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PE File Format by Saurabh & Chinmaya @ null Banglore Meet, October 2010

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PE File Format

  1. 1. By Saurabh & Chinmaya
  2. 2. Definition  The Portable Executable (PE) format is a file format for executables, object code, and DLLs, used in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.  The term "portable" refers to the format's versatility in numerous environments of operating system software architecture.
  3. 3. Basic Structure •Executable Code Section, named .text (Microsoft) or CODE (Borland) •Data Sections, named .data, .rdata, or .bss (Microsoft) or DATA (Borland) •Resources Section, named .rsrc •Export Data Section, named .edata •Import Data Section, named .idata •Debug Information Section, named .debug
  4. 4. Mapping Into Memory
  5. 5. Tools Of Trade Lord PE PEid PEView OllyDbg
  6. 6. DOS ‘MZ’ Header  64 Byte Header  First two bytes of DOS header contain the value 4Dh, 5Ah (The letters "MZ" for Mark Zbikowsky one of the original architects of MS-DOS) which signifies a valid DOS header.  Last 4 bytes point towards PE Header
  7. 7. DOS Stub  If the program is run from DOS, DOS can recognize it as a valid executable and run the DOS stub which is stored immediately after the header.  The DOS stub usually just prints a string something like "This program must be run under Microsoft Windows" but it can be a full-blown DOS program.  When building an application for Windows, the linker links a default stub program called WINSTUB.EXE into the executable. We can override the default linker behavior by substituting your own valid MS-DOS-based program in place of WINSTUB and using the -STUB: linker option when linking the executable file.
  8. 8. PE File Header  Also called as Image_NT_Header  Consists of  Signature  Image_File_Header  Image_Optional_Header
  9. 9. Signature  4 bytes (Dword) Signature  Value is ‘00004550’ representing characters ‘PE’
  10. 10. Image File Header  20 bytes header Starting Byte Type Information 1 WORD Machine 3 WORD Number of sections 5 DWORD Time Date stamp 9 DWORD Pointer to symbol table 13 DWORD Number of symbols 17 WORD Size of optional header 19 WORD Characteristics
  11. 11. Optional Header  It contains following important fields:  Address Of Entry Point  Image Base  Section Alignment  File Alignment  Subsystem  Data directory ○ An array of 16 IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY structures, each relating to an important data structure in the PE file such as the import address table etc.
  12. 12. Image_Section_Header  It contains information about various sections.  It contains following important fields  Name of section  Relative Virtual Address (RVA)  Virtual Size  Characteristics of Section
  13. 13. Sections .text • Contains the executable code • Also known as .code .data • Contains initialized data .reloc • Contains relocation information
  14. 14. Sections .rsrc • Contains resource information of a module .debug • Contains debug information .edata,. idata • Contains export and import data
  15. 15. Thank You