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Complete Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Clinic in Liverpool - Nu Hair Clinic


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Now don't be afraid of hair loss or baldness, Nu Hair Clinic uses all advanced technologies to bring fast and effective results to their patients. Please visit:

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Complete Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Clinic in Liverpool - Nu Hair Clinic

  1. 1. The Trusted Name for Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Solution - Nu Hair Clinic If you are facing any difficulty with your hair then you must be in search of a clinic that can bring those beautiful tresses back to your scalp, which have gone angry with you. In the entire United Kingdom, there is only one clinic who knows the best hair transplant treatment, and that is us, the Nu Hair Clinic. It is a perfect hair loss and hair transplant clinic in Liverpool. Whether you live in Liverpool or London, or even if your house is in Manchester or Newcastle, we are situated in almost every important city of the United Kingdom. Even Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham are also not excluded from our list. Our prime concern is to reach most of those who are in need of a professional assistance for their problem with hair.
  2. 2. Complete Hair Solution for Men and Women Whether you are a man or a woman, baldness, thinning of hair and broadening of the forehead have become common problems. This is because people have been living under so much of stress. Stress is taking away your hair and this is giving you more stress! But, all this will now come to an end. We, at the Nu Hair Clinic, know how to go to the roots of your hair and find out whether it is your gene or your hormonal imbalance that is causing you such torment.
  3. 3. Hair Transplant is an Effective way to Get Back Your Hair Which You have Lost Hair Loss is a very common problem among with both and women, due to excessive loss of hair people looks older. It also leads to partial or complete baldness. Again hair thinning is also a very big problem which should be taken care of fast as could lead to immense losing of hair. Nu Hair Clinic at UK specializes in hair transplant and hair loss solutions for men and women in Liverpool, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. For more details please click:
  4. 4. NU Hair Clinic - Facial Hair Transplant for Men and Women In our face, eyebrows plays an important role in our looks, more there are loss of hair from eyebrows, more we look older. Again for men moustache, beard etc., hair plays an important role on the overall look. NU Hair Clinic located at UK Liverpool have experts who takes care of Facial hair transplant of men and women and their Expert doctors and Consultants are experienced in this sector for long and has solved lots of critical hair loss problems.
  5. 5. Become a charming young man again with our hair transplant treatments in Liverpool! The growing importance of hair transplant treatment Gradual thinning of hair and ugly baldness in most of the middle aged and even young men is a very severe problem that men are facing. It is also a major cause of the self confidence reduction and mental depressions. With our Nu Hair clinic in Liverpool, such problems can be deleted readily within a very short time. Our expertise in hair transplant for men in Liverpool is increasing our customer base day by day. We provide flawless services at very affordable rates. Please visit :
  6. 6. How is it accomplished? Our hair transplant surgeons are the most qualified and experienced people in this field. They ensure proper pre operative and post operative settings with the clients for making it a perfect treatment process. Hair transplant can be done in two ways. One is called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. The other one is called Follicular Unit Strip or only Strip. The basic concept involves the extraction of hair follicles from the hairy regions of the scalp and grafting them on to the barren areas at predetermines density patterns to make the hair growth look realistic. In FUE, the unit hair follicles are extracted in small punches and in Strip method, a linear scalp skin bearing series of hair follicles is taken using scalpel. In both cases local anesthesia is required to numb the pain. A similar surgical method is used in case of facial hair transplant for men. At our clinic in Liverpool we apply this treatment for men who have inadequate beard development or irregular facial hair growth patterns. Please visit : transplant-liverpool-best-treatment-clinic-doctor/
  7. 7. Hair Transplant for Men is a Unique Solution for Baldness Hair transplant for men is gaining strong grounds of popularity all around the globe for its perfect results that are desired by all bald men on earth. It’s a surgical method executed by experienced surgeons to graft hair follicles on the empty scalp. After the treatment, there are almost no signs of the surgery. Nobody can make out that your lush hair vegetation has been planted artificially. For more details please visit :
  8. 8. How is This Hair Transplant Done? The surgeon simply picks up hair follicles from the more hairy parts of the scalp or any other body part by applying local anaesthesia. Then these follicles are planted in a predetermined pattern and density over the bald areas of the scalp. This can be done by using the Follicular Unit extraction method (FUE) where individual follicles are picked up in small units sized from 0.6mm- 1mm. These are then grafted on the required zone. Another method applied for hair transplant is the Follicular unit strip or simply strip. Unlike FUE this method involves grafting of a strip of skin extracted from the hairy zone of the scalp containing a series of follicles. This surgery leaves a small linear scar at the donor site. In case of FUE there is no sign of residual scars.
  9. 9. Men are getting back their lost youth in Liverpool with it’s the hair transplant magic! The need for Hair Transplant A very common problem observed in most of the middle aged men and even some of the young men are the ugly baldness in the middle of the scalp. This makes them look far more aged than what they are. It is also a major cause of insecurity and lack of self confidence in men. The most effective way to cover up this problem is resorting to the hair transplant treatments. Our Nu Hair clinic has gathered sky limits of popularity in performing hair transplant for men in Liverpool. We have the best surgeons in the world that have executed such treatments several times with 100% success.
  10. 10. The process at a glance Hair transplant is a very speculative surgical process that not only requires sound technical knowledge but perfect sense of beauty. Our surgeons take the pain to give a pre operative sitting to the patients to know about their general health conditions and lifestyle habits. The patients are normally suggested to stop consuming any medicines, cigarettes or alcohol for the success of the surgery. The hair transplant process can be executed in two ways, namely, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Strip methods. In FUE the surgeon extracts small punches with diameter ranging from 0.6mm to 1mm from the hairy scalp regions. Each punch contains 1-4 hair follicular units. These are then grafted in the bald areas at predetermined density patterns using fine needles and local anesthesia. The strip method is similar but here a linear strip of skin containing the hair follicles is extracted and grafted as the previous process. The results are seen only after 9-12 months after the newly grafted hair follicles are accepted by the surrounding tissues. Similar surgical methods are used in facial hair transplant for men in our clinic.