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team work social media project


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K'n'B audit and plan

Published in: Technology, Business
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team work social media project

  1. 1. MN319 - E-MARKETING K`n`B Music Team WorkShane Gorey 10721023Sam Harte 10360509Mark Power 10372595Sofja Careva 69444076 30/4/12
  2. 2. Page |1 IntroductionK`n`B Music are a small music store located in the centre of Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Uponmeeting with the management of K’n’B Music, a general consensus was felt that although e-marketing attempts had been made, in relation to today’s society, they were in fact minimal.This paper will explain the aspects of e-marketing under several headings. It will look at thebusiness and present ways in which their current e-marketing strategies can be improved aswell as exploring new avenues. Website / BlogOverall, the website is convenient to use, however it makes a static and passive impressionthat doesn’t socially engage with the public. At first glance, the site looks dated and notmaintained which may increase the bounce rate.It is suggested that website owners should redesign their website on regular basis byrenewing the content and adding new features. The K’n’B website sticks to a simple designand is updated once or twice a year by a member of staff. This suggests that K’n’B are notimplementing proper e-marketing practices on a regular basis leaving room for improvement. Search Engine OptimisationNo matter of an organisations expenditure on marketing and advertising campaigns, the vastmajority of consumers will first resort to Google and other search engines to search theirneeds online. Once search engine results appear, the user may be inclined to overlook thesurrounding advertisements and instead look to the organic section focusing their attentionsolely on what Google tells them is the most relevant site to visit. In order to appear at the topof the list as many times as possible, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should beimplemented.Google (2010) suggests that the following aspects should be looked at to increase SEO:
  3. 3. Page |2 Title tag:  When a webpage appears in a search result, it will be the title tag that will be shown, having any words matching that of which were in the search appearing in bold. K`n`B Music have done this well by keeping the title clear, simple and descriptive while also adding their location. Meta tag:  The meta tag should be a brief description of what the web page offers. It should be informative and interesting. A different meta tag should be used to describe each web page of a site. K`n`B Music should refine their meta tag to be briefer, in order to include more key words. Structure of URLs:  K`n`B Music have user friendly URLs which will make it easier for “crawlers” to locate their page. Navigation:  Two site maps should be created, one for users and the other specifically for search engines. The site should be easily navigated from the home page to more specific pages, which K`n`B Music have done well. The use of breadcrumb links would enable users to go back and forth from pages easily. Quality:  The most important aspect of the page is to have good quality content. The keyword tool Google provide is useful to learn what the most common searches are. Although K`n`B Music’s website is to the point and accurate, it looks dated and needs to be updated on a regular basis as users will quickly bounce away from it if they do not perceive it to be of good quality. Images:  Short clear descriptions of all images should be used. The alt text should be filled out for all images. Heading tags:  Use heading tags sparingly throughout the page to highlight important aspects. Restrict crawling:  Certain pages might not be useful for users to view. These pages can be controlled as not to appear in search engine results. This is done by creating robots.txt files
  4. 4. Page |3 Mobile sites:  Googlebot`s might not find a mobile site so Google must be notified in order for the site to become search engine friendly. With the rapid increase of smart phones, K`n`B Music should consider creating a mobile version of their site. Social Media  Websites should also be linked with social media pages. This is free and is the fastest growing form of e-marketing. K`n`B Music have an active Facebook page. Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, as well as a YouTube channel would also improve their social media networks. Social MediaThe effects of social media in today’s modern society should not be underestimated. Whatstarted out with the intention of bringing communities together online are now some of themost influential places in many people’s lives. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin and Google provide organisations with the chance to engage with potential andcurrent customers in an informal manner. With 120 million members in 200 countries, it isvital that any modern organisation should be part of the professional social network that isLinkedIn (, 2012). Organisations are now trying to increase their social mediainfluence. Facebook Edgerank and on a wider basis, an organisation’s Klout score measuretheir digital presence and influence.K`n`B Music should also have a blog and a YouTube channel as they are very relevant to theindustry in which they operate. Influential people within the industry’s views, as well as theirown can be shared through these channels, increasing the range of their community all thewhile. Online AdvertisingWith regards to online advertising K`n`B Music are present on the golden pages With online media now being the dominant form, K`n`B Music could increasetheir ROI on advertising by focusing more online.
  5. 5. Page |4As the importance of social media has been mentioned, the first places K`n`B Music shouldlook at are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertisements. All are very user friendly, wherebudgets can be set and results easily analysed.They should also start using Google Adverts. This would mean when people search keywordssuch as music Maynooth, K`n`B will feature at the top of the page. The benefits of thisadvertisement are that businesses have to pay for each click only and their advertisementexpenses depend on their budget, there are no special requirements.If K`n`B Music feel like they are not capable of managing their online advertisements, it issuggested that some of the staff members would be trained in digital media and advertisementso they would not have to pay external agencies. There are a variety of online courses andfree Webinars readily available. Email MarketingCampaign:K’n’B Music should focus on the following e-mail marketing campaigns:  Acquisition: Enticing new customers to the store (, 2012).  Retention: Holding on to existing customers (, 2012).  Re-awakening campaign: With K’n’B’s 10 year anniversary approaching it seems like the right time to remind existing customers of K’n’B’s presence and perhaps attract new customers (, 2012).Objectives:Of course the ultimate aim of e-mail marketing is to increase revenue but however, e-mailmarketing is also a great tool for capturing data from existing and potential customers.Constant Contact offer social stats and are a great aid to e-mail marketers by allowing them“to better measure, track and understand their customers’ social e-mail behaviours” (VanGrove, 2010). K’n’B must alter their marketing campaigns in line with technology trends and
  6. 6. Page |5it is important to note that e-mail marketing and social media are becoming more and moreintertwined (Ostrow, A. 2011).Subject line:On receipt of an e-mail, the subject line is the first piece of material to be read by thereceiver. It should be personalised, relevant, and concise and should not appear to bedesperate to sell (, 2012).It is important to personalise e-mails and not to treat all customers the same. According toNirpaz (2012), a business should “check-in” with customers who were regulars, but whoappear to have lost interest in the business, while an “active customer” could be asked tocomplete a questionnaire.Effective tactics:The following tactics should be applied for a successful e-mail marketing campaign:  Be timely in sending e-mails by incorporating current events and pop cultures. When to send your e-mail can vary from database to database (Hernandez, 2011).  Use twitter and facebook to promote opt-in url’s, e.g, tweet: newsletter drops in 30 minutes. A link to the facebook and twitter pages should also be provided on the e- newsletter (Hernandez, 2011).  Ensure e-mails are readable on smart phones (Hernandez, 2011).  Only e-mail those who have given you permission to do so (Wasserman, 2011).  Analyse and compare the number of people who opened the e-mail (Wasserman, 2011). MeasurementThe management behind K’n’B would agree that they do not use measurement tools to theirfull potential when measuring the effects of their e-marketing campaign. These tools can helpK’n’B Music understand where their e-marketing strategies need improving and wherevisitors to their e-marketing bases are paying most attention.Google analytics is an example of a very useful tool that K’n’B Music could use to measurehow many people visit their website, daily, weekly, hourly or monthly.
  7. 7. Page |6The in-depth analysis provides three key metrics: 1. Pages per Visit: This is the number of pages a visitor visits when on, if their pages per visit are high this means that visitors have to search through different pages of the website and have gone beyond the home page (Peters, 2012). 2. Average Time on Site: Refers to the average time a person stays on and shows what pages visitors stayed on for longest or shortest (Peters, 2012). 3. Bounce Rate: This refers to the visitors who clicked into but subsequently clicked out again before searching deeper into the website. ( Peters, 2012)Facebook provides user insights and interaction insights which give K’n’B Music an in deptanalysis of page likes/unlikes, views, page activity, reviews and wall posts. Likewise, Twitterprovides services such as Hootsuite Dashboard portraying information on followers ofK’n’B’s twitter. ( 2012).YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (Hill, 2008). A YouTube channel allowsusers to explore videos broadcast and shared by K’n’B Music. Videos uploaded by K’n’Bwill be given a rating by users and the number of users who watched videos are measured byYouTube.Heat Maps give companies “a transparent overlay on a site that shows where traffic is comingfrom, basic analytics, a heat map of where people have moved their mouse or clicked, and avisualization of how far they’ve scrolled down the page” (Kessler, 2011). K’n’B will be ableto use this tool to see where visitors are clicking and moving their mouse icons on differentpages of the website, then they can decide if certain items need to be moved in order tobenefit visitors. E-Marketing Strategy
  8. 8. Page |7The platforms used for marketing and advertisement have changed at a rapid pace during thelast decade. In order to stay competitive, an organisation should implement an e-marketingstrategy. K`n`B Music currently have no formal strategy in (2012) suggest using their “10 C`s” in order to build a social media strategy.Context  Analyse where you and your competitors are in the marketConsumers  Identify who and where your target audience areCommunity  Develop a community of followers with common interestsConcepts  Generate ideas to attract attention to your businessCollaboration  Build and develop partnerships with customers, prospects and business partnersContent  Create sharable digital contentConnections  Grow your community using bought, owned and earned mediaConversation  Be consistent to your brand image through all conversationContagious  Encourage your branded content to be shared through other communitiesConversion
  9. 9. Page |8  Measure and analysis the ROI on social media Conclusion and RecommendationThis report has clearly displayed the importance of e-marketing in today’s businessenvironment. Upon looking at K`n`B Music’s e-marketing activity this report has shown howit is underutilized. The following recommendations are made to K`n`B Music. 1. Set up a structured e-marketing strategy following the “10 Cs” model 2. A new website should be created, linking all their social media sites. It should incorporate blogs and forums in order to interact with the consumers. 3. The social media pages which are now set up for K`n`B Music should be used on a daily basis. 4. Search engine optimization must be implemented to increase traffic. 5. Focusing on online advertising through Google advertisements and social media sites will improve ROI on advertising. 6. In order to analyse the results of all changes made, measurements of all activities should be looked at and analysed on a regular basis.
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