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Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Video
Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory
car porn. Kenny Herman: Hey what's up buddy, how is it going. Alan Kaufman: Hey, Kenny Herman
whats going on? Kenny Herman...
Noxontown Lake is a privately owned lake, and is bordered on both sides by St. Andrews school.
This is the place that "Dea...
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Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Video


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Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware FactoryDescriptionSebastian Loeb wins yet another WRC Worl...

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Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Video

  1. 1. Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Video Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Description Sebastian Loeb wins yet another WRC World Championship title, Peter Windsor names Kyle Busch as a potential USF1 candidate, Jean Todt named new FIA president, and rumors of Fisker buying GM's Wilmington Delaware factory hit the Internet Rumor Mill. Transcript Always Fresh Every Day. You are watching Fast Lane Daily Alan Kaufman: Sebastien Loeb does it again, the French man wins yet another championship, and he does it in style. A new FIA President is named news on a potential USF1 driver coming from NASCAR and Fisker hits our rumor mill. Could they be producing car at the old GM Wilmington Delaware Plant? All that and our Monday segment of Car Porn later in the show. Derek D is on the love boat, I am Alan K, and you are watching Fast Lane Daily. The World Rally Championship has been decided. Winning six out of eleven rallies this year Sebastien Loeb, beat out Finnish rally driver Mikko Hirvonen, at this past weekend at Rally Great Britain, giving him enough points for the season, to secure the championship. The six time world champion now holds the record for most championships won in the history of WRC. We have this suitable follow up on this story, on this Thursday segment shake down. But who knows maybe Loeb will get bored by then and decide to join F1 or race Le Mans, hell, maybe he will even go back to being a gymnast. In Formula 1 news, Jean Todt, has taken over as President of the FIA. Todt, best known for his role as CEO Ferrari, is assuming this role on the heels of FIA President Max Mosley's resignation this past June. Todt is also known for his position with the Ferrari F1 team guiding Michael Schumacher into five World Championships. He was voted in by 135 votes to against his opponent Ari Vatanen, who gained only 49. Good luck to Todt, we are curious to see where he puts Formula 1. Whereas he was also rumored to assuming the role of Mosley in Hitler and the Holocausts, part two. Another F1 news, USF1 news that is Peter Windsor has reportedly named NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, as a potential driver for the new US based F1 team. The team is said to debut on the Grid in 2010, has reportedly been shopping around for driving talent exclusively, with US Base drivers. The only issue is that Busch is on a contract with Joe Gibbs Racing until the end of next year, so it's unlikely the NASCAR Champ will make it to the F1 Grid by early next year. Other potential candidates for the driving spot include the eighteen year old Skip Barber Champ and Caparo Test Driver Michael Raynes of California. Maybe even the recently licensed Ian Jenkins of Fast Lane Daily. And first we hear about DeLorean keeping the Solstice Sky alive. Now this, the internet rumor mill is suggesting that Fisker will take over production at the Wilmington Delaware Plant, where GM used to produce the dead Pontiac and Saturn. Perhaps this is the result of the government's $500 million plus loan. Fisker wants to ensure that the money is being put to good use. Information is suggesting that this facility would be used for Project Nina which may retail in the 40,000 range after $7500 tax credit where it suggests it will hit showrooms by 2012. Well if Project Nina is as cool and good looking as the Carma, the folks in Delaware may be busy for a long time to come. Next stop, some BMW car porn for Los Angeles, stick around. Male Speaker: Subscribing cost nothing. Daily not monthly, and our cars actually move, Fast Lane Daily is fast and fresh, and here to stay. [Music playing] Alan Kaufman: That was some good
  2. 2. car porn. Kenny Herman: Hey what's up buddy, how is it going. Alan Kaufman: Hey, Kenny Herman whats going on? Kenny Herman: How is it going, what's, where is Derek. Alan Kaufman: Derek is on love boat, so I am covering today. Kenny Herman: How is life? Alan Kaufman: Life is good. FLDetours is showing on. Kenny Herman: Yeah you have a new show? Alan Kaufman: Go to and make sure, you subscribe. Kenny Herman: I am a little bit disappointed, where is, why isn't Derek here. Alan Kaufman: Derek is on love boat, he is on the cruise. I am covering. So it's good seeing you, and you guys have a great Monday. Related Articles Is Fisker Buying GM's Wilmington Delaware Factory Delaware Craigslist Tickets Dover International Speedway Grand Opera House Delaware Craigslist Tickets Has Cheap Dover International Speedway Tickets as well as Grand Opera House Tickets Now On Sale. We also have Dupont Theatre, Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, Delaware Blue Hens and Delaware State Hornets Tickets. Do you want to save money on Concerts in Delaware if so your in the right place. Buy Cheap Young Frankenstein Tickets for the Dupont Theatre and Blue Man Group Tickets Now Available.... Hotel Deals In Delaware Delaware is a state that hosts a variety of historical landmarks as well as recreational activities. During the course of the year, this region is visited by a large number of tourists as well as individuals with business interests.... The Magic Of Delaware Beach Vacation Rentals Though Delaware is the second smallest state in America, it has more than enough to offer you. Tour the several miles of coastline which has lovely beaches to give you the calm environment you require during your vacation.... RV Travel Fun In Delaware Delaware may be a tiny little state, but it does pack a punch for fun filled travel. Load up the kids and the RV and head on over to Delaware where there are plenty of great places to explore and even a few that will just thrill the kids. Delaware offers nature watching, shopping, outdoor adventures, camping, romantic weekends and plenty of scenic excursions that all add up to a fun vacation by RV.... Offshore Company Formation In Delaware, Company Registration Delaware Offers offshore company formation in Delaware, company registration Delaware, offshore business, offshore company in Delaware, offshore companies in Delaware, formation of the companies, Delaware company formation, offshore business in Delaware by offshore company formation firm, Whiteoffshore.... Pyramids Taxi Wilmington NC Trophy Largemouth Bass From Noxontown Lake Delaware
  3. 3. Noxontown Lake is a privately owned lake, and is bordered on both sides by St. Andrews school. This is the place that "Dead Poets Society" with Robin Williams was filmed. They allow fishing here by the public, but can revoke permission, or prohibit your access at any time. The bass fishing here is awesome and the tips in this article will help you catch the trophy you have been looking for.... BodyTite(TM) Body Contouring in Wilmington BodyTite is a device like no other when it comes to attaining the best of body contouring results. BodyTite is the latest advanced technology for cellulite reduction with multi-role features....