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Non Power Uses of Nuclear Energy


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Non-power applications of nuclear energy refer to its uses for applications other than electric power generation. By harnessing radiation, especially through the use of artificial radiation, it is possible to achieve several unique goals very effectively, some of which are quoted briefly below. Radiation is used in medicine, research, industry, agriculture etc. for a wide range of applications. Indeed, our everyday life is touched by one or more of such applications.

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Non Power Uses of Nuclear Energy

  1. 1. Non-Poweruses of Nuclear EnergyA presentation by Nuclear Friends
  2. 2. Nuclear is used NOT just for Making weapons OR Electricity
  3. 3. Nuclear Energy has numerousnon-power uses, too
  4. 4. Radioisotopes,used in medicineand for research: Nuclear medicine is used in radiation therapy for treating cancers Radiopharmaceuticals and radiotracers are used in diverse applications such as in diagnostic procedures in medicine, for advanced chemical analysis in research, for specific treatment of ailments, for drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  5. 5. For sterilization of medical equipment
  6. 6. AgricultureFor irradiating agriculturalproduce to increase the shelf-life
  7. 7. FoodPreservationFor stopping the growthmicro-organisms to avoidfood poisoning
  8. 8. X-Rays• Used in dentistry to find out hidden abnormalities• For diagnosing osteoporosis and fractures in bones• Non-destructive testing: for welding errors or cracks in buildings, pipelines and structures• Baggage surveillance at airports• In various industrial applications
  9. 9. SmokeDetectors
  10. 10. Nuclear Energyis our friend,are you?Become a Nuclear Friendon