LCS VDI como estrategia de segurança


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LCS VDI como estrategia de segurança

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  • -And since much of this data is so sensitive, it must be secure. -Given what’s going on with privacy concerns and threats, we’re seeing many applications move to all SSL-And that SSL processing is getting exponentially more processor intensive as the industry transitions from 1K certs to 2K certs-<Key takeaway> So the ability of the underlying infrastructure to handle more apps with more SSL needs is critical
  • Intro: Here is what we typically see in the marketplace today:Key Points:The IT function has been squarely at the center of managing structured systems, apps and data. People are the users and extensions of IT systems, and devices have been standardized to make it simpler for IT to support them. It is a complex set of responsibilities, and most businesses say their IT functions get stretched.Transition: So imagine how your organization could benefit if things were different…
  • Intro: Tomorrow’s IT leadership won’t be at the center of all activities to the same degree as in the past. Here’s what tomorrow’s norms must look like instead: Key Points:IT will play a critical role in governance and self-service enablement, but they will no longer be the center of the equationPeople, who all work from different locations, will be at the center of the process, selecting the devices for their needs and on their own terms.It will be organic & unstructured, driven by tasks & relationshipsData will be created, stored, shared and accessed based on tasks and relationships, not apps or devices.Apps will be on-demand, self-service, task-specific toolsThe OS that defines our view of a “desktop” today will be far less relevant and focused more narrowly on session management. Devices and locations will be determined by end users.Mobile will be a dominant use case, not an occasional one.Transition: Moving to an IT structure like this will help companies redefine the boundaries of the traditional office to their advantage.
  • Intro: Citrix has the proven expertise and best practices to help you work through these considerations.Key Points:And we can help you assess, design and deploy a BYOD solution that’s right for your organization, helping you think through:Assess: We’ll help you as you to do an assessment of your business priorities, your users, devices and apps, your infrastructure and what the security requirements of your workforce. With this, we can help define a technology roadmap.Design:Citrix can also help put together a well-documented design that allows you to install, configure and build a solution that leverages your organization’s infrastructure. To do this, you need to be thinking about what hardware and infrastructure is required and what can you leverage, etc, what’s the operations and support design, such as SLAs, Staff required, support agreements required, etc.. And we can design for Test & QA, making sure that Scalability,Performance,Security,Functionality,Usability and Interoperability are covered,Deploy: And lastly, we can help you build, test and rollout a solution in an effectivemanner to ensure that back-end systems and processes help you embrace workshifting. This includes User Training / Education / How To guidance, independent analysis & verification of the design implementation, a pilot, and a phased rollout. Transition: Citrix has also built the content to help you go through your workshifting journey…
  • Intro: In fact, a recent study shows the workshifting drivers very clearly: Key Points:Cost savings are among the main drivers for workshifting, along with greater workplace flexibility and improved support for a mobile workforce. But that’s not it. HR and real estate cost reduction, environmental sustainability and other factors are also driving organization’s just like you to go in this direction.Illustration/Anecdotes/Proof: If possible, use an example of why some of the customers competition are assessing workshifting approaches.Transition: These factors are driving customer’s to look at solutions for workshifting.
  • Intro: This is why many companies plan to move into this direction, and they plan to do so very soon.Key Points:A recent report found that an overwhelming majority of the organizations surveyed—93 percent—plan to provide a flexible work environment within two year.Transition:But the truth is, many organizations have already gone in this direction, and they’re moving fast….
  • Intro: First and foremost, the workshifting solution you choose must includedesktop virtualization so that:Key Points:IT can transform any corporate application—including Windows, web and SaaS apps—as well as complete desktops into an on-demand service available to any of your users, regardless of where they’re located or what device they’re using. The solution lets you use any combination of desktop and application delivery approaches to support every type of workshifting environment through a single point of control.Transition: But the solution also needs to have a phenomenal, high definition experience regardless of where your people are.
  • Intro: And Citrix is one of the few vendors that has invested in since the inception of our company in delivering a high definition experience over the LAN and WAN. We refer to that as HDX over any network:Key Points:Breakthrough WAN performance optimizations over low bandwidth or high latency networks allows for a high definition user experience and guaranteed quality of service to users anywhere.And they have all the multimedia capabilities wherever they’re located from their virtual desktops, including real time voice and videoThis means real-time network and performance optimization technologies ensure a high-definition experience regardless of location, device and network connection. Transition: For workshifting to be a success, people also need to be able to easily collaborate with a distributed internal workforce and with external parties. 
  • Intro: This is where follow-me data becomes essential. With the Ctrix workshifting solution:Key Points:People can easily share files with anyone inside or outside their organization and sync files across all of their devices so people have the information they need no matter where they’re working. Transition: The next essential component is one of the most underestimated benefits of workshifting done right.
  • Intro:AndCitrix knows this. That’s why our workshifting solution is built on the principle of being secure-by-design. Here’s how we do that. Key Points:Apps and associated data remain in the datacenter, where they are accessed through granular, policy-based user authentication. Access control, auditing and reporting help IT manage compliance, information governance and data protection. If a device is lost or stolen, IT can remotely wipe any enterprise data it may have contained.We also include key security components like single sign-on, an SSL VPN and a universal client with antivirus and two-factor authentication.Transition: Unlike other vendors, all of these essential components to workshifting done right are part of the Citrix product portfolio.
  • LCS VDI como estrategia de segurança

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    2. 2. Adote a consumerizaçãocom segurança de dados egerenciamento simplificado
    3. 3. “Quantos dispositivos diferentes “Quandos dias por semana você utiliza em um dia normal de em média você trabalha trabalho?” fora do escritório?”Family PC | Work PC | Personal Laptop | Tablet | Smartphone 42% 0 21% 34% 1-2 52% 16% 3-4 15% 6% 2% 5 12% 1 2 3 4 5+ Global BYOD Index - Survey of Corporate Employees February 2011, Citrix Systems © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    4. 4. Globalmente, 1 a cada 4 dispositivos é móvel.#CitrixSynergy © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute Source: Forrester
    5. 5. Consumerização…irá forçar as maioresmudanças em TI pelo próximos 10 anos,mais do que qualquer outra tendência © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute Source: Gartner , Bubbles and Footprints: The Future Shape of Client Computing, Q3 2
    6. 6. Consumerização Serviços em nuvem “Eu quero usar “Eu quero tudo na meu iPad!” nuvem.” PadronizaçãoComputação distribuída “Eu quero “Porque minhas economizar 5% aplicações antigas em PCs!” não funcionam em Windows 7?” © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute CIO
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    8. 8. The Transforming Enterprise Usuários A oferta da A empresa externos empresa virtual© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    9. 9. Apps são TI Dados sistemas Está no centro do gerenciamento Está ligada a corporativos de sistemas aplicativos e dados aplicativos e gerenciados pela dispositivos TI Dispositivos São padronizados pela TI para simplicar o suporte Usuários Usuários Pessoas Usuários Usuários São pensados como usuários de sistemas de TI© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    10. 10. Departamento de TI Entrega a TI aos usuários como serviço sob demanda Apps Dados Devem estar Inúmeros aplicativos internos e externos People sempre Estão no centro, atendendo clientes, para diferentes disponíveis para tarefas. fornecedores, parceiros, dentre outros. o acesso Devices São escolhidos por pessoas baseando-se na conveniência, horário e lugar.© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    11. 11. Trabalho Móvel com Citrix Acesso Desenho Implantar Prioridade de Negócios Projeto de soluções documentada; Treinamento e Documentação;Usuários,dispositivos & apps; Hardware e infrastrutura; Análise independente; Infraestrutura; Operações e Suportet; Piloto; Segurança; Teste e QA; Implementação em fases;© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    12. 12. Quais são os Economia de Custos 71%os motivadores destas Flexibilidade 64% novas formas de trabalho? Mobilidade 51% Worldwide Survey of Corporate Employees. February 2011, Citrix Systems © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    13. 13. 93% Das companhias vão aderir às novas formas de trabalho até no final de 2013. Global Workshifting Index, Citrix 2012© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    14. 14. Virtualização de Aplicativos e Desktops Desktops e aplicativos virtuais e para todos os usuários PERFIL DE USUÁRIO with APPS 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101110 11 DADOS OS© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    15. 15. Experiência HDX em qualquer rede Experiência de alta definição, garantindo qualidade no acesso em qualquer lugar, incluindo acesso a vídeos e áudios.© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    16. 16. Follow-me dados Sincronizar e Compartilhar Arquivos com segurança.© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    17. 17. Secure by design Client Conexão de Datacenter e cloud Universal rede services 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101110 SSL 1011 Follow-me data fabric Follow-me dados; Acesso corporativo seguro; Desktop & app virtualization; Client virtualization; Provisionamento de usuários Facilidade para reuniões online; na nuvem; Compartilhamento e sincronização seguras;© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
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