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Web 2.0 it780


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Web 2.0 it780

  1. 1. IT 780Nu-Kumba Frazier
  2. 2. Sweetsearch is a search engine tailored for primary and secondary age students.
  3. 3.  Sweetsearch is a highly qualified educational search site. Sweetsearch uses 35,000 approved websites to perform its searches.
  4. 4. This search engine is designed for younger or more inexperienced students.
  5. 5. Sweetsearch2Day This is an application where students are given new facts to learn every day. This application engages students daily and encourages them to explore the site daily.
  6. 6. Sweetsearch for schoolLibrarians This application helps school librarians and teachers show students how to perform searches on the web more effectively. Students may also learn to use the web more effectively by using this application.
  7. 7. Teachers as well as students can benefit from usingSweetsearch because information can be obtained at the appropriate grade level.
  8. 8. This application contains over 1000 biographies on influential people.
  9. 9. This application is a step by step course on how to improve one’s web research skills.
  10. 10. Sweetsearch is owned andoperated by Dulcinea Media. Founder and Cofounder of Dulcinea Media is Mark and Terry Moran. Dulcinea Media was founded in 2009.