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Hispanic Cheese Makers Brochure 2018


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Hispanic Cheese Makers brochure 2018

Information about Hispanic Cheese Maker018

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Hispanic Cheese Makers Brochure 2018

  1. 1. PrivateLabel&Co-Packing HispanicCheeseManufacturer
  2. 2. Our clients know us as a trusted and knowledgeable Hispanic cheese/dairy private label manufacturer because of our state of the art SQF Level 3 certified plant and experience as former owners of Nuestro Queso - The award-winning Hispanic cheese brand. The Highest Quality & Most Extensive Hispanic Cheese And Creams Products Portfolio With Superior Levels Of Service, Flexibility And Innovation OurValueProposition WhatDifferentiatesUs Quality Milk Extensive assortment that is regionally relevant High Quality State of the Art Manufacturing Innovation Flexibility We Invest for the Future In-house Shredding and Grating Continuous Improvement SQF 3 Certified Plant
  3. 3. ChampionshipHispanicCheese WeHaveWon15CheeseIndustryMedalsInJust5Years,JustImagineWhatWeCanDoForYou Award-Winning Cheeses: Oaxaca Ball, Oaxaca Strips, Para Fundir, Fresco, Panela, Para Freir, Fresco Enchilado, Blanco, and Cotija. TheMostExtensive HispanicCheese&CreamAssortment The Largest Selection Of Hispanic Cheeses Available LÍNEA MEXICANA Mexican Line LÍNEA CARIBEÑA Caribbean Line LÍNEA CENTROAMERICANA Central American Line HISPANIC DENSITY IN AMERICA Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates. The product you decide to carry matters... Carry the cheeses & creams from the region of Latin America that your shopper demands. We are master Latin American Cheesemakers We can make all the top cheeses from: • Mexico • Central America • Caribbean WeMeetAllYourRegionalHispanicCheeseNeeds Our Private Label Brands Have a Track Record of Success Competing vs Regional Brands LÍNEA MEXICANA Mexican Line LÍNEA CARIBEÑA Caribbean LineLÍNEA CENTROAMERICANA Central American Line
  4. 4. Our plant is a world class dairy SQF Level 3 (food safety) certified manufacturing facility for branded, co-packing, and private label products. SQF is a global food safety initiative program, it is the gold standard for food safety from farm to fork. “The SQF Level 3 certification reaffirms our status as a safe and trusted dairy manufacturer”. - CEO, Mark Braun. SQF CERTIFICATION FOOD SAFETY • USDA Certified: Achieved high satisfactory score • Compliance with 3rd party audits • High safety standards: (OSHA approved) • AIB audit approved • Certified by Silliker • Illinois Department of Public Health Inspected • Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestro Queso) also completed Silliker good manufacturing and food safety systems audit with a 97.6% score and the AIB Third Party Audit. Hispanis Cheese Makers formerly Nuestro Queso adheres to the highest standards to ensure your product quality and safety. We rely on the expertise of our quality assurance lab with experienced technicians and specialists. SQF 3.0 (Food Safety) Certified Now SQF Level 3.0 Certified. Preventive Approach Monitor product in process to prevent quality issues. Food Safety Culture All plant personnel is trained on written food safety and hazard analysis plans (HACCP plan), pest control and sanitation. Continuing Guarantee Compliant to FDA acts and California rules Established Quality KPIs Quality First Pass: Make it ready to sell the first time. Cleaning Effectiveness Verification: Ensures cleanliness of plant equipment. Environmental Program Monitoring of equipment and floor for bacteria. Hygiene Program Ensures workers follow strict hygiene measures to avoid product contamination. Positive Release Program Ensures that all products clear pathogen testing before release. Food Defense & Security Program Prevents unauthorized people to access product and transportation to protect finished product from contamination. Good Manufacturing Practices Program Utilizes best practices for manufacturing to prevent food contamination. QualityAssuranceProcess We Have High Quality Assurance Standards Safe&TrustedSupplier Trusted Co-Packer And Private Label Supplier To Top Brands
  5. 5. TypeofPackagingandFormats A Wide Array Of Packaging Options To Meet Your Diverse Cheese And Dairy Product Needs Printed Film Bags Clear Bags Multivac Cryovac Loaf Wheel Squares Rounds Bucket Wedge Cups Sticks Jars Cream Bags Tubs Quarter Ball Coil OUR PACKAGING Total Plant Space 75K square feet. Warehouse New Warehouse. State of the Art Production Equipment • Automated de-wheying belt system. • Closed vat systems. • Automated salting systems. • Extensive grade A automated/computer controlled ingredient blending system complete with large batch tanks, shear pumps, heating & melting systems and complete refrigeration to cool production batch vats. Cheese Making Details Matter • New refrigerated milk and whey silos. • Blast cooling. • UV & HEPPA environmental air handling and conditioning. Packaging Innovation • Multivac roll stock machinery, cryovac packaging equipment, steam tunnel, automatic labelers, cooker, stretcher, advanced metal detection and Ricotta steam injected vats. In House= Lower Cost + Less Risk • Shredding on-site. • Grating on-site. Quality Assurance • Full quality control team and in house lab. • Intense Environmental Testing. WorldClassCheeseManufacturingCapabilities Well Established, Well Funded And It Can Grow With You Snack Bites Shredded Strips Snack Cubes Coil Crumbles WeHelpOurClientsWinWithInnovation Convenience, Familiarity, And Premium-ness To Attract A Wider Base Of Customers
  6. 6. Address 725 Kent Road Kent, IL 61044 Toll Free 1 (877) 794-2525 QUESADILLASTYLE Multivac 12/10 oz Round Multivac 8/2 lb Loaf Multivac 2/5 lb Loaf Multivac 6/6 lb Loaf Cryovac 12/10 oz Round Shredded 18/7 oz Clear Bag Shredded 12/16 oz Clear Bag Shredded 4/5 lb Clear Bag Shredded 18/7 oz Printed Bag Shredded 6/32 oz Printed Bag OAXACA Multivac12/12 oz Ball Cryovac 12/8 oz Ball Cryovac 12/10 oz Ball Cryovac 12/12 oz Ball Cryovac 8/3 lb Ball Cryovac 4/5 lb Ball Cryovac 12/12 oz Strips Strips 16/8 oz Clear Bag Strips 4/5 lb Clear Bag Strips 1/40 lb Clear Bag Strips 8/24 oz Printed Bag *Snack Sticks 3 Pack 48/3-Packs Printed Bag *Snack Sticks 28 Pack 12/28-Packs Printed Bag *Bites 8 oz Clear Bag *Bites 16 oz Clear Bag *Cryovac 120/4 oz Coil *Cryovac 12/10 oz Coil FRESCO Multivac 12/10 oz Round Multivac 12/12 oz Round Multivac 12/15 oz Round Multivac 8/20 oz Round Multivac 6/2 lb Loaf Multivac 2/5 lb Loaf Cryovac 12/10 oz Round Cryovac 2/5 lb Wheel Cryovac 2/8 lb Wheel Baby Bucket 10 lb *Crumble 8 oz Cup *Crumble 16 oz Cup *Crumble 2 lb Bag *Spread 9 oz *Multivac 4 oz Round PANELA Multivac 12/10 oz Round Multivac 12/12 oz Round Cryovac 12/10 oz Round Cryovac 12/12 oz Round Cryovac 2/3 lb Wheel Cryovac 2/5 lb Wheel Basket 8/24 oz COTIJA Cryovac 12/10 oz Wedge Cryovac 12/12 oz Wedge Cryovac 4/10 lb Block Cryovac 1/40 lb(64 count) Wedges Grated 6/8 oz Clear Bag Grated 12/16 oz Clear Bag Grated 4/5 lb Clear Bag Grated 18/7 oz Printed Bag Grated 12/16 oz Printed Bag Grated 12/5 oz Clear Cup *Cryovac 2/5 lb Loaf Cheese Lines MEXICAN 12/16 oz White Tub 6/24 oz White Tub 12/16 oz Deli Clear Tub 24/14 oz Bag 12/30 oz Bag 12/16 oz Clear Jar 12/30 oz Clear Jar 1/32 lb Bucket CENTRALAMERICAN* *Available in Salvadoreña, Hondureña, and Guatemalteca 12/16 oz White Tub 6/24 oz White Tub 12/16 oz Deli Clear Tub 24/14 oz Bag 12/30 oz Bag 12/16 oz Clear Jar 12/30 oz Clear Jar 1/32 lb Bucket Sour Cream Lines PARAFREIR Multivac 16/8 oz Square Multivac 12/10 oz Square Multivac 16/16 oz Square Multivac 8/2 lb Loaf Multivac 2/5 lb Loaf Cryovac 12/10 oz Square *Cubes 2 lb Clear Bag *Shredded 16 oz Bag BLANCO Multivac 16/8 oz Square Multivac 12/10 oz Square Multivac 12/12 oz Square Multivac 16/16 oz Square Multivac 8/2 lb Loaf Multivac 6/5 lb Loaf Cryovac 10 oz Square COLOMBIANO Multivac 12/10 oz Round Multivac 8/2 lb Loaf CENTRALAMERICAN Duro Seco 12/8 oz Square Duro Seco 12/16 oz Square Duro Blando 12/16 oz Square Duro Blando 12/8 oz Trocitos Centro Americano 8/14 oz Trozos Acerrín Grated 18/7 oz Clear Bag OTHERCHEESES Requeson 4/5 lb Bucket *Indicates This Is An Innovation Item In Our Pipeline