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Faq q&a


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The FAQ section of

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Faq q&a

  1. 1. Answer:Againn is an online card-free common loyalty service with thecatchword “No Conditions Apply”. We let you score points onyour purchases, and (the fun part!) redeem those points at anystore you want. So you don’t have to keep a track of your pointsat different stores and you can use them up whenever andwherever you wish to! We anticipate profitability by 2042 – bythen we should be retired; someone smarter might take overand jack-up the commissions. But dont take our word for it: seewhat the online community has to say!
  2. 2. Answer:First of all because we made it goddamn easy for you, itsaves u a lot of money and doesnt cost a dime. If you arestill not convinced, let us try our time-tested formula,"Register now and something nice will happen to you inthe next 90 seconds. Share this with 50 friends, by thelords grace you will find your soul-mate in next 24hours. Please dont ignore, it really works" :D :D
  3. 3. Answer:Its a lonnng 3 step procedure:1. Grab your phone2. Key in 080 3919 39393. Now call. (Dont worry, it is a toll-free number and thecall automatically gets disconnected after one-ring)Thats it. You are done.
  4. 4. Answer:Did you register with us? If no, you need to do that first!If yes, remember we stored your no. to our records, andsent you a pin? Thats all we need! We will get theinformation of the points you earned directly from theretailers, and dont worry the retailers did not agree totell us what you shopped.
  5. 5. Answer:All the point-to-rupees and point-to-percent discountconversions really baffled us. The plotting-tracking istoo much math. So we just made it 1 point equals 1rupee. Now we are taking credit on this by callingourselves straightforward, innovative, transparent andall.
  6. 6. Answer:Registered with Againn and all set to begin? Cool! Login fromAgainn website using your mobile number and pin. Go to theearn points tab and shop as usual through any of the listedmerchant websites. If you make a purchase, you will be billed bythe merchant website and we will give you your Againn points.You will receive an sms confirmation too.If you wish to redeem your points, read the next Q&A. No painno gain.Kidding! Just enter the amount of points you would want to useup, well do the processing.
  7. 7. Answer:You have reached the fun part! Awesome, login to Againn and go to theredeem points tab. You have two options here.One, choose any of the merchant websites listed, shop and enter thenumber of points you would wish to use up. You will quickly know yourdiscount because 1 Againn point is always equal to 1 rupee, remember wedid this smartest thing? ;-) We will do the processing and give you yourcoveted discount! Enjoy!Two, if you happen to find all those listed websites wretched and useless,dont worry, we have a variety of coupons from different merchants. Justconvert your points into coupons worth your points. Example, you have100 points, buy coupons worth rupees 100. There will be noconditions on them and you can treat them as freshlyminted cash!
  8. 8. Answer:We send that sms just to look cool, becauseanyway you can always login to Againn and get allthe info on points you earned/used in the myaccount tab.
  9. 9. Answer:Forever. Who are we to take them back?You earned them!
  10. 10. Answer:Zero! Because it is so much fun when thisannoys our competitors.
  11. 11. Answer:You can pay for your orders using whateveroptions the retailer website provides. Most ofthe partners do not accept cheques, moneyorders, uncut gemstones, or goodwill.
  12. 12. Answer:No. You cant have it all. You have to share withthe other boys and girls. Gosh! some people…
  13. 13. Answer:Nope! We are never taking any money from you,just giving you the privilege to pay less.
  14. 14. Answer:That raises another question, do you want morediscount? Because Againn discounts would neveraffect your existing offers, and anyway, there isnothing like enough discount, the more the better!Feel free to use Againn over and above your othercoupons and points.
  15. 15. Answer:Holy crap, yes. We are not going to jail for you. Thatbeing said, privacy is a serious issue. We do not storemuch information other that your phone numbers andan account of your points. We will make an officialpromise once we get a lawyer, money, and probablyguns - since we provide Againn for free, we dont haveany of these as of now.
  16. 16. Answer:While coming up with names, we wanted to give out a messagethat this service will make people visit again n again. Add to itthe fact that we wanted to include something like profit, gain orsafe. We wanted something creative, something ingeniouslygenuine, saucy but voguish, vivid and intuitive. After cogitatingfor hours together, we concluded that this is all beyond us.Againn meets our requirements as a matter of fact. Anotheroption was ‘Score’. Our best friends vouched way too much for‘Score’ and suggested we call our campaigns “Score Here!”.We knew those wicked scamps should never be trusted.
  17. 17. Answer:When you have a start-up, you get to choosecolours, we like yellow so yellow it is.
  18. 18. Answer:Yes, they copied our idea 2 years before our launch.Anyway, next time you see their office, throw a stoneat it and run away. Well give you 50 extra points forthis kind gesture .