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Mn319 assignment 2_social_media_report_team_319 (1)

  1. 1. MN319: E-Marketing – Assignment 2 Team 319Social Media Report for: Adam Byrne: 10716097Phoenix Restaurant Alan Clarke: 10729401North Campus James Gavin: 10727689NUI Maynooth Jie Lu: 10110020 Monday 30th April 2012 0
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction .......................................................................................................... 1.Social Media ....................................................................................................... .1.Website / Blog ...................................................................................................... 3.Online Advertising ............................................................................................. 11.Email Marketing ................................................................................................ 12.Search Engine Optmisation................................................................................ 12.Measurement ...................................................................................................... 13.Conclusion and Recommendations .................................................................... 14.Appendices ........................................................................................................ 15.
  3. 3. IntroductionFor the purposes of this assignment, our team approached the ‘Phoenix Restaurant’ (referredto as ‘Phoenix’ hereafter) which is located on the North Campus of NUI Maynooth. Therestaurant is operated by Compass Group, a global foodservice company and has been opensince September 2011. However, despite the large potential customer base on-campus(approximately 10,000 students, plus teaching and support staff) our team surmised that thesocial media and e-marketing activity of the restaurant could be characterised as very lowprior to the commencement of this project.The General Manager of Phoenix is Linda Brophy and she was very enthusiastic and keen toassist our team with carrying out this project once permission had been secured at thecorporate level to proceed. Linda informed us that Phoenix did not have a Facebook orLinkedIn Page, and although the restaurant did have a Twitter Account, activity andengagement with the target market was low (56 Followers / 38 Tweets from 10th October2011 to 28th February 2012). Social MediaOur team met with Linda on 5th of April and presented her with a plan (see Appendix 2) for acomplete overhaul of the business’s social media / e-marketing strategy. We proposed thatthe following accounts should be established for Phoenix. 1. Gmail Account – – for authorization of other social media accounts and to allow all administrators to share emails and documents for the duration of the project. 2. Facebook Page – – (to be also integrated with a verified Facebook Place). 3. Twitter Account (new) –!/phoenix_dining – to replace the existing, under-utilized profile. 4. WordPress Blog – – (with Gravatar). 5. LinkedIn Account (later postponed because parent company Compass Group have their own LinkedIn business page and we could not arrange to set up a separate page for Phoenix Restaurant alone). 1
  4. 4. These accounts were set up between the 5th and 6th of April and our team began to fill in thecontent necessary to attract fans and followers before going live on the 7th of April.We quickly gathered a lot of followers (see Appendix 1) and devised various strategies toencourage students to become Fans and Followers of Facebook and Twitter respectively:  Breakfast and Lunch Menus for the restaurant are released daily through Facebook Notes (automatically connected to our Twitter Feed). We have been experimenting with different times of the day to release the menus. The best response in terms of Likes and ReTweets is the early morning rather than the day before.  Competition 1 to suggest the best filling for a Breakfast Roll is complete and the winner has been rewarded with restaurant vouchers (see below).  Competition 2 is ongoing: when the number of Twitter Followers reaches 500 (current number is 480), all Followers will be entered into a competition to win €50 worth of restaurant vouchers.  Questions: Linda provided a list of questions to ask Facebook Fans and the Questions Option was used on the 20th of April to ask customers “Which Hot Pot of the Day did you like most last week”  Many photos were added to the Facebook Photo Albums over the last month and those people who appeared in photos were asked to tag themselves and their friends to draw interest to the site.  On a personal level, those customers who expressed a preference for certain dishes (e. g. ‘mac n’ cheese’) were personally tweeted when what they liked was on the menu (see below). 2
  5. 5.  A QR code was configured to allow those restaurant patrons who use smartphones to quickly navigate to the Phoenix Facebook Page (see below). Phoenix Restaurant QR Code  Classmates and other students were asked to Share the Facebook Page on their own wall and this brought in many followers. Website / BlogAs per the assignment instructions, 5 blog posts were written in relation to the PhoenixRestaurant and the topics chosen by our team were as follows: 1. Brief history of the accident which destroyed the previous on-site building and led to the development of the new Phoenix Restaurant. 2. A corporate profile of Compass Group Global (Phoenix’ parent company). 3. A student’s experience of the food on offer at Phoenix Restaurant. 4. The Phoenix Restaurant launches its Social Media Platform. 5. A description of the Management Staff at Phoenix Restaurant.The five blog posts follow below: 3
  6. 6. 1. Phoenix Risen From The AshesIt was Benjamin Franklin who once said that “out of adversity comes opportunity” and thiswas certainly true at NUI Maynooth. In the case of the University this adversity took placeon the 28th of November 2008, when extensive damage was caused by a fire in the studentsrestaurant of its North Campus (see picture below). The fire service was alerted at 11.27amon that morning and four units from Leixlip and Maynooth fire services were sent to thescene. There were several thousand secondary school students on the campus at that time foran open day and they stood with staff and under-graduates in shock and disbelief, as therestaurant was destroyed.The easy option for the management at Maynooth would have been to rebuild/restore theoriginal building to its former glory; life would return to normal, status quo would berestored. To their credit the management decided to take this opportunity to transform theexisting site. They decided that the new restaurant, which would be named the “Phoenix”,would rise just like the mythical creature, from its own ashes and live on for years to come.The Phoenix Restaurant, as pictured above, was the finished product delivered after two yearsof hard work. The building is a wonderful example of modern architecture, with its state ofthe art facilities, which has won the approval of all the students and staff at the university. Asfor the prospective students who were there on the day of the fire, well, they returned in largenumbers to attend the university. 4
  7. 7. Maynooth had the largest number of college applications for 2012 which is a vote of approval for a management team, who, when faced with adversity used the opportunity to instigate change and became all the stronger for doing so. 2. Compass Group PLC The Phoenix Restaurant @ NUI Maynooth is owned and operated by Compass Group PLC – one of the largest contract food service companies in the world.Headquartered in the UK, Compass has operations in more than 50 countries worldwide andemploys some 470,000 people as of 2012. With an impressive 90 of the Fortune 100companies listed as their clients, Compass has established itself as a world-class provider ofquality breakfasts, lunches and dinners to a diverse array of customers, including officeworkers, college students, senior living communities, sports enthusiasts and even employeesof remote mining camps and offshore facilities.Compass’ operations are not simply limited to the provision of tasty and affordable meals;their ultimate goal is to meet the dietary requirements of their customers on a case-by-casebasis. For example, their corporate based services are aimed at “refreshing tired minds andrefuelling the productivity of people at work” while their educational based services areaimed at “helping boost the concentration of young minds at school and college”. It is thisunique emphasis on meeting the specific nutritional needs of their diverse customer base thathas helped distinguish Compass from it closest competitors. 5
  8. 8. While Compass may serve approximately 4 billion customers per annum, the wide variety of food offerings available in the Phoenix Restaurant (ranging from a full Irish breakfast to Italian style pizzas) are emblematic of the company’s desire to provide students with as much choice as possible. With tailor-made menus created by award-winning chefs and ingredients sourced directly from suppliers, it is little wonder that more and more organizations are choosing to outsource their food services to Compass.Given Compass’ proven record of meeting the highest health, safety and environmentalstandards, it also comes as little surprise that more and more organizations are nowdepending on the company to provide a range of support services such as cleaning, logisticsand transport, security and building maintenance.Despite the global economic downturn, Compass Group’s long-term objective of deliveringvalue for its shareholders and customers looks certain to continue through the growth-focuseddevelopment of their existing expertise within the food industry and the expansion of theirinternational support service capabilities. 6
  9. 9. 3. Eating at Phoenix Restaurant Phoenix Restaurant provides very different food from where I come from in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. First they have a global kitchen which has a fast-food style menu. They serve fresh roast chicken and spicy chicken burger; spicy bean burger with hot spicy chicken wings, which I found to be very nice indeed. I did not have to spend much money to buy this food which will help me with my expenses. The average price for these food types are 2 to 3 euro. If you like pizza you can have that as well. You can also have very tasty side food to match your main dish. These side foods include buttered corn on the cob and spicy wedges, coleslaw and spicy mayo and so on. These side orders are not expensive and for a spend of just 1-2 euro you can have one to add to your lunch. Some people might not like fast food. They might want a more substantial meal and so Phoenix Restaurant can also satisfy their request. Firstly, they offer very nutritious soup, tomato and basil soup and healthy vegetable herb soup. You can also have chilli con carne or sundried tomato and basil pasta bake for your main dish. It will just cost you 5 euro. They also provide a “special of the day” such as baked potato; baked beans and chilli beef. If you buy some rice and spend an extra 50 cents you can have some curry as well.Phoenix Restaurant provides very different foodfrom my home college but it does cater formajority of students needs. They might wish toinclude more Asian food in future, which wouldmake me very happy. To be a Chinese student inMaynooth is a great experience for me and I amenjoying this change in diet thanks to thePhoenix Restaurant. 7
  10. 10. 4. Phoenix launches its Social Media PlatformThe management at the Phoenix restaurant have launched their Web 2.0 applications platformwhich will greatly enhance their marketing and communications relationship with the staffand students at NUI Maynooth. Students can now access the Phoenix’s homepage by clicking on the Facebook logo opposite. Students and staff are invited to upload photos and comments and to have fun generally interacting with the site. So click on the logo and let’sbecome friends. Also check-in on the site each day as menus and specials will be updateddaily. Don’t forget to check-in while you are at the restaurant - who knows you may win aspecial voucher if your number comes up?The Twitter logo at the top of the page brings you to our Twitter Feed, so why notclick on that link and let’s follow each other. The Phoenix will be tweeting special offers anddiscounts from time to time to its friends and followers so don’t miss out.For a more comprehensive view, of who we are, and what we are about why not join us overon WordPress. New articles and guest publications from students and staff will be publishedon a regular basis, so why not contact us when you are feeling creative and wouldlike to share some experience? Our WordPress site can be accessed by clicking onthe WordPress link here. Why not drop one of your articles (250 words) into usand let’s see if we can make you famous! 8
  11. 11. 5. The Management at Phoenix RestaurantLinda Brophy is the General Manager at thePhoenix Restaurant. Linda started her career in thecatering industry as a Chef, attending DIT, CathalBrugha Street to study Professional Cookery for 3years.After qualifying she worked in various restaurantsaround the country which involved “long hours,split shifts and no life” before settling intoindustrial catering. Linda started working forCompass Catering in 1999 as a Chef and soon fellinto a Supervisor’s role. It was from here that shebecame interested in Management and slowlymoved up the ladder to her current position asGeneral Manager. Linda has now been working with Compass Group Ireland for 13 years; 12 years in the corporate giant, Microsoft and the past year here at NUI Maynooth. She has thoroughly enjoyed the working experience on-campus and the following statement sums it up in her own words: “Life in Maynooth has been great, very different to the corporate world that I have been involved with for so long, but so much fun. The students are young, energetic and full of life. We are adapting everyday here to make sure we can give them the best food and service at competitive prices. Our first year on campus has gone well, but we still have lots to give. Watch out for next year’s new additions to the Phoenix. It will only get better!” Anna Szyszkowska is Linda’s “right hand woman” at Phoenix in the role of Assistant Manager. Anna moved from Poland to Ireland in September 2004 at the age of 18 and “from day one” she was working in the catering industry. As she recalls, she tried “every angle” in the business including cheffing, waitressing and bar work. In January 2006 she started working with Compass Group as a Supervisor, also at their Microsoft operation in Sandyford 9
  12. 12. and subsequently got promoted to Assistant Manager under Linda who was the GeneralManager there at the time. In 2005, Anna enrolled at DIT, Cathal Brugha Street on a 3 year part-time BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She graduated in 2008 with a distinction and a student excellence award. Anna left Compass Group just after graduating college and worked as an Assistant Manager in Tenors Grill Room in Donnybrook (now closed). She remained there until January 2011 but then decided to go back to industrial catering because (in her own words) “the long hours and weekends in the restaurant were starting to bother” [her].She returned to Compass as a supervisor of a small cafe situated at the Four Courts in CentralDublin, the Friary Cafe. In September 2011, she found an internal vacancy advertisement fora position at the Phoenix and decided to go for it because it was an opportunity to work withLinda again.Anna is “very happy with the job” because she is “learning an awful lot”. She thinks that“every client base is different, the courts were very interesting” [but] “the college iscompletely different again so it keeps my job entertaining”. Anna Szyszkowska busy working on the tills at Phoenix Restaurant 10
  13. 13. Aside from Linda and Anna there are no other management staff on-site at Phoenix.The other staff include:  Head Chef – Andrew Fitzgerald.  Second Chef – Alan Kelleher.  Other Chefs – Anton, Ryan & Denise (and they also serve the food at lunch time).In Linda’s words “These guys prepare all the food and treats on offer from the Phoenix”.At Phoenix we can also find on duty:  Jana – the beautiful Coffee Barrista in the Costa Cafe.  Anne Marie and Catherine – the till operators who greet customers every day.  Joan, Adelaide & Donal – the servers who, according to Linda, “might give you an extra scoop of chips if you are nice to them”.  Daire & John – who keep the kitchen clean and the plates stocked up. They are not seen but are “crucial to the operation”.In summary there is a total of 13 staff employed at Phoenix, expertly managed by Linda andAnna, providing an excellent array of services to the restaurant’s patrons. Online AdvertisingOur team decided to commence a short Facebook Advert campaign entitled ‘PhoenixRestaurant’ which is funded from our own pockets and defined by the following targetingparameters:  This advert targets 7,960 users.  Who live in Ireland.  Between the ages of 18 and 30 inclusive.  Who like #National University of Ireland, Maynooth or #St Patricks College, Maynooth.  Who are not already connected to Phoenix Restaurant, NUI Maynooth. 11
  14. 14. The campaign is due to run for seven days (inclusive) from April 28th to May 4th 2012 and adaily budget maximum of £1.00 GPB has been allowed.The advert ‘Bid’ (price per click – or CPC) has been set at £0.24 meaning that, on average,four successful clicks per days should ‘max out’ the allowed daily budget. Email MarketingOur team approached the Computer Centre at the University to enquire about sending a one-time mail-shot to all the students in the University informing them of the new social mediaplatforms that Phoenix Restaurant is operating on. From here we were directed to theRegistrar’s Office where we were informed that it was unlikely that such a mail-shot wouldbe permitted in light of the University’s policies on commercial promotion of businesses.However, in the past, companies providing services in the environs of the University havebeen allowed to send occasional mails (e. g. Kavanagh’s bus service) therefore we willsuggest to Linda Brophy that she communicates with the Registrar’s Office to arrange a mail-shot in the near future. When the Registrar’s Office were refusing our initial approach, theysuggested to us that we “put up a few posters instead”, which is perhaps indicative of somepeople’s misunderstandings and false perceptions of the power of social media marketing. Search Engine OptimisationThe Phoenix Restaurant operates solely on the North Campus at NUI Maynooth and as suchis primarily concerned with attracting custom from the student and staff populations at theUniversity. The business is unlikely to attract clientele to the restaurant from outside theimmediate area of the campus due to considerations of distance and on-site parking. In thiscontext it is debatable as to how much impact and / or relevance the use of search enginessuch as Google or Yahoo would have in relation to Phoenix.Our team were of the opinion that customised Facebook Adverts would be a more effectivemethod of attracting potential diners from the target market to the restaurant (see OnlineAdvertising section above). Therefore the use of the pay-per-click Google AdWords servicewas considered inappropriate at this juncture. 12
  15. 15. A Google Search for the term ‘phoenix restaurant’ yielded “About 173,000,000 results” in“(0.27 seconds)” with the firm who built the restaurant (MDY Construction) coming in at 9thplace with their site ( documenting the building workthey did on-site.Management explained to us that Phoenix hopes to attract other organisations from beyondthe university to hold events (e. g. banquets, corporate parties etc.) at the venue in the future.At such a time, the use of Google and other search engines may become more important anddemand an increased investment in time and money. This kind of development wouldnecessitate further consultation with the management of Phoenix on an on-going basis.The establishment of a Facebook Page, active Twitter Account and a WordPress blog withregular (and tagged) posts should help to push Phoenix up the Google rankings.Phoenix has also been set up at Google Places ( and Lindahas been informed to expect a validation postcard in approximately two weeks, with a PINcode which she may enter on the site to ensure that the Google Place for Phoenix goes live. MeasurementThe following tools were used to measure the impact of the Phoenix Restaurant social mediacampaign:  Facebook Insights  Facebook Adverts  Crowdbooster  A Microsoft Excel graph was also kept to reflect the daily increases in Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers (see Appendix 1)  Google Analytics was not available for the Facebook Page or the blog (this would have to be migrated to its own server and accessed through to be eligible at some point in the future).  WordPress Stats 13
  16. 16. Conclusion and RecommendationsAt the beginning of the project it was agreed with Linda Brophy that all accounts andpasswords would be handed over to her on the 4th of May.Linda was advised of 6 possible options for the future management of Phoenix’ social mediaresources, namely: 1. Termination of all activity (not advised). 2. Neglect (also not advised). 3. Handover to another group of students who would continue the maintenance for free (difficult to find). 4. In-house management of the resources – this would depend on whether Linda could afford to assign a member of staff (part-time?) to these duties. Also, Facebook, Twitter etc. would have to be unblocked on the restaurant’s computers as they are currently restricted. 5. Employment of a professional social media agency to continue with the work – this option could be expensive as some agencies will charge up to €2,000 for creating of a Facebook Page alone. 6. Continuation of the social media management with the team of students who completed this assignment.Naturally our team would prefer if Linda chose option 6. We have promised to send her aquotation for services which she can consider over the summer break and decide upon beforeSeptember.Whoever is tasked with the management of Phoenix’ services may continue to forge itsInternet imprint using all of the tools and methods documented above (for example invitingGuest Bloggers to contribute to the WordPress site regularly) and many others besides whichmay not have even been invented yet but are sure to appear on the cyber-landscape in themonths and years to come. These powerful tools are a vital resource for businesses in the 21 stcentury and those organizations that neglect them do so at their peril 14
  17. 17. APPENDIX ONESocial Media Activity – Phoenix Restaurant 15
  18. 18. APPENDIX TWO Agenda for meeting on 5th April 2012 Phoenix Restaurant Social Media CampaignMeeting: 5th April 2012 - 10am.Setup: 1. Facebook Business Page. 2. Facebook Places Page linked to Facebook Business Page (needs iPhone setup). 3. Twitter Account with Twitter Feed. 4. LinkedIn Profile. 5. WordPress Blog. 6. Measures 1 - 5 (above) to be automatically linked to one another. 7. Gmail email address with Google Documents access. 8. QT code 9. Identify administrators (Adam, James, Alan, Jie, Linda, other Compass staff?).Required: 1. Attractive & memorable username / handle for all platforms (e. g. facebook/com/phoenixmaynooth & & etc. 2. Possible username / handle a. phoenixmaynooth b. phoenixrestaurantmaynooth c. phoenixnuim d. other suggestions from Linda? 3. Logo (from current promotional material?) 4. Photographs (from current promotional material?) 5. Daily menus with special offers / promotions etc. 6. Opening hours (for Facebook Business Page etc.) 7. Staff profiles (or at least manager profiles?)Deliverables: 1. As per assignment brief document - assignment report to module lecturers at end date. 2. Review of current social media strategy (non-existent?) 3. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress etc. setup with QT code embedded 16
  19. 19. 4.3 x WordPress blog entries 5.Target number of Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter ‘Followers’ & LinkedIn ‘Connections’ 6.Daily update of all social media platforms with menus, special offers, events, etc. 7.Analysis of social media ‘footfall’ using available tools: Google Analytics & Facebook Insights. Report of this information back to all relevant parties including module lecturers.Handover - 4th May 2012 (options): 1. Terminate (close pages) - not advised 2. Neglect - not advised 3. Other students to continue work (for no charge) - difficult 4. Engage Phoenix admin staff to take over work - schedule & budget allowing? 5. Pay current administrator to continue work 6. Pay new social media firm to take over work - expensive?On this date review identity & access privileges of all administrators. Remove privileges & changespasswords as appropriate.Questions: 1. What is the history of the Phoenix Restaurant? 2. What exactly is available for purchase in the Phoenix Restaurant? 3. How far in advance do you know your daily menus? 4. When (what time daily?) can you email them to gmail address so they can be transferred to the Facebook page? 5. What other services / amenities are available to patrons of the restaurant? 6. How many (and which?) photographs do you wish to place on the Facebook Business Page? 7. Do you wish to allow customers to place comments & photographs on the Facebook Business Page 8. What promotional literature do you have available that we can incorporate into our work? 9. Other questions?Preliminary Work: 1. Adam to set up & configure Facebook Business Page connected to Twitter, LinkedIn & WordPress, but profiles to remain hidden (or unpublished) until they are suitable for public access upon Linda’s approval. 2. Alan to liaise with Linda re: photography. He will be responsible for taking new photographs if required. 3. James to supervise the compilation of menus / food / product lists (with Linda) prior to going ‘live’ with social media campaign. 4. Set a preliminary date for going ‘live’. 5. Other work necessary? Thanks! 17
  20. 20. APPENDIX THREE Diary of work (shared in Google Docs) Completed & on-going work for Phoenix Restaurant social mediaThursday 5th April 10. Set up gmail account - 11. Set up Facebook profile - Phoenix Maynooth to allow access to new Facebook Business Page - Phoenix Restaurant 12. Added Adam Byrne, Phoenix Maynooth, Linda Brophy, James Gavin and Alan Clarke as administrators on Phoenix Restaurant Business Page 13. Removed Adam Byrne as administrator to avoid confusion (he is already administrator of other pages). 14. Adam Byrne now accesses Phoenix Restaurant Page only through Phoenix Maynooth profile 15. Set up Twitter profile for Phoenix Restaurant (phoenix_dining : phoenix.dining was not acceptable to Twitter) 16. Linked Twitter account to both Phoenix Maynooth profile and Phoenix Restaurant Business page 17. Carried out test Tweets and Facebook Post between all profiles 18. Tried to set up LinkedIn account, could not due to compass email protocol issue (to be discussed with Linda) 19. 2 Likes (Adam Byrne and Phoenix Maynooth)Friday 6th April 8. Phoenix Restaurant Business Page allowed to go live for testing but not publicised as yet 9. Generated QR code and placed on Twitter and Facebook pages 10. Received Phoenix Restaurant promotional material by post from Linda and reviewed 11. 4 Likes in totalSaturday 7th April 8. Set up WordPress blog - (phoenix.dining was not accepted) 9. Added heading photograph to WordPress blog - this is temporary - need a better photograph 10. Need to complete tag line and ‘About You’ section to WordPress blog (should be similar to About / Description section on Facebook page) - confer with Linda 11. Linked WordPress blog to Phoenix Restaurant Twitter account AND to Facebook Business Page 12. Set up folders for different social media in gmail account 13. Set up Gravatar account with linked photograph of Phoenix Restaurant 14. Talk to Linda about setting up Questions on Facebook Page with poll (voting) options 15. Applied for ‘Pinterest’ account 16. 17 Facebook Likes 18
  21. 21. 17. 15 Twitter FollowersSunday 8th April 7. Created Pinterest account and added photos 8. 19 Facebook Likes 9. 49 Twitter FollowersMonday 9th April 10. Ask Linda to deactivate existing Twitter account 11. 21 Facebook Likes 12. 69 Twitter FollowersTuesday 10th April 6. Went to Phoenix Restaurant and attempted to integrate new Facebook Place with Facebook Page 7. Map already integrated through merge of first attempt at Facebook Place 8. Need Linda to authorize for second attempt at Facebook Place 9. Added Cover to Facebook Page 10. Liked other local businesses (e. g. University itself to stimulate return likes) 11. Have followed over 1,000 Twitter users to stimulate return followers - return rate is approximately 10% 12. Edited Basic Information page - check with Linda 13. 64 Facebook Likes 14. 143 Twitter FollowersWednesday 11th April 1. 71 Facebook Likes 2. 215 Twitter FollowersThursday 12th April 1. 72 Facebook Likes 2. 248 Twitter Followers 3. Reached limit of following 2,000 on Twitter (targeted Maynooth students to build back following)Friday 13th April 1. 76 Facebook Likes 2. 273 Twitter Followers 19
  22. 22. Saturday 14th April 1. 77 Facebook Likes 2. 290 Twitter FollowersSunday 15th April 1. 79 Facebook Likes 2. 307 Twitter FollowersMonday 16th April 1. Menus put up for Monday and Tuesday 2. 81 Facebook Likes 3. 324 Twitter Followers# 4. Suggest to Linda about giving a food voucher to 100th person to LIKE Facebook PageTuesday 17th April 1. Menu posted for Wednesday 2. 82 Facebook Likes 3. 336 Twitter FollowersWednesday 18th April 1. Menu posted for Thursday 2. 84 Facebook Likes 3. 344 Twitter Followers 4. Edit Bio section on Profile section of Twitter -should be similar to About section on FacebookThursday 19th April 1. Menu posted for Friday 2. 86 Facebook Likes 3. 350 Twitter FollowersFriday 20th April 1. 89 Facebook Likes 2. 364 Twitter Followers 3. Updated About, Description, Public Transport and Culinary Team sections on Facebook Page. 4. Updated Twitter Bio section. 5. Set up Facebook questions on Facebook page and asked “Which Hot Pot of the Day did you like most last week?” 6. Added new photos to Facebook Albums. 7. Signed up for foursquare. Need to link it to Facebook Page through mobile phone app. 20
  23. 23. Saturday 21st April 1. 90 Facebook Likes 2. 371 Twitter FollowersSunday 22nd April 1. 92 Facebook Likes 2. 375 Twitter Followers 3. Menu posted for MondayMonday 23rd April 1. 95 Facebook Likes 2. 378 Twitter Followers 3. Menu posted for Tuesday.Tuesday 24th April 1. 95 Facebook Likes 2. 390 Twitter Followers 3. Menu posted for Wednesday.Wednesday 25th April 1. 96 Facebook Likes 2. 401 Twitter Followers 3. Menu posted for Thursday.Thursday 26th April 1. 97 Facebook Likes 2. 409 Twitter FollowersFriday 27th April 1. 98 Facebook Likes 2. 424 Twitter Followers 3. Breakfast and Lunch Menus posted for Friday. 4. Set up Crowdbooster Account.Saturday 28th April 1. Menu posted for Saturday (University Open Day). 2. 103 Facebook Likes 3. 434 Twitter Followers 4. Created Facebook Advert Campaign for Phoenix Restaurant to run for 7 days. Bid price - 0.24 per click (CPC). Maximum daily budget - £1.00 (approximately 4 clicks per day). 5. Set up Google Places for Phoenix Restaurant - Linda will receive a postcard in 2 / 3 weeks with validation instructions. 6. Added new inside and outside photos to Facebook Albums. 21
  24. 24. Sunday 29th April 1. 105 Facebook Likes 2. 445 Twitter Followers 3. Facebook Advert Campaign for Phoenix Restaurant received 6 clicks which converted to 2 LIKES at a cost of £1.23. 4. 2 posts added to WordPress blog.Monday 30th April 1. 108 Facebook Likes 2. 459 Twitter FollowersTuesday 1st May 1. 114 Facebook Likes 2. 467 Twitter FollowersWednesday 2nd May 1. 124 Facebook Likes 2. 471 Twitter FollowersThursday 3rd May 1. 127 Facebook Likes 2. 480 Twitter Followers 22