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Patent lawyer presatation


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Patent lawyer presatation

  1. 1. Degree Levels : Bachelor’s degree and Jurist Doctor Degree fields : Undergraduate degree in technical or scientific field ; graduate degree in law Licensure : Must pass a bar examination and be licensed by the state of practice, some positions require passing the patent bar exam Experience : 2 years
  2. 2. Patent attorney average base salary : $80-$105,000 Average patent attorney salary : $115-$150,000 Average patent attorney partner salary : $200-$275,000 Patent lawyers who are partners at private law firms earn an average of $415,000
  3. 3. Patent Lawyer Companies
  4. 4. Patent Lawyer Facts They may also work for the federal government as patent examiners. The hours that patent attorneys work every week may be very long and intense, since their work requires a high degree of concentration and analysis of very technical information.