Cloud portal business manager product overview


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Cloud portal business manager product overview

  1. 1. Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager | Product Overview Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager Cloud services delivery platform for self-service IT enabling the journey to IT-as-a-Service.
  2. 2. 2Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager | Product Overview Enterprises and cloud providers have focused most of their initial cloud strategies on Infrastructure-as- a-Service (IaaS), but as adoption continues and use cases expand, clouds are quickly evolving beyond just IaaS. While IaaS targeted mostly developers and engineers, the majority of enterprise users still use traditional IT driven services. In response, IT is redefining cloud strategies to expand from basic infrastructure to an all-encompassing IT- as-a-Service model so they can centrally manage and deliver any cloud or IT service. At the same time, cloud providers want to differentiate and increase their competitive edge by delivering additional cloud and IT services such as storage, platforms, apps and more. To achieve these goals, organizations need a consistent way of enabling on-demand access to internal, external and 3rd party cloud and IT services through a self-service catalog. Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager CloudPortal Business Manager is a cloud services delivery platform for self-service IT, that unifies and simplifies the delivery, operational, commerce and user management aspects of a cloud. Organizations can aggregate infrastructure, cloud, IT and value add services and deliver them to users through a simple, self-service catalog of cloud services. Users can shop for cloud services and manage their account without calling tech support or waiting for services to be manually provisioned. Beyond service delivery, CloudPortal Business Manager centralizes the user management, provisioning and operational aspects of running a cloud into a single, comprehensive cloud business platform. CloudPortal Business Manager includes powerful tools to automate provisioning and orchestration workflows along with customer service functions such as onboarding, billing and metering to more efficiently run your cloud. The extensible architecture makes it easy to deliver a broad array of cloud services, while integrating with existing business, operations and IT systems such as help desks, ticketing, payment gateways, CRM and billing systems. Custom business rules and workflow requirements can easily be injected for service interactions such as account activation and provisioning requests to ensure business processes and technical requirements are met. Key Benefits • Simplify cloud services management by unifying and automating cloud services provisioning, business/operations support systems, billing, metering and user management under a single, extensible and customizable platform. • Empower users with self-service access to the cloud and IT services, infrastructure and account management tools they need from an easy to use cloud services catalog. • Deliver Anything- as-a-Service from a customizable catalog of services capable of delivering IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, STaaS, DaaS, 3rd party cloud services and enterprise applications built on extensible, cloud-scale platform.
  3. 3. 3Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager | Product Overview Typical use cases for CloudPortal Business Manager include: Enterprises • Managing the complexity of aggregating, provisioning, and maintaining services from distributed, complex and heterogeneous cloud sources • Improving business agility by removing IT provisioning bottlenecks • Delivering any infrastructure, cloud or IT service in a central, cohesive, and coherent manner Service Providers • Gaining a competitive differentiator by offering more than just Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) or traditional hosted services • Reducing churn and increasing stickiness with value added services, customized solutions and services not offered by their competitors or market leaders • Monetizing additional cloud and business services and providing their customers with a complete cloud business solution • Decreasing investments in staffing and development of custom portals, automation tools, billing and operations support systems Enterprises • Move your organization to an ITaaS model • Consistently deliver any IT or cloud service • Regain control and compliance over cloud services • Remove IT provisioning bottlenecks
  4. 4. 4Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager | Product Overview Key features Cloud Services Delivery Platform Simplify how clouds operate by automating and unifying service delivery and business operations onto a single cloud services delivery platform. CloudPortal enables you to efficiently manage and deliver a catalog of cloud solutions including IaaS, cloud, 3rd-party and IT services. The comprehensive and extensible delivery platform combines user management, CRM, billing, pricing, reporting and support services onto one simple platform. Anything-as-a-Service Package and deliver any IaaS, cloud, 3rd party or IT service from an intuitive self- service catalog. The extensible platform makes it easy to seamlessly deliver any service from CloudPortal leveraging a portfolio of pre-integrated partner solutions or by adding your own services using the SDK. Tight integration with Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, enables you to directly manage an IaaS offering including provisioning multiple hypervisors, controlling virtual machines, allocating storage, configuring networking settings and defining security rules. Self-Service IT Empower users with simple, self-service access to shop for cloud services and manage their accounts without calling tech support or opening support tickets. Users have a single, comprehensive view of their cloud including utilization, availability, performance, billing, helpdesk and alerts. Pricing, Metering and Billing Define custom price points, track utilization, automate billing and payment processing all from a single extensible platform. 3rd-party plug-ins allow you to add additional protection measures including phone verification, credit card verification, CAPTCHA verification and GEO-based IP address rules. Cloud providers • Differentiate with more than IaaS • Deliver a complete cloud business solution • Increase customer loyalty and retention • Decrease operational costs
  5. 5. About Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) transforms how businesses and IT work and people collaborate in the cloud era. With market-leading cloud, collaboration, networking and virtualization technologies, Citrix powers mobile workstyles and cloud services, making complex enterprise IT simpler and more accessible for 260,000 organizations. Citrix products touch 75 percent of Internet users each day and it partners with more than 10,000 companies in 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2011 was $2.21 billion. Learn more at Copyright © 2013 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Citrix, CloudPortal, XenServer, NetScaler, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile and GoToMeeting are trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. and/or one of its subsidiaries, and may be registered in the U.S. and other countries. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. 5 citrix.com0913/PDF Corporate Headquarters Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Silicon Valley Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, USA EMEA Headquarters Schaffhausen, Switzerland India Development Center Bangalore, India Online Division Headquarters Santa Barbara, CA, USA Pacific Headquarters Hong Kong, China Latin America Headquarters Coral Gables, FL, USA UK Development Center Chalfont, United Kingdom Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager | Product Overview Open by Design Leverage the extensible architecture of SDKs and APIs to configure, provision and meter custom built, 3rd party and IT services from your services catalog. Connect to internal and external business and operations support systems such as help desks, payment gateways and CRM. The partner ecosystem includes additional services such as monitoring, storage, PaaS and more. Enterprise Ready Integrate private clouds with existing IT and business systems to create workflow approval rules for new user activation and service provisioning to ensure department requirements and budget approvals are met. Active Directory integration enables granular delegated access control and service availability based on users, groups and roles. Enabling the journey to IT-as-a-Service Citrix is enabling companies to transform to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to their organizations. Companies can now provide support for various workloads that are transformed into cloud services, aggregated by the cloud service broker, delivered through a secure gateway and accessed via a universal client. The Citrix portfolio includes a range of products to help enable ITaaS, including: XenServer, NetScaler, CloudPlatform, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile, GoToMeeting, CloudPortal and compatibility with public clouds (like Amazon and Microsoft Azure) and 3rd party clouds.