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All Metal(Iron, Die-Casted, Bronze, Steel and Aluminum) valves for Fire Extinguishers and fire fighting equipments/installations/machinery/furnishments will be replaced with Plastics(Engineering Plastics, such are MC Nylon, Nylon 6, Acetyle, and Nylon 66 including, but not limited to "Reny" of Mitstubish or "Polyamide 66" of Rhodia).

As All metals are more expensive and much more heavier than plastics(even Engineering Plastics), all valves for "Fire Extinguishers" in this world, including but not limited to "Sprinkler", Fittings and Couplings in the fire industry in the world will be replaced with plastic(EP, Engineering Plastic) in a few years.

Kffc(Korea Fire Fighting Corporation) has the international patents(pending) on this Plastic Valves for Fire Extinguisher and
following Products for Fire Fighting Industries;
1. Nude Fire Extinguisher(Polycarbonate Cylinder)
2. Plastic Sprikler
3. Plastic Sprikler Head
4. Plastic Fire Hose Coupling
5. Plastic Fire Hose Fittings
6. Polycarbonate Fire Hose Container Cover(Not, Acryl)
7. Polycarbonate Cover for Exterior Air Conditioner to prevent
heated air from Air Conditioner to blow directly to passengers
8. Plastic Emergency Keys(now metal edges or knife) for Automobiles
9. PolycarbonateHanging "Automatic Diffusion Fire Extinguisher"
under the ceilings or on the walls
10. Advertisement Sign Board in the shape of Round or Rectangular in Polycarbonate Plastic with LED lights inside and Gas(Halon or HDFC-123 Hydor Gas) to become "Automatic Diffusion Fire Extinguisher" in case of Fires nearby
11. Electric Bulb with Fire Extinguisher inside, with Polycarbonate Bulb or Globe as outside Pressure Container or Cylinder, LED lights as lighting sources and Fire Extinguishing Agents of Halon, HDFC-123 Gas or some other chemicals as fire
extinguishing chemical agents).
12. All Polycarbonate Pressure Containing Cans, Bottles and Sprays for Perfumes, Hair Tonics, Spray types of Fire Extinguishers and so on)

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  1. 1. Profile, 프로필 Photos & Video Bookmarks Korea Fire Fighting Corporation 大韓 消防 公社
  2. 2. 국제 특허 제품 (Polycarbonate) 1. Nude Fire Extinguisher 2. 재 충전용 부탄 가스 통 3. LPG Cylinder(소형 및 대형) 4. Plastic Valves 5. 플라스틱 Sprinklers 6. Nude Butane Gas Cans 7. LED Bulb with 消火器 8. Polycarbonate 휘발유/디젤 연료 탱크 9. 기타 압력 내장 용기 약 10가지등등
  3. 3. Polycarbonate 기술 특성 - 내열 온도 -60 ~ + 145도 - 인장 강도 65 Mpa - 충격 강도 650 kgf/cm2 - 가격 : 4,000원/kg(알갱이) - 특징 : 투명/Nude - 화학적 특성 : 부탄 등에 優秀 - 자외선 차단 - 대표 제품 : 일반 생수 물통15L
  4. 4. Nude Fire Extinguisher, 누드 소화기 제품에 대한 영문 설명(조선 댄장에게는 안판다) Polycarbonate Cylinder(Bottle Shape) contains the abc Dry Chemical Powder(Nh4h2Po4 with Silicone Oil coated) or West Chemicals, Foam (AFFF or other Liquids), containing the Pressure inside about10 Kgf/cm2 Nitrogen(N2) gas. 1. Sizes : Normally, 3.0Kgs(3.75L), 2.0Kgs, 1.0kgs, 4.0Kgs, 20Kgs 2. Fire Suppression Chemical Materials : abc Dry Powder or Wet 3. Valves : Engineering Plastic(Not Metals) 4. Colors : Normally, Hot Pink, Transparent, Nude, Visible inside 5. Shapes : Normally, Plain Cylinder type, but Venus type optional 6. Gross Weights : Plus 1.3 times on the each Sizes 7. Patent Pending for this Plastic, Polycarbonate Cylinder & Valve 8. Remarks : No Pressure gauges or No Nose Hoses upto 4.0Kgs without Carton Box, 9. Packing : Clear Wrap Packing without any Carton Box with MultiHolder Grip
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