The Ins and Outs of Cloud-Scale for ISVs


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Seth Proctor, Chief Technology Officer of NuoDB, and Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, VP of Marketing and Operations, will address common business challenges facing ISVs, and how ISVs use NuoDB’s cloud-scale DBMS to leapfrog the competition when moving to the cloud – and all without giving up key tools like SQL or rewriting applications.

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The Ins and Outs of Cloud-Scale for ISVs

  1. 1. Ins and Outs of Cloud-Scale for ISVs March 19, 2014
  2. 2. Speakers Dr. Michael Waclawiczek Vice President, Marketing & Operations Seth Proctor Chief Technology Officer
  3. 3. Magic Quadrant 2013 NuoDB, Inc. The leader in distributed database technology NuoDB 2.0 released in October 2013 12,000 strong developer community Recipient of numerous industry awards Deep database DNA in management team and world-class investors Headquartered in Cambridge, MA
  4. 4. Case Study – Dassault Systèmes 2nd largest independent software vendor (ISV) in Europe Leader in 3D design software and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions 170,000 customers and 10M on-premise users Announced cloud-based 3DExperience vision Want their users to be able to get up and running in minutes Selected NuoDB for scale-out performance and invested in the company
  5. 5. Our investment in NuoDB demonstrates our strong interest and belief in NuoDB’s strategy and technologies for next-generation cloud-based services. “ ”Dominique Florack, Senior Executive VP, Products-R&D
  6. 6. Crossing the Chasm to the Cloud Traditional ISV Perpetual license model Software hosted by company or ASP Software and services Cloud-based ISV Subscription service business model Shared service based on multi-tenant architecture Provide a Service (directly or through partner)
  7. 7. Transition to the Cloud Potential Costs Operational overhead Development cost Services impact License revenue lag Customer lock-in Potential Benefits Revenue uplift Revenue predictability New business revenue New market revenue Reduced cost of collection Upgrades Customer relationship Potential Commercial Impacts for the ISV
  8. 8. What ISVs Need from a DBMS General-purpose/SQL DBMS to handle existing apps, workloads, and user growth DBMS that simplifies database deployments DBMS that takes advantage of commodity hardware on- premise & cloud infrastructure
  9. 9. What ISVs Need from a DBMS Simple licensing model for single and multi-tenant deployments Simple management & monitoring out-of-the-box Reliability, redundancy built-in to support greater-than 99.99% availability Efficient & automatic use of resources to help reduce cost
  10. 10. Cloud Stack: The Database Bottleneck Web Server Web Server Web Server App Server App Server App Server DB Scaling most database systems requires you to either run it on expensive hardware or implement a complex replication or partitioning scheme! . . . . . . . . .
  11. 11. Scaling Your DBMS: Active-Passive Memory Cache • Active DB handles reads & writes from App • Passive replicas only handle reads • Replication delays in Passive DBs from Active DB • Memory caching requires App logic • Failover requires complex shuffling of Passive and Active DBs (with some downtime) App App App Active DB Passive DB Passive DB Read/write Read Replicate
  12. 12. Scaling Your DBMS: Shared Nothing • Queries across DB Partitions have to be handled by App • Shared Nothing Approach doesn’t support on- demand scale-out • Requires Standby replicas for HA Standby StandbyStandby App App DB Partition DB Partition DB Partition App Read/write Replicate Memory Cache
  13. 13. Scaling Your DBMS: Shared Disk DB Cluster • Requires high-end disk and file subsystems • Requires additional replicas and standbys • DB Cluster machines have to be fairly big with hardwired network connections • Requires expert support to set up the cluster and maintain it Standby DB Cluster DB Cluster Memory Cache Read/write Replicate App App App DB Shared Disk
  14. 14. Scaling Your DBMS: NuoDB • Delivers on- demand, elastic scale-out • Memory-centric architecture • Built in support for redundancy and HA • SQL/ACID compliant • Database scales with the application • Single datacenter or geo-distributed Transaction Engine Transaction Engine Storage Manager Storage Manager Read/write Full replicas App App App Transaction Engine Single Logical Database
  15. 15. NuoDB in a Nutshell An architecture designed from the start for cloud Rich, standard SQL support Single, logical service to manage & monitor, with optional automation Active-active model supporting rolling upgrades & migration Zero-impact backup and provisioning Secure by default NuoDB: An architecture designed from the start for cloud
  16. 16. What Makes Us Different! A strong background in partnering with ISVs and OEMs The scale-out SQL cloud database alternative to traditional DBMS solutions Designed for cloud, datacenter, and on- premise deployment Unique ability to deploy an active-active DBMS in multiple locations Partnering with us means sharing risks and rewards Funded by investors with strong database and ISV background
  17. 17. Join the NuoDB ISV Program Free development software Half day onsite with NuoDB Sales Engineer Full documentation Ongoing technical support Specialized training Branding on the NuoDB website Joint marketing opportunities Additional Startup ISV benefits available