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Music video plot


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Music video plot

  1. 1. Music video plot The kill
  2. 2. • The girl is stalking the boy as she is obsessed with him. She lets the obsession get the better of her then ends up killing his girlfriend as she just wants to be his girlfriend. At the end of the prep project video, the stalker walks towards the boy in an enclosed corner and we are wanting to follow on from our prep project for our music video.
  3. 3. We are going to carry straight on from it. Fromthe prep project, people would have the stalkerwas going to kill the boy actor however we’rewanting to change it. We are going to have thefirst shot of the stalker going to kiss the boyactor in the opening of the song, then when theverse comes in, the boy pushes her away andwalks off.
  4. 4. After he walks off, he receives a phone call fromhis girlfriends mother, who informs him that shehas been killed by *insert name* who is theboys stalker. In the first chorus, the boy actorwill be sitting down, having flashbacks with himand his girlfriend. He gets upset about it andstarts debating whether to go and avenge her,however his self conscience stops him.. For now.The song is about fighting with yourself, this iswhy we are putting this in because it links withthe lyrics.
  5. 5. He eventually lets his bad side get to him. In theverse when Jared Leto screams “This is who I reallyam!”, that’s when the boy actor kills his stalker.There will be a cut in the music right there and itwill jump into the music recording studio. We willhave a short dialogue scene because the lightsoutside will turn on and off. The boy will play a partin the band and he’ll run out of the studio, leavingthe other band members startled.
  6. 6. The guitarist of the band will go out into thecorridor since the lights are working again, thecorridor will be empty and he’ll be standingthere. Then the lights will go off, then go backon and the boy will be standing behind him. Hewill kill the guitarist because his self consciencehas got to him and it has turned him into apsychotic killer. The music will kick back in andthe lead singer will be getting chased by the boyactor. A slow motion shot will be used here.
  7. 7. The lead singer will sing the last chorus behind aclosed door, this will be good because it willdenote that he is blocking out his selfconscience; he has control of himself unlike theboy. At the end of the song, the boy will breakdown the door and run towards the lead singer,then it will cut.
  8. 8. We are looking forward to get to the recordingprogress as we both have a set idea in our mindsof how we want to carry out the story. I believethat it will work out very well.