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Temporal memory in racket


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By Rian Shams.

A Racket-based implementation of the current temporal memory algorithm.

Published in: Software
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Temporal memory in racket

  1. 1. Temporal Memory in Racket Rian Shams 10/19/2014
  2. 2. The Why’s ?? Why This Hack? -Understand temporal memory -Clarity OVER Speed Why Choose Racket? -Modern Lisp -Easy for novice programmers to learn -Succinct mapping between natural language and programming language
  3. 3. TM Design Differences Object-Oriented -Classes Purely Functional -No Classes For Loops Recursion Sets and Dicts Lists On or Off Always On Paradigm Function Iteration: Data Structures: Learning: -“To iterate is human, to recurse divine.”
  4. 4. Racket Code "Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds