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July 2010 - Frotcom Roadmap newsletter


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Monthly newsletter addressing issues related to Frotcom products and services, customer case studies and success stories of Frotcom, among other interesting issues about our business activity.

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July 2010 - Frotcom Roadmap newsletter

  1. 1. July 2010 Roadmap monthly newsletter In this issue Frotcom arrives in Brazil Redescovering the Americas Case study Editorial Vehicle tracking in Morocco F rotcom has expanded its operations to Brazil. New features in Frotcom After a thorough analysis of the Brazilian vehicle Regions tracking market and of the legal and logistical constraints, Frotcom International has officially This and much more… begun in July 2010 its operations in this country. Operations will begin in the region delimited by Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Goiania. Industrially, this is the most active area in Brazil. Later, Frotcom Brazil will enlarge its activities to other regions. Why are the Brazilian operations important to the Frotcom project? Well, first of all, due to its huge market, Brazil represents on its own a big potential for the installation of a quite significant volume of Frotcom tracking systems. Roads are the primary carriers of freight and passenger traffic (Brazil's railway system has been declining since 1945, when emphasis shifted to highway construction). Frotcom is a competitive solution and with Frotcom Brazil’s marketing skills will for sure conquer an important market share. As important as the size of the market, is the presence of Frotcom in the Americas. Frotcom International plans to expand to other countries in South America in 2011. In 2012, North and Central America. A presence in Brazil will be quite important as a reference for other countries in the region. This is an important challenge to Frotcom, as a product, but also to Frotcom International, in the sense that support to FCPs has now to be extended to a region in a different time zone and eventually with somewhat different requirements. Finally, since GSM in the Americas uses the 850MHz/1900MHz frequencies, the quadriband characteristic of Frotcom devices, until now only used in the 900MHz/1800MHz frequencies, will be explored for the first time. Valério Marques CEO - Frotcom International A note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please do not hesitate to get in touch at Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 Frotcom vehicle tracking system | Algeria | Angola |Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Cameroon | D. R. Congo | Greece | Kenya | Luxemburg | Madagascar | Mauritius | Morocco | Portugal | Reunion Islands | Romania | Rwanda | Senegal | Seychelles | Slovenia | Spain | Tanzania | Uganda 1
  2. 2. Did you know  Triangulation or trilateration? New Frotcom Certified Partner Frotcom Brazil Rediscovering the Americas A GPS receiver uses the signals of at least 3 satellites to calculate its position in a process similar to the one used by ancient navigators, who could calculate their positions based on the location of the stars in the sky. That was, after all, how Pedro Álvares Cabral conducted his fleet of ships to the coast of Brazil (although a less romantic Most descriptions of GPS say the vision says that in fact his fleet was taken off track by a storm, while the Portuguese technology uses triangulation to captain was trying to go around Africa to get to India…). determine the position of a receiver on the earth. 500 years later, Frotcom has also found the path to Brazil. After all, it was written in the stars! We have used this description On July 1st, Frotcom Brazil started its operations. This was ourselves in several occasions. a long awaited moment and one that both Frotcom International and FEC.COM, the company assuming Frotcom Brazil, had been Mathematically speaking, though, the preparing for a long time. The access to the Brazilian market, although quite GPS system uses trilateration. interesting from the sales viewpoint, has to tackle some specific restrictions on legal, fiscal and logistical levels. What is the difference between both methods? Frotcom Brazil’s CEO, José Cláudio Curado, has extensive experience in areas such Triangulation determines position as transports, management and factoring. He says that “Frotcom is a very by measuring the angles of the competitive solution and its success in Brazil will come as no surprise. We have triangles formed between an been analyzing very carefully the vehicle tracking market in Brazil and Frotcom observer and three known points. has a number of advantages over local competition, which we will try to leverage.” Trilateration determines position by measuring the distance from an ROADMAP congratulates José Cláudio and the Frotcom Brazil observer to three known points; team and wishes them great success. the timing signals sent from GPS satellites (the known points) to a Some words about the Federative Republic of Brazil receiver determine those distances. Brazil is the largest national economy in Latin America, the world's eighth largest economy at market exchange rates and the ninth largest in purchasing power parity So, GPS uses trilateration and not triangulation. (PPP), according to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The Brazilian economy has been predicted to become one of the five largest in the world in the Although both methods have the decades to come, the GDP per capita following and growing. same goal – finding the location of a > Capital: Brasilia > Language: Brazilian Portuguese > Currency: Real (BRL) fourth object in relation to other three > Territory: 8,514,877 sq km > Population: 192.9 mln > GDP: 1 973.6 billion (2009) – the algorithm used is quite different. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 Based on an article from Scientific Frotcom vehicle tracking system | American Algeria | Angola |Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Cameroon | D. R. Congo | Greece | Kenya | Luxemburg | Madagascar | Mauritius | Morocco | Portugal | Reunion Islands | Romania | Rwanda | Senegal | Seychelles | Slovenia | Spain | Tanzania | Uganda 2
  3. 3. Tip of the month Departments Case Study Vehicle tracking in Morocco Note: this tip is only valid for vehicles Founded in 1986, Telcabo is a group that operates in the Telecommunication and equipped with a CANBus device. Energy Markets, offering a range of services from design, engineering, construction, installation to operation and maintenance of telecommunication and energy Frotcom’s CANBus module can read data such as fuel level in the tank, networks. With a continuous focus on training, qualification and excellence of its engine speed, engine temperature and resources, the Telcabo group works in 4 continents. tachograph create a place in Frotcom, When you information. you can associate it to a Department. A Telcabo Maroc was the second company of the group In the specific case of fuel, two graphs Department is a division of a company, to have opted for Frotcom, after Telcabo Portugal. are available: Fuel level (%) and Fuel such as Sales, Customer Care, level variation (%). According to Amílcar Faustino, Diréctor Général Administration, and so forth. of Telcabo Maroc, “We chose Frotcom, first, The fuel level (%) graph shows the To associate a Department to a place, because of the very positive comments received level of fuel as a percentage of the total edit it in Administration > Places and from Telcabo Portugal. Then, because it offered capacity of the tank. The fuel level pick one of the available Departments. all the information we needed for tracking the variation (%) shows very clearly when vehicles, as well as to know the mileage and time spent to arrive to each there are sharp fuel level variations, either positive (refueling operation) or customer, in real time. This was information we did not have prior to adopting negative (sudden fuel level drop in the Frotcom.” tank). Because 80% of the work of Telcabo Maroc is done in mountain areas, another If you take the next graph, for instance, aspect quite appreciated by Telcabo Maroc was the fact that Frotcom in Morocco – you will see that a refueling operation as in several other countries – can commute automatically between several different took place If you still(positivenot created right have peak). By the clicking on the peak,do it by clicking Departments, you can you can now GSM networks, opting for the strongest one. Therefore, the total coverage is choose the Show this moment on map the pencil button. Then, enter all the maximized, leading to fewer communication “black spots”. The easy access to the operation. Departments in the company. tracking data, from any computer or Smartphone was also a plus for Telcabo Maroc. Currently, all the cars of Telcabo Maroc are equipped with Frotcom devices. Once you have associated your places to Departments, you can use this segmentation in the Permanence in Mapping sudden places report. With this report, you New features in Frotcom can seefuel which places the vehicles in variations Regions have been and for how long. You can ask to generate the report for the places Some clients need to perform a region based control of their fleet. For of all Departments, or only for the instance, some international transportation companies need to know places of a specific department. Once you choose that option, you will exactly how many kms were travelled per country. be able to seea the exact place in the For instance, company distributing To solve this problem, a new Traffic by region report showing the kms travelled in map where that operation the country materials to stores acrossoccurred: each country was developed. In case information is also available at a lower may create Departments Sales South administrative level, it will be possible to produce a higher segmentation of the and Sales North. It will be possible report, showing the kms travelled per district within each country. Simultaneously, then to generate two automatic Frotcom’s Out of zone and Zone entrance alarms were altered in order to allow for permanence reports: one with the visits the use of regions as zones. to the stores in the South and another with this option,to the stores in the With the visits you can easily check North. Each not this is a valid place for whether or report may go to a different Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 person. loading/unloading fuel. Frotcom vehicle tracking system | Algeria | Angola |Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Cameroon | D. R. Congo | Greece | Kenya | Luxemburg | Madagascar | Mauritius | Morocco | Portugal | Reunion Islands | Romania | Rwanda | Senegal | Seychelles | Slovenia | Spain | Tanzania | Uganda 3
  4. 4. Joining us Technical support team grows In the next issue Due to Frotcom’s quick growth in the Frotcom Certified Partner’s network and total number of end users and vehicles News and events, controlled, we strengthened the technical support team by more new Frotcom features hiring a Technical Support Specialist. and tips will be presented. With more than 5 years experience in technical support, Ricardo Marques has a strong expertise on different technologies. ROADMAP welcomes Ricardo on board! This and more, so don’t miss the next issue of Roadmap. News and events Frotcom East Africa’s big product launch On June 4th, Frotcom East Africa gathered more than 100 top executives of reference companies and organizations in Kenya and Tanzania, for the official product launch of Frotcom in East Africa. The event which as you can see from the image even included some special FX, was followed by a nice gala dinner. The launch, held in Nairobi, had as main objective to disseminate Frotcom and the benefits of its use, throughout the main companies and state organizations in the East African region. Several invited speakers participated in the event, such as Mr. Wallace Atim of Wallukat Investments, the first client of Frotcom in East Africa, who provided a great testimonial of the advantages of using Frotcom. Valerio Marques was also invited to speak in representation of Frotcom International. Numerous companies and state organizations present at the event requested meetings with Frotcom East Africa, to start adopting Frotcom in the management of their fleets. Jackson Fagio, CEO of Frotcom East Africa reported that “The event was clearly a success and we are now profiting from the contacts made with this top companies.” Roadmap would like to congratulate Jackson, Florence and the whole Frotcom East Africa team for this superb event. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 Frotcom vehicle tracking system | Algeria | Angola |Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Cameroon | D. R. Congo | Greece | Kenya | Luxemburg | Madagascar | Mauritius | Morocco | Portugal | Reunion Islands | Romania | Rwanda | Senegal | Seychelles | Slovenia | Spain | Tanzania | Uganda 4