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Analyzing Newspapers Front Pages. Presentation: Intro Civic Media. Dec 14th 2011


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Social media (SM) like Twitter and Facebook seem to be playing an important role in the current wave of social movements around the globe, from the so-called Arab Spring to the Occupy movement in the US. Social media have become also a key source of information for many people, as well as for Mainstream Media (MSM), whose strategies of communication have changed to incorporate this social component. The streams of information flow rapidly from SM to MSM and back again, MSM to SM, re-feeding the loop.

The project focuses its analysis in newspapers’ front pages as an concrete example of the MSM ecology. We will study the relationship between SM -with data from Twitter- and the coverage in newspapers regarding recent social movements: the Arab Spring (Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Argelia), the 15-M Movement #SpanishRevolution (Spain) and the Occupy movement (USA). The data visualizations try to interpret the spread of news in contemporary society; moreover, they map the dialogic intersections of the ‘hidden and public’ transcripts.

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Analyzing Newspapers Front Pages. Presentation: Intro Civic Media. Dec 14th 2011

  1. 1. Analyzing newspapers front pages and other media streams December 14th 2011More info and all the images at: Introduction to Civic MIT MedialabRelated post: Pablo Rey Mazón @numeroteca
  2. 2. UsesEvolution of news in time.Compare simultaneous news evolution in time.Compare asynchronous news evolution in time.Semantic analysis of news content in front pages.Compare with other media streams.Compare with social media, such as Twitter.
  3. 3. Evolution of news in time
  4. 4. Spanish – US Newspapers & Japanese Tsunami
  5. 5. Compare simultaneous news evolution in time
  6. 6. Compare asynchronous news evolution in time
  7. 7. Semantic analysis of news content in front pages
  8. 8. Image from analysis
  9. 9. Compare with other media-TV Broadcast transcripts-Radio transcripts-Web Front pages-Twitter
  10. 10. Twitter & Front pages
  11. 11. NowTool to generate array of front pages (built in Processing).Generates .svg file.Next stepsAnalysis of specific cases.Plugins for inkscape generate charts from surface.Integration with other news streams and analytic tools: TV broadcast, Media RDI, Media Cloud.Surface vs Position, number of words, image, headline sizeScraping from original newspaper sites.Interactive graph.FutureMechanical turk?
  12. 12. Skecth for online front page tagging tool