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Intro/Facebook- Safwan Halabi - RSNA 2014 Hands on Introduction to Social Media


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Introductory presentation explaining value of social media in Radiology and how to use Facebook.

Safwan Halabi, MD (@radhelper)
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI

From RSNA 2014 Hands on Introduction to Social Media session.

Published in: Healthcare
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Intro/Facebook- Safwan Halabi - RSNA 2014 Hands on Introduction to Social Media

  1. 1. Hands-on intro to social media Safwan Halabi MD @radhelper Henry Ford Health System Dept of Radiology Detroit, MI USA
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Why medical professionals should develop an online presence 2. Separating Facebook for social and professional endeavors 3. How to safeguard your social media accounts with 2-step verification
  3. 3. Doc AG Doc AL
  4. 4. Doc AG  Graduated top of his class  25 years of experience as a neuroradiologist  Chairman of academic radiology practice  Published 10 books and 100 peer reviewed articles  Has no social media presence
  5. 5. Google search of Doc AG
  6. 6. Doc AL  Graduated top of her class  Has DDS and MD degrees  Chief Quality and Safety officer for the health system  Consultant to the NIH  Has a social media presence
  7. 7. Doc AL
  8. 8. Doc AL
  9. 9. ACR Bulletin “Identity Crisis” Oct 2014 Vol.69 No.10 Physician reputations are at risk Patients and referring clinicians to future employers routinely perform Google searches for their radiologists or interviewees  If an inappropriate personal post or negative review is found, it could sway their perception or increase their likelihood of changing physicians
  10. 10. Protect your brand  Radiologists’ online reputations aren’t only made or broken on social media: they’re also deeply affected by physician review websites like Health Grades, RateMDs, and even Yelp  It’s common for dissatisfied patients to turn to these sites, and reviews could impact a referring physician’s decision to employ a particular radiologist or radiology practice for image interpretation
  11. 11. Solicit positivity Many of the search engine site algorithms allow positive reviews to push down the negative ones Providing your patients the opportunity to voice opinions directly to you including via social media platforms Hire social medial or reputation management firms
  12. 12. Proceed with caution
  13. 13. Facebook for professionals
  14. 14. Facebook for professionals
  15. 15. Facebook for professionals
  16. 16. Facebook for professionals
  17. 17. Privacy and security
  18. 18. Privacy and security
  19. 19. 2-step verification how-to-sign-up-for-two-step-verification-on-11-top-online- services/
  20. 20. 2-step verification
  21. 21. 2-step verification 
  22. 22. Keep in touch  Safwan Halabi MD   Twitter: @radhelper  LinkedIn: