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Studie Cases

  1. 1. Case  Studies:  Hotel,  Airline,  NTO  and  Travel-­‐Product  Adver6sers  
  2. 2. Holiday  Inn’s  Kids  EAT  &  STAY  Free   Campaign   Holiday  Inn  Hotels  in  the  US  and   Canada  help  families  save  on  travel   by  offering  free  meals  and   accommoda;ons  to  their  kids  as   long  as  they re  with  their  parents   Execu6on   Equally  eye-­‐catching  and   beau;fully  designed  Leaderboard   (728x90)  banners  were  rotated   evenly  on  all  Wego  Homepages.   The  promo  messages   Kids  Stay  &   Eat  FREE  were  heavily  employed.   Results   A  total  of  51,729  impressions  were  delivered  with   results  to  0.43%  CTR.  Users  from  the  United  States,   Philippines  and  Singapore  have  the  highest  click   throughs.  
  3. 3. Marina  Bay  Sands’  Autumn  Special   Campaign   As  part  of  their  marke;ng  launch   Over-­‐all  Results:   efforts,  Marina  Bay  Sands  wanted   0.15%  Open  Rate   to  pique  the  interest  of  visitors  to   0.13%  CTR   Singapore  par;cularly  from   Malaysia,  Indonesia,  Australia  and   India   AU  Subscribers:   Execu6on   16.01%  Open  Rate   0.87%  CTR   A  customized,  well-­‐designed  email   blast  with  value-­‐worth  efforts  were   SG  Subscribers:   sent  to  Wego  Subscribers  from   27.43%  Open  Rate   Singapore,  Australia,  India,   1.82%  CTR   Indonesia  and  Malaysia   Results   An  average  general  CTR  of  1.15%  for  the  EDM,  with   19.46%  open  rate  was  garnered.  Australians  and   Singaporeans  were  the  ones  mostly  interested  in  the   offer  in  terms  of  opening  the  email  offer  
  4. 4. Accor’s  3  Day  Super  Sale   Campaign   To  push  it s  Hotel  Room  bookings  in   Asia-­‐Pacific,  Accor  held  a  3-­‐Day  Super   Hotels  Homepage   Sale.   Leaderboard:   0.68%  CTR   Execu6on   Wego  blocked  over  80,000  impressions   for  standard  banner  placements.   About  60%  SOV  was  secured  for  the   campaign  period.  All  Featured  Deals   edi;ons  also  displayed  the  exci;ng   promo  message.   Results   An  average  of  0.43%  CTR  was  accumulated   by  all  placements.  Among  the  banners,  the   Leaderboard  (728x90)  has  the  highest  CTR   at  0.68%.  The  Featured  Deal  has  also   accumulated  a  total  of  368  clicks  for  all   edi;ons  –  AU,  SG,  HK,  MY,  PH  &  ID.  
  5. 5. Asiarooms’  CNY  EDM  &  CaZish   Campaign   Hotel  Details’   Asiaroom s  launched  a  tac;cal   CaZish:                       campaign  aimed  driving  awareness  of   exclusive  holiday  offerings  in  MY,  ID,   0.74%  CTR   TH  and  AU  des;na;ons.   Execu6on   Targeted  to  SG,  MY  and  HK  users,  a   Caeish  placement  was  u;lized  for  two   SG  Subscribers:   weeks.  This  placement  is  located   20.32%  Open  Rate   Airfares  and  Hotels  Details  pages,  two   3.67%  CTR   of  the  highest  viewed  pages.  Finally,  an   EDM  was  also  sent  to  SG  subscribers.   Results   The  placement  resulted  to  0.69%  average  CTR.  Users  from   Malaysia  were  the  ones  most  interested  in  the  ad  at  0.85%   CTR.  Almost  13,000  SG  subscribers  also  received  the  EDM,   which  resulted  to  20.32%  Open  Rate,  and  3.67%  CTR.  
  6. 6. Air  Asia’s  8  Years  Anniversary  Promo   Campaign   Air  Asia  celebra;ng  its  8  wonderful   years  in  the  industry  celebrated  a   limited  promo;on     all  fares  from   SGD28  special  deal  for  Asian  Routes   Flights  Spotlight:   0.79%  CTR   Execu6on   Wego  ran  standard  size  banners  across   the  site.  Air  Asia  also  took  the  Flights   Spotlight  placement  to  heavily   promote  its  campaign.  The  Flights   Spotlight  is  located  on  top  of  the  flights   search  results.   Results   Standard  size  banners  resulted  to  0.42%  CTR,  while   Flights  Spotlight  has  0.79%  CTR.  Users  from   Singapore,  Indonesia,  Malaysia  and  Australia  were   among  who  generated  the  highest  click-­‐throughs.  
  7. 7. Lu]hansa’s  Early  Bird  Campaign   Campaign   Lughansa  encourages  travelers  to   Flights  Spotlight:   book  early  to  push  sales  on  flights  from   0.74%  CTR   Singapore  to  Europe,  par;cularly  to   Munich  and  Frankfurt   Execu6on   Skyscraper:   To  highlight  the  Early  Bird  Campaign,   1.34%  CTR   Wego  has  provided  the  Flights   Spotlight.  Targeted  Ads  were  also   delivered  to  Singaporean  users  search   for  Europe  flights,  including  a  special   deal  in  the  Singapore  Deals  Page   Results   The  Flights  Spotlight  placement  garnered  0.74%   CTR.  All  other  placements  have  an  average  CTR  of   0.76%  with  the  Skyscraper  in  the  Flights  Search   Results  accumula;ng  1.38%  CTR.  Over  200  clicks   for  the  Featured  Deal  was  also  recorded  during  the   campaign  period  (8  to  30  Nov)  
  8. 8. Lu]hansa’s  European  Sale  EDM   Campaign   Lughansa  offers  key  ci;es  in  SEA  for   cheap  flights  to  their  EU  des;na;ons.   Mail  Open  Rate:  17.44%   Overall:  2.77%  CTR   Execu6on   Lughansa  sponsored  a  customized   MY  Subscribers:     EDM  to  Wego  subscribers  from   5%  CTR   Singapore,  Malaysia,  Indonesia  and   Philippines   Results   An  overall  2.77%  CTR  and  an  open  rate  of  17.44%  for   the  key  markets  targeted.     Malaysia  and  Singapore  have  shown  a  high  interest  to   the  marke;ng  promo;on  at  19%  open  rate.     In  addi;on,  the  offer  from  Lughansa  seem  to  have   appealed  more  to  Malaysian  users  at  5%  CTR.  
  9. 9. TWA’s  Extraordinary  Perth  Campaign   Campaign   Tourism  Western  Australia  launched   their  branding  campaign  promo;ng   Flights  HP:     Extraordinary  Perth  to  users  in   0.56%  CTR     Singapore.   Execu6on   Various  ROS  banners  and  Flights   Homepage  placements  were  targeted   to  SG  users.  Moreover,  newly  launched   TVC  ad  unit  provided  an  innova;ve  and   media-­‐rich  adver;sing  to  Wego  users   TVC:  0.61%  CTR   in  SG.  The  TVC  can  be  played  only  once   *for  a  demo,  please  check   to  make  it  less  obtrusive.   Results   Flights  Homepage  Leaderboard  provided   prominent  presence  to  the  campaign  and  garnered  a   CTR  of  0.56%.  The  30-­‐sec  TVC  was  seen  by  over   14,000  unique  visitors  of  Wego  in  SG  and  has   produced  an  average  CTR  of  0.61%  
  10. 10. Malaysia  Airline’s  Travel  Fair  Campaign   Campaign   Malaysia  Airlines  organized  a  week-­‐ long  travel  fair  to  promote  its  low  fares   on  Kuala  Lumpur-­‐origina;ng  flights.   Execu6on   Due  to  the  promo s  ;me-­‐sensi;vity,   CaZish:   the  Caeish  was  employed  at  100%  SOV   0.60%  Ave  CTR   to  MY  users.  In  addi;on,  an  ROS   Leaderboard  placement  was  also  used   to  generate  awareness  about  the   promo.  Both  of  these  placements   provided  the  necessary  prominence  in   the  Wego  site.   Results   Ager  a  week  long  online  campaign,  the   MATF  Caeish  placement  has  accumulated   ROS  Leaderboard:   0.60%  average  CTR.  The  ROS  Leaderboard   1.16%  CTR   also  produced  good  results  at  1.16%  CTR.  
  11. 11. Malaysia  Airline’s  MATTA  Fair  Campaign   Campaign   Following  the  MATF  Campaign,  the   MAS  and  Malaysian  Associa;on  of   Tour  &  Travel  Agents  (MATTA)  held   it s  annual  MATTA  Fair,  with  MAS  as   Premium  Leaderboard:   one  of  the  supporters.   0.59%  CTR   Execu6on   Wego  introduced  the  Premium   Leaderboard  at  100%  SOV  as  this  is  a   prominent  placement  for  short-­‐period   campaigns.  Other  placements  for  this   Premium  &  Featured  Textlink:   follow-­‐up  campaign  includes  ROS  Mrec   0.66%  Ave  CTR   and  ROS  Leaderboard   Results   The  Premium  Leaderboard  accumulated  a   good  CTR  of  0.59%.  The  Premium  and   Featured  Textlinks  also  did  well  and   produced  a  0.66%  average  CTR  for  this   campaign.  
  12. 12. Tune  Hotel’s  Branding  Promo6on   Campaign   Overall  Results:   Tune  Hotels  promoted  their  various   0.68%  Ave  CTR   SEA  and  London  hotel  proper;es   through  a  branding  campaign  using   various  crea;ves.   Execu6on   Tune  Hotels  have  Des;na;on-­‐targeted   Banner  Placements  on  Wego s  Hotels   and  Flights  search  pages.  These   banners  would  appear  in  key  ci;es   where  Tune  Hotels  are  located,  i.e.,   Kuala  Lumpur,  Bali,  Penang,  London,   Singapore,  etc.   Results   Over  all  the  campaign  produced  a  0.68%   Average  CTR.  Tune  Hotel  banners  for  Penang   searches  proved  to  be  popular  at  0.94%  CTR,   Penang  Searches:     followed  by  Kuching  and  Kuala  Lumpur  at   0.89%  and  0.83%  Average  CTR,  respec;vely.   0.94%  CTR  
  13. 13. Hilton  Hotel’s  Great  Getaway  Campaign   Campaign   Hilton  Hotels  is  promo;ng  its  Great   Getaway  campaign  by  offering  up  to   1,910  clicks  from  ID  Market   40%  off  on  room  rates  to  its  worldwide   Hilton  gained  addi6onal   poreolio  of  hotels.   conversions  from  the  Distribu6on  Partners  exposure     Execu6on   The  campaign  used  the  Hotel  Deals   using  Featured  and  Top  10  Deal   placements.  The  offer  is  changed   weekly  and  thieplacements  are  shown   in  the  7  key  markets  inside  Wego,  plus   partner  sites  such  as  Yahoo  SEA,  De;k   Featured  Deals:   Travel,  News.Com.AU,        eBay  Travel   3,000+  clicks  in  less  than  a  month   and   Results   The  placement  has  produced  over  5,600  clicks   ager  the  campaign.  Two-­‐thirds  of  the  clicks  of  the   campaign  come  from  the  Indonesia  site.  Hilton  has   gained  addi;onal  exposure  by  being  part  of  the   Featured  Deals.    
  14. 14. Celcom  Broadband’s  Instanet   Campaign   Overall  Results:   An  awareness  campaign  with  “No   0.23%  Ave  CTR   Frills,  Internet  Access”  as  their  main   selling  point,  Celcom  Broadband’s   Instanet  launched  their  campaign   targe;ng  travellers  to  Malaysia.   Execu6on   This  campaign  has  u;lized  Wego’s  ad   targe;ng  capabili;es.  Animated   Instanet  banners  are  displayed  across   Indonesia:  0.27%  CTR   the  Wego  site  to  users  searching  for   hotels  in,  flights  to,  and  even  packages   Australia:  0.28%  CTR   and  travel  deals  for  Malaysia.   Results   The  placement  has  produced  over  200,000   impressions  in  less  than  two  months.  Users  from   neighboring  Indonesia,  and  even  Australia   searching  for  Malaysian  Des;na;ons  have   produced  the  highest  CTR.      
  15. 15. TNZ’s  South  Island  Promo6on   Campaign   Tourism  New  Zealand  launched  a   campaign  to  promote  NZ’s  South   Island  Des;na;on  and  to  boost  their  Homepage  Placement:     Facebook  Fan  Page.   0.39%  CTR     Execu6on   ROS  Banners:     Singapore  users  were  en;ced  to  “like”   0.36%  CTR     the  TNZ  FB  Fan  Page  and  submit  their   contact  details  for  a  lucky  draw  to  win   an  iPad.  Premium  and  exclusive  home   page  placement,  display  banners  and   Wego’s  social  media  network  were   u;lized  to  support  this  promo;on.   Results   More  than  3,500  Singapore  unique  users  visited  the   promo  site,  while  over  700  entries  were  received.   Social  media  has  also  proven  to  be  a  great  marke;ng   support  where  40%    of  incoming  traffic  came  from   Twiner  &  Facebook  promo;ons.  
  16. 16. TNSW  &  SIA  Promo  for  Families   Campaign   Tourism  New  South  Wales,  in   Mail  Open  Rate:  17.44%   partnership  with  Singapore  Airlines,   Overall:  2.77%  CTR   promoted  des;na;on  packages  for   Wego  Newslener  subscribers.   Execu6on   A  customized  EDM  was  sent  out  to   over  31,000  subscribers  in  Singapore.   Results   Ager  a  week,  an  overall  1.30%  CTR  and  an  open  rate   of  22.77%  was  recorded  for  the  the  Singaporean   subscribers  
  17. 17. Thank  You     Nuniek Head of Sales in Indonesia +62 817 0159 311 +62 9438 4740 +62 21 2557 1683 Skype : nuniek59 Wisma Metropolitan II, 6th Floor Jl.Jend Sudirman Kav.29-31 Jakarta 12920