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Nuform Building Technologies in the Caribbean Islands.

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Caribbean presentation

  1. 1. TM Nuform Building Technologies Inc. in the Caribbean Islands
  2. 2. TM What is CONFORM™? Patented Concrete Wall Formwork (CWF) Components interconnect together to create a finished concrete wall Rigid polymer components that serve as concrete formwork for: – bearing walls – non bearing walls – shear walls – retaining walls – foundation walls
  3. 3. TM Wall Types CF4 100 mm 4” wall CF6 CF8 150 mm 6” wall 200 mm 8” wall CF8i 200 mm 8” insulated wall
  4. 4. TM Concrete Reinforcing Bar Polymer Shell Service Channel CF6 (150mm-6” Wall) ANATOMY OF A CONFORM™ WALL
  5. 5. TM Materials Walls built with CONFORM™ are comprised of three materials: Concrete, CONFORM™ polymer components & Steel reinforcing bars – Concrete comprises more than 90% (by mass and volume) of the walls. – The polymer is a rigid PVC based composite material used in the manufacture of the hollow CONFORM™ components – Steel reinforcing bars are added when required for structural strength and deflection control of the concrete walls
  6. 6. TM Building Code RequirementsStructural Local Building Codes or Design Standards will specify the structural load conditions, load values and load combinations that must be considered in the design of walls. Axial Loads, Flexural Moments, Shear Loads and other design factors must be considered. Buildings can be designed to suit dead loads, live loads, wind loads, seismic loads etc. Refer to our Engineering Guide v1.0 for more information.
  7. 7. TM Colour Choices Tan White
  8. 8. TM Cost Competitive CONFORM™ is cost competitive with quality concrete block construction “Quality” concrete block construction is – Built to code – Built by a qualified contractor – Paint or finishing on exterior surface – Paint, or Fiberglass coated interior surface
  9. 9. TM The CONFORM™ Advantage Integrated building technology Solid concrete technology -“Built tough built to last!” Easy to design using our CFD (Conform Design) tool bars for AutoCAD Unparalleled finishing flexibility-Stucco, Drywall, Brick or Stone Fast-track construction increase bottom line
  10. 10. TM Integrated Building Technology Maintenance-free walls that will not leak or rot, is resistant to UV degradation and to mold/mildew growth Not vulnerable to termites and other pests CONFORM™ is an integrated building system, it incorporates the insulation/air/vapor barrier within the wall envelope Since the concrete and steel is encased in a PVC skin it is protected from spalling & the salt spray and air
  11. 11. TM The only solution that is: Corrosion Resistant Durable Easy to Clean Requires Minimal Maintenance Constructs Quickly
  12. 12. TM Corrosion Resistant Unlike traditional construction materials, CONFORM™ forming components are made from an engineered polymer composite that does not Corrode, Peel, Chip or Stain, and is Resistant to Mold & Mildew
  13. 13. TM Constructs Quickly Every project is custom made in our factory All components are pre-cut and labeled for easy on site assembly Less skilled labor required on site Cleaner overall work site
  14. 14. TM CONFORM™ is a GREEN Eco-Friendly Building Product 85% recycled content pre- and post-consumer Contributes to LEED credits Energy efficient building envelopes Does not require painting Low maintenance costs Product is recyclable Innovative & patented
  15. 15. TM CARIBBEAN TESTED NUFORM™ in Sint Maarten Projects Built in Sint Maarten since 1995 24 Custom Residences (100m2-500m2) 18 Townhouses 2 Plazas 5 Schools 2 Food Centres 1 Airport Control Tower Endured 5 hurricanes without damage • • • • 1995 1995 1996 1998 Luis Marilyn Bertha George
  16. 16. TM Ocean Point Villas-Grand Cayman Islands Survives Hurricane Michelle (2001) with Sustained Wind Speeds of 143 mph
  17. 17. TM Low-Rise Residential-Cayman Islands
  18. 18. TM Mid-Rise Residential-Cayman Islands
  19. 19. TM Mid-Rise Residential-Turks & Caicos
  20. 20. TM Lionel Connor School-Cold Bay Saint Maarten Phase-1 Built 1999
  21. 21. TM St. Peters School-St. Peters Saint Maarten-Built 1998
  22. 22. TM Martin Luther King Jr. School-Dutch Quarter Saint Maarten-Built 1996
  23. 23. TM St. John’s Townhouses Complex-St. John’s Saint Maarten-Built 1997
  24. 24. TM Dawn Beach Town Houses-Dawn Beach Saint Maarten-Built 1997
  25. 25. TM Airport Control Tower Saint Maarten-Built 2003
  26. 26. TM Retaining Wall Simpson’s Bay-Saint Maarten Built 2003
  27. 27. TM Ocean View Terrace Custom Residence Saint Maarten-Built 2007
  28. 28. TM Ocean View Terrace Custom Residence Built 2007
  29. 29. TM Bureau Building Saint Maarten-Built 2003
  30. 30. TM Palm Plaza Simpson’s Bay Phase-1 Built 1999 Phase-2 Built 2000
  31. 31. TM Custom Residential Turks & Caicos
  32. 32. TM Custom Residential Turks & Caicos
  33. 33. TM Custom Residential Jamaica
  34. 34. TM Blue Beyond & Real Resorts Jamaica
  35. 35. TM Residential Antigua
  36. 36. TM Residential Antigua
  37. 37. TM South Coast Horizon Resort Antigua
  38. 38. TM Marriott Resort & Casino St. Kitts
  39. 39. TM Marriott Resort & Casino St. Kitts
  40. 40. TM Marriott Resort & Casino St. Kitts
  41. 41. TM Marriott Resort & Casino St. Kitts
  42. 42. TM Marriott Resort & Casino St. Kitts
  43. 43. TM Our Global Clientele
  44. 44. TM For additional information visit our website or contact us 905.652.0001 NUFORM, CONFORM, RELINE, RENU and the N logo are trademarks of Nuform Building Technologies Inc.