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Magic jack

  1. 1. HOW MUCH DO YOU PAY EACH THE MAGICJACK & MAGICJACK PLUS .MONTH FOR YOUR PHONE SERVICE?Times are tough these days.Let the MAGICJACK OR MAGICJACKMAGICJACK PLUS HELP Use with Computer OnlyYOU!! First year of service is FREE! Pay your phone bill ONCE AThese 2 devices are AMAZING. FREE Local and Long Distance YEAR, instead of monthly!!You get the same communication services FREE U.S. Phone Number - or transferplus a whole lot more. GUARANTEED! your current phone number. NO more monthly FEES,NO MORE MONTHLY PHONE BILLS!!! MAGICJACK PLUS NO more SURCHARGES Use with or without Computer First year of service is FREE! THINK ABOUT THE MONEY • SENIOR CITIZENS YOU CAN SAVE EACH FREE Local and Long Distance • COLLEGE STUDENTS FREE U.S. Phone Number - or transfer MONTH !!!!!! • LOW INCOME your current phone number • FIXED INCOME • BUSINESS MEN • FREE LOCAL AND LONG U.S. PHONE NUMBER • STARTING A NEW BUSINESS Use the FREE NUMBER FINDER to DISTANCE . • TEENAGERS search our list of available area codes • HOME BUSINESS and city prefixes. The last four will be • FREE CALLER ID. • JUST NEED AN EXTRA LINE assigned automatically and then you can assign your new phone number to any active subscription in your account. To • FREE CALLAre you a TRAVELER? No more HOTEL add a U.S. number, you will be charged charges! a ONE time fee of $10.00. • FREE VOICE MAIL.You will NEVER MISS a call even if your U.S. VANITY NUMBERcomputer is turned off. Use the FREE VANITY NUMBER FINDER to search for the phone number • FREE DIRECTORYUse your EMAIL ADDRESS to retrieve your of your choice. You can enter numbers ASSISTANCE.missed calls AND YOUR MESSAGES. or letters to search for an easy to •30 Day FREE Trial. remember, personalized number of your choice. Each Vanity Number you have FREE PHONE NUMBER has an annual fee of $10.00, plus theTry it before you BUY initial ONE time fee of $10.00. • PLUS A LOT MORE !!!it!!! Offer will expire.
  2. 2. • If you move, you never Never Pay a have to change your Be tr Monthly Phone Bill phone number. Your Again.!!! MAGICJACK phone number stays with you forever. Remember Local and Long Distance is FREE.• Your MAGICJACK phone number is HURRY ORDER NOW !!! UNLISTED. No more annoying phone calls Prepaid Credit Professionals Review from companies trying Prepaid Credit Professionals purchased this device, and put it to the test. They found that to sell you something. the device is clearly all that it says it is AND MORE. No extra charge to be UNLISTED. 1). One of the tests is that Prepaid Credit Professionals took a cordless phone, a laptop, the MAGICJACK device, and went to a McDonald’s parking lot. While in the car Prepaid Credit Professionals plugged the cordless phone into an electrical adapter, took the laptop• MAGICJACK APP for and connected to the WIFI that McDonald’s offer, and from the inside of the car they were iPhone, iPad, iPod able to make phone calls. GUARANTEED!!! touch, DOWNLOAD IS 2). Another test that was performed was they took the MAGICJACK device, and plugged FREE into another computer, there was no download process like there was when the device was downloaded on the original laptop. And sure enough they were able to make phone• MAGICJACK was calls from that laptop as well as the original laptop. PRODUCT OF THE 3).Prepaid Credit Professionals found that when they took the original laptop that the YEAR IN 2011, AND device was original downloaded on, and left the MAGICJACK device in the second laptop, MAGICJACK PLUS IS along with the phone connected to the internet, Prepaid Credit Professionals were able to PRODUCT OF THE retrieve any phone calls that came in, by going to their EMAIL ADDRESS. YEAR 2012 Prepaid Credit Professionals were so pleased with the MAGICJACK, THEY WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY PHONE CARRIER AGAIN. Paying once a year compared to every• All you need is the month, and being able to do some things that your regular phone carrier cannot provide. internet, and a phone, can be used with or YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE MAGICJACK GET THE INSIDE without a computer. SCOOP GO TO: WWW.PREPAIDCREDITPROFESSION ALS.COM