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PAI unit


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PAI unit

  1. 1. Visual Arts I 2012/ 2013
  2. 2. What is Visual Language?∗What does this question ∗ What do you know aboutsuggest? the topic?∗What do you think we are ∗ Can you relate thisgoing to study? question with other topics?
  3. 3. What important concepts are we going to study in this unit?∗ Definition of Visual Language∗ Main elements of an ∗ Difference between Image icon, sign,∗ Main elements of Visual logo,symbol,signal Language ∗ Concept of iconicity∗ Visual Language ∗ Characteristics of a functions Visual Language expression: comic books 3
  4. 4. What Areas of Interaction could we use in this unit?∗ Approaches to Learning∗ Community and Service∗ Health and Social Education∗ Environments∗ Human ingenuity
  5. 5. The Area of Interaction we are going to use is:Include the Area of Include how we are goingInteraction to focus this area We are going to translate our lives into a comic book to reflect about aspects of our Society that we are concerned about.
  6. 6. The tasks we are going to do in this unit are: CRITERION OBJETIVES TASK A B C DUnderstand the differences Images Analysis X Xbetween signifier andsignifiedCreate images according Applying Visual Language X Xwith the different Visual functionsLanguage functionsUnderstand what is a Creating an ‘Ex Libris’ x X Xsymbol by creating oneDevelop a Contemporary A comic book tale X X X XVisual Language expression
  7. 7. What Approaches to Learning skills are we going to work?∗ Image analysis∗ How to do a Project Presentation∗ Drawing with pencils, Color pencils & Markers
  8. 8. What characteristics of the IB learnerprofile could we develop in this unit? ∗ Inquirers ∗ Open-minded ∗ Knowledgeable ∗ Caring ∗ Thinkers ∗ Risk-takers ∗ Communicators ∗ Balanced ∗ Principled ∗ Reflective
  9. 9. What characteristics of the IB learner profile are we going to develop in this unit?∗ Inquirers ∗ Open-minded∗ Knowledgeable ∗ Caring∗ Thinkers ∗ Risk-takers∗ Communicators ∗ Balanced∗ Principled ∗ Reflective