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THE AFRICAN MANGO                           THE NEW DIET SUPPLEMENTThe African Mango – The new diet supplement, scientific...
In the January 2012 issue of, “First Women Magazine”, there was an article written that stated on arecent episode of, “Dr....
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The African Mango - The New Supplement Diet


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mThe African Mango has been clinically proven to help with weight loss, lower cholesterol,increase metabolism,give you energy,helps you sleep better,lowers blood glucose levels,raises good cholesterol, has a high fiber content. This supplement is being featured all over television, magazines,internet ads, and has become popular with Hollywood celebrities.

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The African Mango - The New Supplement Diet

  1. 1. THE AFRICAN MANGO THE NEW DIET SUPPLEMENTThe African Mango – The new diet supplement, scientifically named "Irvingia Gabonensis", has recentlyconquered the billion-dollar weight loss industry. This natural ingredient derived from a mango grown inthe African rainforests is being featured all over television, magazines, internet ads, and have becomepopular with Hollywood celebrities to jump start their weight loss programs, and maintain their bodiesgood shapes.Dr. Julius Oben PhD., associate professor at the University of Yaoudne in Cameroon had done a studyback in 2009, where it was proven that it is possible to lose weight with the African Mango ExtractSupplement.There were 40 male subjects involved in this study. 28 of these were given Irvingia Gabonensis, whilethe remaining 12 were given a simple placebo. (A placebo is just an empty pill or a sugar pill.) It doesntdo anything at all, and is used to help compare the effect of Irvingia. The study lasted about 4 weeks. Atthe end of the study, it was obvious that, on average, the 28 men who had been given IrvingiaGabonensis had lost significantly more weight than those who werent given Irvingia. Another study was done at the University where one group was given the dikka Seeds, (which are theseeds from the African Mango Fruit ) and another group was given oat bran placebo. Within 2 weeks, itwas found that the group that took the dikka seeds lost more weight than the group that receivedplacebo.With other research studies performed, it was found that the African Mango Supplement is a good fat-burner, a natural appetite suppressant, can lower cholesterol levels, increases metabolism and energy;plus induce better night sleep, which can help decrease fatigue and stress. The African Mango also hasthe ability to lower blood glucose levels and raise good cholesterol levels. The African Mango is alsoknown to have the highest fiber content, which can be used as a laxative and can aid in wasteelimination of the body.
  2. 2. In the January 2012 issue of, “First Women Magazine”, there was an article written that stated on arecent episode of, “Dr. Oz”, called out the, “Irvingia Gabonensis”. In the magazine article it was statedthat that the African Mango could help women over the age of 40 to lose weight. Two studies citied onDoctor revealed that subjects who supplemented with African Mango lost up to 10 lbs. In thereal world – women had reported that they lost 11 lbs. in 7 days.In the Health and Disease Lipids Journal; researchers discovered that the extract from the African Mangoreduces the action of a gene (PPAR – gamma) that recognizes as the, “master regulator”, of fat cellgrowth. And in doing so the African Mango enhances the activity of a hormone called,” Leptin”.The Leptin hormone controls food intake and energy expenditure by activating receptors in the brain’shypo thalamus. The hormone Leptin plays a crucial role in controlling appetite and optimizingmetabolism.The U.S. media has shown many benefits of the African Mango when taking as directed can help youlose weight, clean your colon, lower your cholesterol, decrease fatigue, stress, help you sleep better,lower blood glucose levels, rich in anti-oxidant content that can also prevent the increase of freeradicals in the body, which are responsible for the dreaded diseases such as cancer, and much more.The African Mango capsules is extracted from natural ingredients, there are no side effects, like rapidheart rate, nausea, and dizziness, because it is all natural. Unlike other chemical based diet pills that areknown to have stimulants.Taken daily with a good healthy diet and exercise program you can finally achieve the slimmer body youhave always wanted. Feel healthier, live healthier, and lose weight. Interested in more information or would like to try The African Mango Supplement go to : Hold Ctrl + Click on image or on website address. Once you get there Click on the banner and place order! *Remember with any diet regiment, whether it’s a diet pill, exercise program consult your doctor, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*