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Monetary and Financial Crises and the Looming Inflation Threat


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Monetary and Financial Crises and the Looming Inflation Threat

  1. 1. CHARLOTTE ECONOMICS CLUB The Mid-Year Review “In the Eye of the Storm” Monetary and Financial Crises and the Looming Inflation Threat with John Ryding (one year later!) Tuesday, June 17, 2008 John Ryding from 12:00 - 1:30 PM (former) Chief US Economist The Charlotte City Club, 121 West Trade Street (of the former) Bear Stearns $33 CEC Members; $45 Non-Members/Guests As a noted author, Mr. Ryding is a frequent guest Register online at on ABC, CNBC, CNN, the Fox News Channel, Bloomberg TV and the BBC. As such, he is one of the most traveled and sought after speakers on the street today, particularly due to his bird’s eye view The damaging winds of the credit crisis have been of the developing credit crisis. felt by both those on Wall Street and all of us down Before joining Bear Stearns in 1991, he served as on Main Street. But some have been closer to the Senior Economist on the Federal Reserve of New center of the storm. As Chief US Economist for Bear York’s Open Market Desk. During that time, he published biweekly reports on financial market Stearns, John Ryding has had a unique opportunity developments and open market operations for the to watch the crisis unfold, from its onset in the sum- FOMC. mer of 2007 to more recently with some of its most Mr. Ryding graduated from Sidney Sussex College, damaging effects. Cambridge University, England and began his career with the economics division of the Bank of England as Senior Econometric Advisor. From this Please join the CEC as we welcome back Mr. Ry- office, he published numerous articles on the ding, one year later to the date, as he provides us demand for money, econometric and macroeconomic modeling, and foreign exchange with his unique insight into the events of the last intervention in various academic journals. He year, their lingering effects and what it means for the quickly rose to the head of the Bank’s Economic Forecasting Group, becoming the youngest financial markets and the real economy going for- Economic Advisor in the Bank’s history. In this role, ward. he advised senior officials on the balance of payments, exchange rate developments and their impact on monetary policy. In addition, he served Please register early as the City Club will fill as the Bank’s chief liaison to the OECD, the quickly for this event. To register online, please European Commission and the Bank for International Settlements. see our website, or for additional information, contact our Administrator, Norie Sanchez, at 704- When not traveling the globe, his primary responsibilities lie as husband to his wife Nancy and 319-2288. father to his two children, Ian and Maria. Charlotte Economics Club Local Chapter of the National Association for Business Economics Phone: (704) 319-2288 Fax: (704) 319-2289 P.O. Box 49394, Charlotte, NC 28277 Email: