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  1. 1. UK4 United EuroLib Book Presentation Kingdom Book No UK4 Country UK Name of Book The Gruffalo Name of Book (EN) The Gruffalo Author m/f Julia Donaldson, f Illustrator m/f Alex Scheffler, m Published MACMILLAN 2000 Language English No of Pages 27 Cost in Euro 6.66 € Story summary A mouse walks in a forest and could become dinner for the other animals, but he survives thanks to a brilliant strategy. Review A mouse is walking in a deep dark forest and the other, larger animals, want to eat him. How can he survive?nYou will see that he is very, very smart: he tells all the animals that he meets that he has an appointment with a hungry Gruffalo, right where they are now talking. The mouse describes the Gruffalo as a huge terrifying beast, extremely frightening. The mouse describes the Gruffalo so well that the animals believe that such a creature exists and run away. So the mouse continues to walk happily in the forest. But what happens when he actually does meet the Gruffalo? Ha, ha...the mouse is a genius.... About the author Julia Donaldson is one of today's most popular writers. Although she is best- known for her picture books, Julia also writes longer novels, plays and songs. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Axel Scheffler has achieved worldwide acclaim for his children’s book illustrations, and his books have been translated into over twenty languages. Born in Germany, Axel now lives in London. Subject Fiction Subject How intelligence can be stronger than physical strength. description
  2. 2. ES5 Spain EuroLib Book Description Book No ES5 Country Spain Name of Book La banda de Name of Book (EN) Vilacendoi’s band Vilancendoi Author m/f Xulio Gayoso, m Illustrator m/f Xulio Gayoso, m Published Ediciones Language Spanish Kalandraka 2006 No of Pages 48 Cost in Euro 12.00 € Story summary The music band of Villacendoi, a small village in the countryside, was the backbone, the strength and the glue that held the village together. Review Vilacendoi is a small village in the countryside and the local band has always been the unifying force of the community. But over time people leave the beautiful village to move to the cities resulting in disappearance of the band. But then new people move in, from all over the world, with different ideas and customs. They look different, peculiar, but soon Vilacendoi is alive again, the same as it was before, full of life and happiness. And the band is playing again. About the author Xulio Gayoso from Lugo, 1954. Is professor of drawing in the education center of Cambados (Pontevedra). Although the illustration is his preferred field, he has also made paintings, ceramics and illustrations for magazines. Subject Fiction Subject Racism, integration, nature, society values, cultural diversity description
  3. 3. IT1 Italy EuroLib Book Presentation Book No IT1 Country Italy Name of Book Pinocchio Name of Book (EN) Pinocchio Author m/f Roberto Piumini, m Illustrator m/f Lucia Salemi,f Published Edizioni EL 2009 Language Italian No of Pages 32 Cost in Euro 9.90 € Story summary The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi originally appeared in 1887 and is the story of a wooden puppet that dreams of becoming a real boy. This is a simplified version of the classic story. Review Once upon a time, in a small Italian village, there was a poor carpenter whose name was Geppetto. One day he found a beautiful piece of wood, and decided to make a wooden puppet. “I will call It Pinocchio” he said, working away. “It will be a puppet that will jump, and speak!”. And so it was! When completed Pinocchio came to life. Pinocchio begins his life and goes through many emotions, disappointment, love, amusement, lies and till he finds the truth and learns not to lie. He has many adventures with diverse characters such as Mangiafuoco, The cat and the fox, The whale, the cricket - who is his conscience - and The beautiful fairy. But will the fairy make his dream come true... becoming a real boy? About the author and illustrator Roberto Piumini was born in 1947. He lives in Milan and Tuscany in Italy. He has been a teacher, conductor, actor. From 1978 he has written poems, fairy tales, stories, novels, songs and plays, translations and subjects for cartoons and film, both for children and adults. He still produces shows of fairy tales with poetry and music, for children and adults. Many of his books have been translated. Lucia Salemi was born in Bologna in 1968, her father is the painter Michele Salemi. She has been illustrating children's books for eight years. She lives near Bologna with her husband and her daughter Benedetta. Subject Fiction - Classic Subject Clear explanation of the meaning of life specifically addressing description who we are and why we’re here.
  4. 4. CZ1 Czech EuroLib Book Presentation Republic Book No CZ1 Country Czech Republic Name of Book Jak krtek uzdravil Name of Book (EN) How the Mole Myšku cured the Mouse Author m/f Hana Doskočilová, Illustrator m/f Zdeněk Miler, m f Published Albatros 1993 Language Czech No of Pages 87 Cost in Euro 8.80 € Story summary There is nothing better than having a friend and the Mole has one, the Mouse. But one day the Mouse falls ill. Her friend sets out on a long journey across all the world to find her medicine. Review The Mole lives in a deep forest and his best friend is a little grey Mouse. But one day the Mouse doesn´t come to play, because she is ill. The Mole asks for advice from wise Owl, the forest doctor, who says that the best medicine is Matricaria chamomilla. But where does this plant with such a strange name grow? Nobody in the forest know and the Mole set out on a long journey to find it and cure his friend. On his the journey around the world he meets different animals and visits many places. Do you want to know where he finally finds the medicine? Read the book to find out what is Matricaria chamomila and cure the Mouse! About the author and illustrator Hana Doskočilová (Jihlava, 1936), is one of the most popular Czech authors for children amd their parents. Zdeněk Miler (Kladno, 1921), is a Czech animator and illustrator best known for his Mole character and its adventures. Miler made about 70 films for children and in approximately 50 of them, the hero is his most famous creation, the small Mole (Krtek in Czech) and his animal friends. Subject Fiction - Local classic Subject description Power of friendship, being unselfish, learning about other cultures and lifestyles
  5. 5. FI1 Finland EuroLib Book Presentation Book No FI1 Country Finland Name of Book Tatun ja Patun Name of Book (EN) Tatu and Patu’s Suomi Finland Author m/f Aino Havukainen (f), Illustrator m/f Aino Havukainen, f, Sami Toivonen (m) Sami Toivonen, m Published Otava 2007 Language Finnish No of Pages 47 Cost in Euro 23,30 € Story summary Brothers Tatu and Patu are alien children. They set out to explore Finland and its culture. In their own funny way they explore the country looking at its nature, history and culture and turn up lots of fascinating information. Review Brothers Tatu and Patu are from Outola (Weirdworld) and are curious about a country called Finland. First the brothers explore its animals and nature, then they look into Finnish history. They start from the very first people who lived in Finland after the Ice Age and continue right up to the 21st century. The brothers also investigate strange and wonderful Finnish inventions, food and habits, like saunas, rye bread and spending midsummer in a cottage. They are introduced to famous and important Finnish people, including Santa Claus and also ordinary Finnish families that live in flats in the town. In fact, Tatu and Patu visit an ordinary Finnish family and get to know the everyday life of a Finnish family. Tatu and Patu complete their exploration of Finland with the decision that it has been a great success, so much so that they feel that they are almost Finnish themselves. About the authors Aino Havukainen (born 1968) and Sami Toivonen (born 1971) are a couple who work together as children’s book writers, illustrators and graphic designers. With the book Tatu and Patu’s Finland, they won the Finland Junior-prize in 2007. Tatu and Patu books have been sold internationally in 10 countries. The couple currently lives in Sastamala and they have taken part in Kirjaset, which is an event that revolves around children’s and youth literature. Kirjaset is held in Sastamala once a year and the aim is to encourage children and youth to read and write. Subject Historical, fiction Subject Cultural knowledge, getting to know other cultures and description lifestyles, humour, culture specific information about nature, animals, people and habits
  6. 6. TR 4 Turkey EuroLib Book Presentation Book No TR4 Country Turkey Name of Book Nasreddin Hoca Name of Book Jokes from Nasreddin Fıkraları: Ağaçtan öte (EN) Hodja; there is a way yol var ahead the tree Author m/f Anonymous (Prepared Illustrator m/f Sinem Zenginçelebi, f by Gamze Alıcı, f Publisher Timaş 2008 Language Turkish No od Pages 31 Cost in Euro 1.50 € Story summary There are actually three Nasreddin Hodja stories told one after another. In the first story, Nasreddin Hodja helps people find a way to save a man from drowning. In the second story, children want to play a trick to Hodja and take his shoes away, but Hodja realises their trick and tells the children a witty answer. In the last story, Hodja falls off the roof, but he still makes people laugh with his witty words. Review As Hodja is walking with his donkey, Karakaçan, he sees some people trying to save a man from drowning. They tell the man to give his hand. But the man refuses to give his hand. Hodja intervenes in saying “He never likes giving. Tell him to grab your hand”. At the end, they manage to save the man. Then, Hodja meets some children. They want to play a trick on Hodja. They are planning to take Hodja’s shoes away when he takes his shoes off to climb up a tree. But Hodja realises the children’s trick and attempts to climb up the tree with his shoes put in his pockets saying “Maybe, I can find a way ahead of the tree”. In the final story, when Hodja falls off while trying to repair the roof, he asks the crowd to find a man who has fallen off a roof before as only that person can understand his pain. About the hero The people in Turkey are very familiar with the jokes and stories of Nasreddin Hodja. They are part of the Turkish culture. The whole thing began with a man called Nasreddin Hodja who has lived in central Turkey, in a small town called Aksehir in the 13th century. He was a man with great humor, he was very clever and had an answer to almost all the problems and the dilemmas of his time. The jokes were part of his daily life and even today, about 600 years after, people in Turkey still laugh and think about his tricks, common sense, anecdotes and ingeniousness. His wellknown image is riding his donkey in a reversed way which symbolises seeing things from different perspectives. Subject Fiction Subject Culture, selfishness, empathy. description