Roadmap - Vehicle tracking and fleet intelligence news - April 2014


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Roadmap - Vehicle tracking and fleet intelligence news - April 2014

  1. 1. Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | Roadmapmonthly newsletter 1 Vehic le T ra cking and F leet Int elligence N ews Editorial urely you have read “The adventures of Asterix” like I did. I was a complete fanatic of this comic book series. I guess I still am. It’s always a pleasure to revisit these stories and see how much detail, wisdom and gems are hidden across the stories. But as I keep reading these books, I find out that I was wrong about the real hero. Maybe – like I did – you see Asterix as the hero. Or maybe Obelix. Apart from those two, I’m sure you feel all other characters have only the purpose of “filling the story”; like the extras in the movies. But think again. In my opinion, the real hero is not Asterix, not Obelix. Those guys have it easy. The real hero in my mind is no other than Cacofonix, the village bard. Here’s my point: this guy takes a beating everytime he opens his mouth to sing. And yet he does not give up. Episode after episode he is coming back again, trying to sing when everybody else tells him he sucks. What does that tell you? That this man has a purpose. A motivation. A goal. He is my hero. He reminds me that no matter how hard things turn out to be, if you have enough drive and a clear vision, you are very difficult to stop. Ok, ok, I can hear you say that he SHOULD look for another job because he really can’t sing. It’s possible. If you are driven to do something that you are not able to do well – or learn how to do well – this drive may become your worst enemy. Just look at all those terrible candidates in “American Idol” or similar shows. But when you are lucky enough to align what you do well to your motivation and an incredible will to reach your goals, nothing can stop you. I have been lucky enough to team up with a group of people in Frotcom International and all the Frotcom Certified Partners around the world that think like me and have an undefeatable will to reach our common vision: to become a worldwide reference in Intelligent Fleet Management. I thank them. And Cacofonix, for the inspiration. Valério Marques, CEO - Frotcom International A note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter, please do not hesitate to get in touch at S In this issue News and Events Frotcom Kosova in an interview on Koha Vision (KTV) Joining Us Frotcom Sierra Leone’s team is expanding New features Registration and control of user logins Route groups New alarm features Case Study EPIPHANIOU makes significant savings with Frotcom This and much more… April 2014
  2. 2. Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 2 News and Events Frotcom Kosova in an interview on Koha vision (KTV) Last March 20th , Alban Hasani, Director at Frotcom Kosova, was interviewed on the Siguria në Rrugë (“Road Safety” in Albanian) program, broadcasted every Thursday by Koha Vision (KTV - a Kosovar television broadcaster), under the theme “Intelligent systems and road safety”. Alban Hasani made a live demo and explained how Frotcom helps companies not only to know where and when their vehicles were travelling, but also how they are being driven. He highlighted that, with Frotcom, driving behaviour is examined constantly and that this lets companies cut on fuel costs, maintenance costs and, most important, reduce the number of accidents. Click here to watch the interview. Roadmap congratulates Frotcom Kosova for this great interview! Joining us Frotcom Sierra Leone’s team is expanding Frotcom Sierra Leone welcomed Ryan McSkimming as their new Operations Manager. A South African born, Ryan joins the Freetown- based team after 15 years in the UK’s Technology industry. Penny Doyle and Jason Hancocks, Directors at Frotcom Sierra Leone, are pleased to have Ryan and his expertise on board! “I am really happy to be here in beautiful Sierra Leone and looking forward to a big 2014 and the years after.”, said Ryan McSkimming. Roadmap welcomes Ryan on board! Transport for health Transport for Health is a new report coproduced by the IHME and the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility. The report examines the health impact of transportation-related injuries and air pollution, which contribute increasingly to disease burden, particularly in lower-income countries. It also describes policy recommendations for reducing the negative health impacts of transport to ensure everyone can safely enjoy its benefits. Representatives from the World Bank, the IHME, the FIA Foundation, the Overseas Development Institute, the Health Effects Institute, and The Guardian discuss trends in road safety and vehicle emissions, and directions for the future. By quantifying the burden of disease attributable to both road injury and air pollution from vehicles, the authors [of the Transport for Health report] have found that motorized road transport deaths exceed those from diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, or malaria. That is a powerful wake-up call." Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group in the foreword to Transport for Health Source: Did you know? “ ”
  3. 3. Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 3 New features Registration and control of users logins Frotcom allows users to log in from any location, as long as they use the correct credentials (username and password). Now it is also possible to know when and from where users have logged in and even to control from which IPs logins can take place, for each user. Route groups Sometimes, especially in the urban passenger transportation sector, the assignment of a single route to a vehicle (bus) is not efficient. Because the bus will go back and forth a number of times, the assignment of routes to the vehicle must be done in groups. In Frotcom, it is now possible to assemble Preferred routes in these route groups, specifying, for each route, the corresponding departure time. New alarm features Frotcom has a large set of powerful alarms based on vehicle positions, vehicle speeds, driving behavior, vehicle ignition, sensor data and driver ID, time and mileage (Appointments alarm), etc. Now Frotcom increases the possibilities for alarms, by adding new elements: Supervision level - When things go really bad, it is possible to send alarms to a supervisor; until then, alarms will be directed to other operational personnel. Time to trigger - In many alarms Frotcom now allows the definition of a minimum time before the alarm is triggered; this already happened with some alarms, but is now generalized to other alarms as well. Geographical locations - Users can also define, for many alarms, in which geographical locations the alarm will be triggered and where it will not; this already happened with some alarms, but is now generalized to other alarms as well; users can specify places, zones and regions. Reminders - Users can request some of the alarms to notify them periodically until the alarming condition goes away; until now, Frotcom would only trigger once. Configuring the colour code for speed in waypoints Frotcom associates a default set of speed intervals to the colour codes in way points. The default is: You may want to alter this segmentation and to use a personalised set of speed intervals. To do it, open the Map options, from the map or in Administration > My profile > Map Options. Then click on the Vehicles separator. You will be shown the following panel: At the bottom, enter the speed limits for the green and blue representations. The red representation does not require you to enter any limit, because it will use the same value entered for the upper limit of the blue representation of a waypoint. Have in mind that the speed for a green representation will have to be smaller than the speed for a blue representation. Tip of the month!
  4. 4. Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 4 Case Study Phano N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd (EPIPHANIOU) makes significant savings with Frotcom EPIPHANIOU, the leading supplier of a comprehensive range of materials, including building construction materials and machinery, adopted Frotcom vehicle tracking and fleet management system to control their fleet and reduce fuel costs. It all started in an automotive exhibition, where Mr. Alex Baker, Fleet Manager, and Mr. Petros Kerkides, Logistics Manager at EPIPHANIOU, had the first contact with Frotcom. “Once we saw the demo, we realized how easy it is to use Frotcom and the amount of information provided by the system that can really help us to control our fleet”, said Mr. Alex Baker. After a meeting and a trial period, in which Frotcom proved to be the solution to their fuel management and vehicle maintenance program needs, the solution was installed in all their vehicles. Working all over Cyprus through a network of stores, distribution centres and warehouses, the company’s fleet is responsible for delivering their products to customers. According to Mr. Petros Kerkides, Logistics Manager at EPIPHANIOU, “we are very pleased with Frotcom; the continuous upgrades of the system and the technical notes provided by Frotcom, are very helpful. Let me highlight that our main objectives were to control vehicle movements, reduce fuel costs and ensure timely fleet maintenance. But we have much more with Frotcom, like, for instance, full control of our fleet’s costs”. He also stated that “other modules in Frotcom are helping us to improve driving behaviour and to choose the best routes for our deliveries and monitor routes execution. With Frotcom, and other improvements made in our company, we have already saved up to 35% in fuel costs.” About Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd EPIPHANIOU has operated for over 45 years in the Cypriot market, being the pioneer and leading supplier of a comprehensive range of materials, including building construction materials and machinery. For a complete profile, click here for the company’s official website (in Greek). Roadmap congratulates Frotcom Cyprus for this successful project! Next, on Roadmap News and events, more new Frotcom features and tips will be presented. This and more, so don’t miss the next issue of Roadmap. Mr. Petros Kerkides, Logistics Manager at EPIPHANIOU