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Desktop virtualization customer presentation


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Desktop virtualization customer presentation

  1. 1. Desktop VirtualizationEmpower every user, every business
  2. 2. GlobalizationOutsourcingSecurityConsumerizationSelf-serviceMobilityDigital Natives
  3. 3. Anytime, anywhere access to desktops,apps and dataOptimal user experience to any deviceover any networkCentralized management of desktops andapplicationsUp-to-date with security and complianceregulationsBusiness continuity and disaster recoveryplans
  4. 4. Desktop Virtualization…becoming a growingsecular trend withaccelerated adoptionand continued priorityfor IT.
  5. 5. Top 2012IT priorities include desktopvirtualization, mobileworkforce enablement,application mgmt, security,and business continuityESG, 2012 IT Spending Intentions Survey
  6. 6. Desktop VirtualizationOptimize Delivery. Simplify IT. Accelerate Business.Optimize delivery and empower usersDeliver Windows desktops, apps and data on any device,any network.Transform IT servicesConsolidate and streamline the desktop and applicationmanagement.Stay agile and accelerate businessMeet business needs of today and future moves, adds andchanges.
  7. 7. TraditionalDesktopsComplex | Inflexible | Hard to SecureMoves, and device supportMobility flexibility tied accessUser experience and toLimited adds, changes appConstant desktop andtake days network andcause security issuesendpoints,and effect datato desktops, limited gainsrefresh with apps andproductivitylocation
  8. 8. Desktops and Apps as-a-Service
  9. 9. 72%of CIOs expect to usevirtual desktops in theirorganizations by the endof 2012Morgan Stanley, Big Debates: 2012
  10. 10. Desktop virtualizationmarket growth of$737Min 2010 to$3.7Bin 2014451 Market Monitor Report
  11. 11. Desktop Virtualization essentials • Windows desktops, apps and data as-a-service for every user • Any device, anywhere access including user self-service • High definition user experience across any network • Application migration and lifecycle management • Open, scalable and proven platform
  12. 12. Desktop Virtualization Virtual desktops and apps for every user USER PROFILE with APPS1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101110 11 DATA VDI-in-a-Box OS
  13. 13. Any device, personal or business Universal access to desktops, apps and data Windows Tablets & MacintoshPCs & laptops smartphones computers
  14. 14. Self-service app storeSingle sign-onWindows, web & SaaS appsUser self-serviceIntegrated file syncCentralized management
  15. 15. HDX over any network2X number of users on existing WANFlash redirection 1000s of milesLocal scanning and printing 6X fasterGuaranteed Quality of ServiceReal time voice and video
  16. 16. Effective application migration DISCOVER Speedy application migration • Physical to virtual transitions • OS and browser upgrades MODEL • Existing apps to new platforms Rapid portfolio analysis Intelligent remediationAUTOMATE Automated app packaging MANAGE Lifecycle management
  17. 17. Open, scalable and proven platform Simple, powerful management Any hypervisor, any storage Comprehensive SDK Proven scalability 21,000 Citrix Ready products
  18. 18. Desktop Virtualization Solution
  19. 19. “Citrix is the only leader in “Citrix is the Hosted virtual IDC Marketscape report” desktop market leader”
  20. 20. Challenges • ―Virtualization on a desktop is absolutely G20 Summit threatens business continuity • something that workforce Globally dispersed is a game changer. Immediately • High data security & compliance requirements it improves all of the data security issues thatSolutionhave, which from the standpoint of you • customer data privacy to drive an Agile Workplace Strategy Implemented Citrix solutions protection is huge.‖ Desktop & app virtualization; HDX experience • Built-in business continuity & Secure-by-design — Executive Vice President and CIOResults & benefits • Improved corporate / customer data security and privacy protection • 12K user business continuity plan in 6 weeks • Attract and retain employee by allowing them to be productive anytime, anywhere • Virtual application infrastructure services over 20,000 users to access corporate data and applications
  21. 21. Challenges • ―AppDNA ‗traffic applications in preparation for IT planned ―green‖ Centralize control of light‘ visibility is helping us initiative quantify the costs of not only migration, but • Determine best application delivery options to remote or ―hot desk‖ support and management going forward.‖ employees – and effort neededSolution — Technical Architect • Analyzed 1400 applications with Citrix AppDNA to determine best fit across virtualization, OS platforms to deliver applications with less cost, effort and riskResults & benefits • Virtualizing applications in 48 hours, better IT staff planning and allocation based application analysis • Estimated $3M savings from VDI project
  22. 22. SSD DrivesChallenges • ―We‘re downtime to minimize disruptions and troubleshooting time Reduce impressed with the functionality, • accessibility and speed—we were up and running Optimize desktop startup time • Simplify administration for IT staff with varying skill sets within minutes. Citrix VDI-in-a-Box gives us a • Deploy quickly, manage easily and grow on demand solution we can easily replicate across ourSolution manufacturing sites, as it can be handled by • After evaluating alternatives, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box was chosen because differently trained and skilled ITspeed and cost-effectiveness of its ease of use, reliable performance, staff.‖Results & benefits — Sr. Support Analyst • Reduced downtime and mean time to fix problems by 90% • Reduction of desktop startup time by 20% • Ease of widespread deployment – IT with varying skill sets can deploy and manage Citrix VDI-in-a-Box • Quick ROI – one-sixth the cost of alternatives
  23. 23. Desktop Virtualization with Citrix The proven expertise and practical guidance needed for success Assess Design DeployIdentify your business and Create a detailed architecture Build, test and rollout a user requirements to design that allows you to solution in an deliver the most value install, configure and build a effective, timed manner to quickly through desktop solution that leverages your ensure a consistent virtual virtualization existing infrastructure desktop experience for your users
  24. 24. Desktop VirtualizationOptimize Delivery. Simplify IT. Accelerate Business.
  25. 25. Work better. Live better.