Roadmap monthly newsletter - July 2012


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Roadmap monthly newsletter - July 2012

  1. 1. July 2012Roadmap monthly newsletter In this issue New featuresEditorial New detail added to the map’s infoboxL et the games begin! Travel time added to the Every 4 years the world sends its best Visit to places report athletes to compete and try to get the ultimate trophy: a medal. That’s currentlymore than 10,000 athletes from more than 200 Case Studiesnations, competing in over 300 different disciplines. Evro Sped – Reducing costs and supervising driving behaviorWhat strikes me in the Olympics is how the number of medals conquered by acountry is somewhat aligned with that nation’s total GDP. Štupica Transport – Making drivers’work easierYou see, it’s not only the size of the population. India has traditionally neverbeen a huge winner of Olympic medals, although its population is one of thelargest in the world. In Beijing 2008, India won 3 medals in total. That was India’s This and much more…record number of medals in the Olympics. With the country’s GDP quicklygrowing, some analysts now point to 7-8 medals for India in 2012.Likewise, Qatar, listed by the World Bank and the IMF as the world’s richestcountry per capita, has also historically never reached a high number of medals.In fact, they won one bronze medal in 1992 and another one in 2000. The citizenpopulation totals less than 300,000.When the size of a population is multiplied by a large GDP per capita, that’swhen countries are more successful winning Olympic medals. Makes sense,right? If your country has a large population (potential for many athletes) and atthe same time resources to invest in them (GDP), then you will probably applauda lot this summer, as your nation grabs a good share of medals.I find some similarities between these conclusions and what happens withcompanies. Sometimes companies have good business plans and the necessaryskills but not enough resources to bring them to full potential. Nowadays, withbanks reducing credit for companies, it is even more important to cut down onunnecessary costs and to apply resources on the real “athletes”: good projects,good skills.Frotcom can contribute by helping you reduce your unnecessary fleet costs andsave money. Use that money on your company’s athletes and the “medals” willcome.And by the way, good luck to your country, on the London Olympics!Valério MarquesCEO - Frotcom InternationalA note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please donot hesitate to get in touch at Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola|Belgium|Brazil|Bulgaria|Cameroon|Cyprus|Croatia|D.R.Congo|Greece|Italy|Kenya|Kosova|Luxembourg|Macedonia|Madagascar|Mauritius|Morocco|Portugal|Reunion Islands|Romania|Rwanda|Senegal|Seychelles|Sierra Leone|Slovenia|South Africa|Spain|Tanzania|Uganda|UK| 1
  2. 2. Did you know?Case studyŠtupica Transport – making drivers’ work easierŠtupica Transport is a transportation company founded in 1991 in Ribnica,Slovenia. Three years ago, in search for a vehicle tracking solution, the company A campaign about how tofound Frotcom and due to its generous offer of features they immediately travel smart in the cityinstalled it on their fleet.The company prides itself with a fleet of 30 modern MAN trucks. Among them, On July 4 2012, the European25 vehicles comply with the EURO 5 emissions standard and are equipped with Commission launched a three- year Sustainable Urban mobilityEEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles) engines. This, along with the campaign in 31 countries, aiminguse of Frotcom, can only lead to classifying Štupica as an ecologically-oriented to promote the advantages ofcompany. smartly combining differentBesides performing quantitative and volumetric transport modes of transportation.loads up to 25 tones, the company’s services are The private car is no longer thesupplemented by offering truck wash, service garage and only choice for trips around thetracking shipments enabled by Frotcom. city. Maybe you want to improve your health by cycling to work, orFor a complete profile you can check here the company’s official website. perhaps you’re eager to see the city from a new perspective by taking a tram through the side streets? You could meet new people by choosing to car share or save time by checking your e- mail on the train. Whatever your vision, a revolution is underway in our mobility culture. Seeking new ideas on how to do the right mix? Find out by clicking here. Looking for financialIn 2009, Štupica Transport started using the Frotcom services which have fully support to put into practice yourmeet their expectations. sustainable urban mobility ideas? You can apply here.Fleet Manager, Robert Štupica, declared “Before we decided to use Frotcom Everyone, from NGOs tovehicle tracking, we also tested other providers from Slovenia. We chose individuals can show intelligentFrotcom because it offered significantly more features than its competition. and sustainable use of transport,Frotcom tracking system is user friendly, with a fast and reliable web application. by registering a relevant actionFor us, the most important function is reading CANbus data - fuel consumption. and share with the world his/herWith Frotcom we reduced our costs and made drivers and disponents work own personal success story. Andeasier. We also appreciate the fast support from Frotcom Slovenia. After two don’t forget, with rising energyyears of working with Frotcom Slovenia and using Frotcom’s vehicle tracking prices, embracing sustainablesystem we came to the conclusion that more than two years ago we made the urban mobility will also save youcorrect decision.” money!ROADMAP congratulates the Frotcom Slovenia team for this successful project! Doing the right mix campaign brings out the revolution alreadyRoadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 running across the EU to changeFrotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola|Belgium|Brazil|Bulgaria|Cameroon|Cyprus|Croatia|D.R.Congo|Greece|Italy|Kenya|Kosova|Luxembourg|Macedonia|Madagascar|Mauritius| the mindset in the field ofMorocco|Portugal|Reunion Islands|Romania|Rwanda|Senegal|Seychelles|Sierra Leone|Slovenia|South Africa|Spain|Tanzania|Uganda|UK| sustainable urban mobility. 2 Sources:
  3. 3. Tip of the monthNews features Editing the names of the place typesNew detail added to map’s infobox You edit and change the names ofIn order for Frotcom users to easily place types. What you need to do iscontact their drivers, Frotcom added a follow three simple steps:small but important detail to the map’s 1. In Administration > Places,infobox – the mobile phone number. click on the Edit place typesThis contact information can be quickly button, at the bottom.edited in Administration > Drivers >Details.A mobile phone number can be now easily associated to each driver, showingdirectly on the infobox, on the map.Average consumption per hour shows in more places As you know, Frotcom already calculates and displays the average consumption per hour in several places in Frotcom, 2. This button will pop up a list e.g. at the bottom of CANBus graphs. Now, the average with all the place types. consumption is also available in four other sections:1. In the Trip details of CANBus equipped vehicles;2. In the CANBus report;3. In the CANBus detailed report, with also an extra column "Engine hours";4. In the Trips spanned report with CANBus.Travel time added to the Visit to places report 3. To change a place type name,Questioning how much time drivers spend on a trip from one place to another click on it. A new window popscan be a continuous worry for the fleet managers. To make things easier, the up, where you can make theVisit to places report now has a new column, called Trip duration. This column changes you need. Fordisplays the time spent by the vehicle to travel to each place. instance, in the case below, we will change Active customer to Sales point. 4. Now click Save. From now on,Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | the symbol on the mapAngola|Belgium|Brazil|Bulgaria|Cameroon|Cyprus|Croatia|D.R.Congo|Greece|Italy|Kenya|Kosova|Luxembourg|Macedonia|Madagascar|Mauritius|Morocco|Portugal|Reunion Islands|Romania|Rwanda|Senegal|Seychelles|Sierra Leone|Slovenia|South Africa|Spain|Tanzania|Uganda|UK| will represent Sales points, instead of Active customers. 3
  4. 4. Next, on RoadmapCase StudyEvro Sped – Reducing costs and News and events,supervising driving behavior more new Frotcom featuresEstablished in 1992, Evro Sped is an international transporting company withover 19 years of active operations in the field of international land transport. In and tips will be presented.October 2010 the company started using Frotcom and since then they havemanaged to use their resources much more efficiently.Evro Sped seeks continuously new contacts for import and export operations inorder to meet the requirements of a growing market. Thanks to their reliable This and more, so don’t misscollaborators and customers the company has succeeded in gaining a goodreputation on both national and international level. the next issue of Roadmap.Their fleet of 24 Volvo trucks (conformed to the Euro 5 emissions standard) isable to work out optimal routes and to deliver clients goods on time and atreasonable costs. This is a result of the transport organization with two drivers inevery truck, with the strict observation of national and internationalrequirements, and also of the use of a vehicle tracking system to manageoperations. Evro Sped has been using Frotcom for almost two years andnowadays they have the system installed on all their vehicles.Zoran Gjorchev, Manager at Evro Sped commented that “WithFrotcom we managed to use our resources much more efficiently.Through the integrated navigation the communication with ourdrivers became simpler, clearer and more economic. Moreover,Frotcom’s CANBus module also enabled us to have access vehicledata from our trucks which permits us to control driving behavior,save fuel and decrease costs.”Evro Sped experience allowed the company to build a net of land transport inwhole Europe, focusing especially on loading from / to Western Europe. For acomplete profile of Evro Sped visit their website here.ROADMAP congratulates the Frotcom Macedonia team for this successful project!Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola|Belgium|Brazil|Bulgaria|Cameroon|Cyprus|Croatia|D.R.Congo|Greece|Italy|Kenya|Kosova|Luxembourg|Macedonia|Madagascar|Mauritius|Morocco|Portugal|Reunion Islands|Romania|Rwanda|Senegal|Seychelles|Sierra Leone|Slovenia|South Africa|Spain|Tanzania|Uganda|UK| 4