTS FOR SaaS & NuoDB Seth Proctor, CTO, NuoDB
  27. 27. + Elastic Scale & High Availability + Cloud-Native Management and Provisioning Model + Cost-Effective & Secure + Simple for Developers and Operators DATABASE SaaS REQUIREMENTS 27 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB Data Application Shard Application Shard SaaS Application SaaS Application
  28. 28. ELASTIC & HIGHLY AVAILABLE Data services should provide capacity as needed  Lowers cost & increases simplicity  Mimics the service model that the application is providing  Support multiple tenants If data is unavailable then the application is unavailable  The data service must be resilient to failures  It must also support upgrade & migration  In public cloud this applies to storage, network, etc. as well 28 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB
  29. 29. CLOUD-NATIVE MODEL + Public, on-premise or hybrid, deployment models are moving to “cloud architectures” + Data services must run virtualized and/or in containers  Supports virtualized disk & network as well  Hooks into common monitoring tools + Cloud is virtualization & commodity  Failure is more likely  Redundancy and horizontal scale are requirements 29 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB
  30. 30. SIMPLE DEV & OPS + Familiar programming experience  APIs, languages, debugging tools, analysis, test deployment, etc. + Simple, on-demand provisioning + Ability to automate:  Backup & recovery  Upgrade  Migration + Single, logical view for both developers and operators 30 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB
  31. 31. + On-demand and elastic + Available and exploiting the advantages of cloud deployment + A single, logical service + Able to support application migrations and new development with a common operations model SaaS DATA SERVICES MUST BE… 31 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB Scalable Data Service Application Services Operations
  32. 32. NuoDB – SQL & SCALE + NuoDB is a SQL database architected for the cloud + ANSI SQL & ACID Transactions  Full support for Schema, JOINs, Indexing etc.  Standard isolation levels; no restrictions on transactions  Migrate your apps & use existing tools + Designed for Cloud  Peer-model that scales well on virtualized infrastructure  Distributed with no single owner or actor for any data  In-memory processing allows for storage flexibility 32 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB
  33. 33. SERVICE SEPARATE FROM STORAGE + Service layer is a transient, peer-to-peer cache  No shards or explicit partitioning: the database appears as a single logical unit to developers and operators  Only the working-set is in-memory  Scale throughput & clients quickly, on-demand + Storage is redundant and flexible  Automatically replicate durable data to multiple locations  Allocate the right resource types to the right tasks + Both tiers survive failures & support upgrade at any peer 33 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB vv vv vv
  34. 34. PROVISIONING & ORCHESTRATION + A light-weight orchestration tier provides:  A single logical view of the running system  Load-balancing & process discovery for SQL clients  Resource monitoring & management for administrators  Visibility into failures and a platform for automation + Provisioning a new host or container is simple  Start from an image or install NuoDB on a new instance  Point the new instance at an existing peer; provide entry credentials  The new instance is available for expanding an existing database or starting a new database instance from a single point of management 34 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB
  35. 35. CUSTOMER EXAMPLE: MODERN ISV 35 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB Client Server RDBMS App Server (VM or Bare Metal) … Customer Data Center Elastic App Service Public Service … Elastic App Service Service, On-Premise … Managed Resource Orchestration Elastic Data Service Elastic Data Service
  36. 36. + Your data is the core of your services + The database is the platform the services should build on + Development & operations are simpler with a scale-out data platform SCALE YOUR SERVICE 36 Copyright © 2016 NuoDB SaaS Data Service Application Services Operations Test & Profiling Data Provisioning Backup & Recovery
  37. 37. QUESTIONS? Learn more about NuoDB at Watch our unique capabilities videos at Review white papers and eBooks at