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Roadmap monthly newsletter - December 2013


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Roadmap monthly newsletter - December 2013

  1. 1. December 2013 Roadmap monthly newsletter News and Events VIO TRANSGRUP achieves TAPA Truck Security Requirements (TSR) level 1 certification Editorial I t is a pure coincidence that Frotcom was upgraded to include two great brand new features just before Christmas: the possibility to control the association of vehicles and assets (e.g. trucks and trailers); and a completely redesigned tool for managing the execution of planned routes by the vehicles. The control of the coupling/uncoupling operations between vehicles and assets is a tool which allows professional transportation companies to control where and when trailers were coupled to the tractor units and then decoupled from them. In case of large fleets, knowing the whereabouts of trailers is a serious issue. It is not unheard of for trailers in large companies to simply be left somewhere and then forgotten simply because the operations did not register that uncoupling event. This new feature in Frotcom allows fleet managers to know exactly where each trailer, container or swap body is; and when it was left there, by whom. Simultaneously, Frotcom was also upgraded to include a very powerful mechanism to create and control planned routes. You will be able to spot right on any vehicle not following a predefined, approved route. You will know how far a vehicle is from its destination and when its arrival is estimated. Arriving in 3 minutes! In this issue Benefits do not stop here. You can even program Frotcom to alert your customers a few minutes – or a few kilometers – before the arrival of your vehicle. Imagine a school bus collecting the kids on its way to school, and warning the parents, by SMS, of its arrival in 3 mns? Or a distribution company warning customers that they will arrive to pick up the parcels in 5 mns? This is real service. And is now available to you in Frotcom! Although I cannot see the future, I’m sure you will enjoy many other features we have already planned for 2014. Finally and foremost, let me take the opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Valério Marques, CEO - Frotcom International A note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please do not hesitate to get in touch at Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 1 Frotcom Hellas moved to a new office Case Study Envirobac reduces fuel costs with Frotcom New Features Ready, Set, Go! The new routes version Coupling vehicles and assets This and much more…
  2. 2. Did you know? Powerful ‘anti-texting’ road safety film News and Events VIO TRANSGRUP achieves TAPA Truck Security Requirements (TSR) level 1 certification VIO TRANSGRUP emerged in the Romanian market in 2000 owning one truck for transporting general goods. Nowadays the company owns 40 trucks of 20 tons and provides international transport services throughout Europe, especially in the Balkans area. Over the years, the company has sought the best certifications to ensure the legal framework and the necessary documentation for the safe ongoing of their transport activities. In 2012 the company adopted Frotcom’s solution for GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management, contributing to keep the high standards and the quality of the services provided to customers. In the beginning of November 2013, VIO TRANSGRUP undertook an audit executed by TÜV to certify the Security Transport Program of the company in accordance with the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) TSR 2012 level 1 standard. They achieved a 100% pass rate, which means they achieved the highest certifiable standard for security transport, mandatory in the high value cargo transportation and Frotcom played a key role as the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solution that helped VIO TRANSGRUP attain this important certification. For a complete profile, click here for the company’s official website. About TAPA The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) a unique organization that brings together global manufacturers, carriers, insurers, service providers, local authorities, government agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses in the international supply chain. TAPA members work together to prevent these crimes, by sharing information, developing standards for supply chain security, and cooperating with government agencies. Main benefits of being certified        A new animated road safety film called ‘Wheelman’ is a stark reminder about the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving. The film emphasises the point that some of the most obvious dangers on the road are not necessarily the ones that will cause an accident, as we are more aware of them. Rather, the biggest threat comes from the distraction of a simple text message. The film was recently launched by The Road Safety Authority Ireland (RSA) and Setanta Insurance Services Limited, together with the 58th Cork Film Festival. This was part of Setanta’s road safety competition, ‘Keep Drama off the Roads’, which invited young people, aged 15-25, from all over the Ireland to come up with a short film script. The winning entry was from Rory Nestor, a 6th year student from Ballyhaunis Community School, Co. Mayo. You can check out the film on the link below: Wheelman - Anti Texting & Driving Short Film Achieve a level of security recognized throughout the high tech industry Show to customers that the company meets and exceeds industry security requirements Become part of a growing global trend Gain a lead against the competition with a neutral audit seal Reduce risk of company liability with documented safety standards Show how high company’s high-quality standards are Ensure compliance with local governmental and legal requirements Roadmap congratulates Frotcom Romania for this successful project and VIO TRANSGRUP for the certification! Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 2 Source: European Road Safety Charter
  3. 3. Tip of the month Selecting graphs in Vehicles > Graphs New and Events Frotcom Hellas moved to a new office The new office, still located in the city of Artemis, is just 30 minutes away from central Athens. It is actually a storefront in Artemis, putting Frotcom Hellas right on the street. The new office guarantees a spacious environment for the company’s current needs and is prepared to accommodate its future growth. Roadmap congratulates Frotcom Hellas for this important step. Case Study You can select which graphs you want to see displayed in Vehicles > Graphs. By default, all graphs available for each vehicle (including ignition, speed, sensors and CANBus related) will be displayed. However, you can select at any moment which graphs you want to display/not display. Click on the arrow to the right of the graphs, to slide the buttons panel to the left. Then, select the graphs you want to see. The buttons will become red when the corresponding graph is enabled and black when the graph is disabled. Envirobac reduces fuel costs with Frotcom EnviroBac has been a client of Frotcom Angola since March 2012. The private company is a joint venture of EnviroServ, one of the biggest waste management companies of South Africa and the Angolan company Bacatral. Pedro Ferreira from Frotcom Angola and Acácio Lacerda Jr. from EnviroBac. EnviroBac has the key role to manage the collection, reduction and disposal of municipal solid waste in an efficient, cost-effective and safe manner, under the activities programmed by the government concerning to the cleanliness of Luanda, Huambo and Lobito. With a fleet of 56 waste collection vehicles, EnviroBac collects over than 800 tonnes of waste per day. As a company within a time-sensitive environment, EnviroBac has implemented Frotcom to manage their fleet efficiently and improve productivity with a view to reduce fuel consumption. Acácio Lacerda Jr., Head of Control & Training Department at EnviroBac said “Although we have not yet explored the full potential of the system, Frotcom is already helping us to improve our service. Thanks to Frotcom, we noticed great improvements in the execution of daily work, a decrease in travel times and mileage, as well as a reduction in fuel costs”. Roadmap congratulates Frotcom Angola for this successful project! Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 3 Frotcom will show you all the buttons for which at least a vehicle in your fleet has information. This does not mean that all vehicles will show that graph, but only those which have the corresponding sensor/source. When you are done with the changes, click the arrow again to slide the panel back to the right. The ignition graph is mandatory – cannot be disabled, but you can disable any of the other graphs.
  4. 4. New features Next, on Roadmap Coupling vehicles and assets A new feature was added in Frotcom, making possible the association of vehicles with GPS, to assets without GPS. Frotcom can control different types of vehicles, such as vans or trucks, in which a GPS tracker has been installed. Some other assets, such as trailers or containers without an installed GPS tracker, can be coupled to these vehicles and uncoupled from these vehicles. Frotcom allows you to establish this connection, manually or automatically; and by doing so you will know where the assets were picked up, which trips they made and where they were left, each time. So you do not need to equip a trailer with a GPS tracker to know where it is, unless you need to check its possible movements when it is disconnected from a GPS tracked vehicle. Otherwise, you will always know when it moved, which vehicle moved it and where it was left each time. Ready, Set, Go! The new routes version A new version of routes is available in Frotcom, completely revamping the previous one, with a lot more capabilities, at the same time improving usability. This new set of features is a breakthrough in terms of the complete control it provides to fleet managers. It is now possible to create preferred routes and associate them to vehicles; create Ad-hoc legs (one-off destinations) and associate them to vehicles as well; follow the routes’ execution on the map and on new views (Table, Linear and Gantt views); generate reports and alarms; and generate notifications as the routes’ execution progresses. You can also instruct Frotcom to create routes directly from the inputs given by drivers on the on-board navigation devices. Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 4 News and events, more new Frotcom features and tips will be presented. This and more, so don’t miss the next issue of Roadmap.