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Nuclear Maintenance and Plant Modernization Conference, May 25-26, Brussels, Belgium

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  1. 1. Researched & Organised by: SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS YOUR FREE PRESENTATIONNuclear Maintenance and PlantModernization Conference SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS YOUR FREE PRESENTATIONMay 25-26, 2011. Brussels, BelgiumE ective O&M strategies to deliver e ciencies,increase output and reduce outage times toimprove ROI KEYNOTE PRESENTATION FROM: Preparing for Maintenance: Recognize the importance of predictive and preventative maintenance when planning repairs to ensure maintenance tasks run smoothly European Commission Understand Costs and Optimize ROI: Discover UTILITY PERSPECTIVES FROM: how you can plan refurbishments and upgrades to improve operations and increase your annual income Plant Reliability Assessment: Learn about plant equipment to ensure it will continue to perform to meet your expectations in the future Safety & Regulatory Update: Ensure adequate safety margins and regulatory compliance and understand why this is critical to your customers, employees and shareholders OTHER EXPERTS FROM: Resources & The Workforce: Understand the demand for personnel across the industry and how this may put a strain on your resources for O&M What has been said about our nuclear conferences..."Comprehensive and informative – good insightinto lessons learnt.” Mark Peres, Executive Project Director, Fluor For the latest speaker line up and agenda updates please visit:
  2. 2. Researched & Organised by:SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS YOUR FREE PRESENTATIONDear Colleague, What We Are Going ToNew build, new build, new build… What about the current fleet? With Do For You?utilities in Europe taking huge strides to secure life extensions for theiroperating fleet, it is more important than ever to understand the Practical information and knowledgeoptions available for refurbishment, modernization and general sharing are at the forefront of ourmaintenance. Nuclear Maintenance and Plant Modernization Conference. We areWith the announcement from EDF to look at 60 year lifetimes for theircurrent fleet in France, costing approximately €400 to €600 million per committed to ensuring that you notunit, maintenance issues are costly but necessary. Operation and only go away with new contacts butmaintenance costs are country-specific but depend heavily on the an up-to-date, relevant wealth ofutility managing the plant. They include manpower costs, annual O&M information so that you can leaveinvestments, periodic equipment replacement, national and regional knowing how your business is goingtaxes, insurance and company overheads. O&M costs are a major sliceof a utility’s spend and are estimated to be around 25% of a NPPs to move forward…yearly budget.With 196 operating nuclear plants across Europe, there are a large 1 Prepare for understanding projects by future maintenancenumber of owners who will be assessing the prospects of lifeextensions and the subsequent maintenance tasks that follow. It is predictive and preventativemore important than ever to learn from the experts who have maintenanceimplemented successful refurbishment strategies for their operatingplants. 2 for maintenancefull extentensure Understand the work to of costsMaintenance and modernization projects are costly and technically that your plans will recoup anchallenging. If costs and outage times are to be reduced then careful optimal return on investmentplanning is required and common sense strategies must be put in place.In order to do that some of the following challenges will be faced: 3 Assess the reliability equipment will to understand what of your plant• Maintaining operational safety continue to perform to meet your• Long-term operations strategy future expectations• Refurbishment planning•• Makeup, aging and obsolescence Reliability of equipment performance 4 Hear about theensure you have a resources and demand for new• Preventive and predictive maintenance• Resources and availability suitable workforce to carry out future projectsThe Nuclear Maintenance and Plant Modernization Conference willsupply your business with the critical intelligence and tools you need tounderstand e ective O&M strategies to deliver e ciencies, increase Who will be there?output and reduce outage times to improve ROI. Delivered by the best Senior level decision makers fromin the industry – you’ll be able to take away key lessons and real world utilities/owners who want to discover theaction points that you can implement to save millions of €uro’s. latest technologies and services for planning and executing nuclear maintenance andThe conference will be bringing together 150 operations and refurbishment projects.maintenance experts for two days of business critical intelligence,unrivalled networking and stimulating discussion. With senior levelrepresentatives from European utilities, lead contractors and equipment Utility/Owner 30%providers and specialist service companies – can you a ord to missout? Lead Contractor 30%I look forward to seeing you in Brussels in May. Sub Contractor 10%Kindest regards, Specialist Services 10%Dean MurphySenior Industry Analyst Public Sector 7%Nuclear Energy InsiderTel: +44 (0) 207 375 7204Email: Consultant 7% Other 6% SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS YOUR FREE PRESENTATION
  3. 3. Researched & Organised by:TAKE A LOOK AT THE AGENDA SO FAR…Section 1 – Operational Safety and Regulatory Oskarshamn Case Study: Modernization of Unit 2 • Review the safety and reliability aspects of work taking place atIssues Oskarshamn 2 • Take a look at the design and manufacturing work and how theEuropean Commission: Legislations for the Operating challenges causing project delays have been overcomeNuclear Fleet • Moving on to the final step: Looking forward to the completion of the• Understand current regulations and legislations in place to ensure project in 2013 safety during O&M tasks• Review the work that the European Commission are doing to aid the USA Case Study: Cross-Geographical Learning operating nuclear fleet • Hear about the business case drivers that support refurbishment work• Lessons learned from past O&M projects to ensure optimum safety in the USA for your projects • Learn about OPPD’s Fort Calhoun Station refurbishment workMassimo Garriba, Legal questions & Euratom coordination, international including the replacement of its steam generators, pressurizer,relations – nuclear, European Commission reactor vessel head and low pressure turbines • Assess the effectiveness of the work – was the refurbishment a beneficial investment?Assuring adequate safety margins after Arun Mani, Partner - Global Energy Consulting Practice, PA Consultingmodification/modernization projects• Understand the attributes of a strong preliminary and final safety analysis Section 3 – Business Case• Learn about technical specifications for modernization projects• Assure sufficient safety margins during upgrade tasks Business case for aging management and life extensionHoa Hoang, Power Uprate Product Line Leader, GE Hitachi Nuclear • Should we be investing in modernization now or focus our effortsEnergy elsewhere? • Understand all costs associated with operations and maintenance andUK SAPS justification requirements for support of plant whether refurbishment and modernization is a good financial option for your sitesmodifications • Understand whether your plant modernization efforts will provide a• Fully understand the PWR safety margins and safety analysis sufficient return on investment? requirements for plant modifications • Take a look at how you can plan refurbishments and upgrades to• Review the UK requirements for modifications and compare them levelize your spending with international practice John Fownes, Growth Leader, Aging Management, Westinghouse• Hear about the necessities of compliance with current and new regulations and how this is critical to your customers, employees and shareholders InsuranceDr John Lillington, Serco • Evaluate nuclear insurance risk to aid future maintenance and refurbishment projects • Understand third party liability and how this will affect your projectsSection 2 - Utility Perspectives and Mark Tetley, Managing Director, Nuclear Risk Insurers LtdCross-Geographical Learning Dr Mike Peach, Technical Manager, Nuclear Risk Insurers LtdSwiss Case Study: Strategy for long-term operation of Section 4 – Plant Reliability and Efficiencythe NPP Beznau Unit 1 and 2 (KKB)• Gain an understanding of the requirements and remits faced by AXPO Strategies for Make Up, Aging & Obsolescence when evaluating for extended operation at NPP Beznau • Discuss the different possible strategies for make up for aging &• Hear how AXPO mitigated potential risks when planning their forward obsolescence with an in-depth look at: strategy and how this can be implemented on similar projects o components storage• Hear how AXPO managed plant staff and materials in order to ensure o cloning with FPGA (field-programmable gate array) successful project execution o new system• Simple steps you can take to ensure your future operations are • Understand the benefits and drawbacks from Edf economically EdfHerbert Rust, Deputy Site Director, Axpo AG A long-term approach to operations after 40Czech Republic Case Study: Long-term refurbishment • Understand the evaluation of long-term operations to ensure futureplanning at Dukovany NPP safe operations• Understand the importance of creating a forward plan looking at the • Understand the financial impacts of life extensions and future history and maintenance records of your nuclear site operations• Understand the essentials of equipment replacement, material • Review the work that Electrabel have been implementing to ensure concerns and ageing management long-term operations• Create a blueprint for capital increase before performing Geert Backaert, Project Manager Long Term Operation, Electrabel modernization tasksJaroslav Jakub, Maintenance Manager, Dukovany NPP, ČEZ Equipment obsolescence • Hear how you can find replacement parts during refurbishment andSwedish Case Study: Plant Modernization at Ringhals AB ensure delays are avoided - Is the supplier for that system or• Understand the key issues regarding heavy component replacement component still in business? to help ensure your modernization projects run smoothly • How Investing heavily into equipment by utilities will help to avoid• Learn about the importance of digital instrumentation and control future difficulties during modernization attempts systems modernization when undertaking NPP upgrade work • Understand the importance of whether or not your plant system isLars Eliasson, Vice President Ringhals AB, Vattenfall able to operate reliably for future years without significant investment • Understand whether or not it is a better long-term investment to buy a new component or reverse-engineer the ones you have - can you obtain the parts? 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  4. 4. Researched & Organised by: SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS YOUR FREE PRESENTATIONLong-term refurbishment planning Section 5 - Resources• Understand the importance of creating a 10 year plan looking at the history and maintenance records of your nuclear site The role of contractors• Understand the essentials of equipment replacement, material • Understand what resources are needed from contractors for specific concerns and ageing management tasks and how they should be utilized• Create a blueprint for capital increase before performing • Understand whether or not contractors will have the resources modernization tasks available to you to ensure work is not delayed or postponedAreva Steve McClure, Vice Chairman, Britain’s Energy Coast Business ClusterReliability of a power plant Market Entry for New Companies• Are you confident that your equipment will continue to perform to • Fully understand the standards and quality levels that are required to meet your expectations in the future? gain entry into the nuclear market• Understand how we can maintain the reliability of our plant • Hear about the health and safety requirements that will be essential• Hear tips on how to increase our time online to 95%-97% + to help position your organization in the industryJaro Holubec, Head of Nuclear Generation, Slovenské elektrárne • Gain a clear understanding of the skills required for you to become active in the nuclear marketRetrofitting – dealing with mechanical issues• Understand the importance of spending your money on retrofitting to The French Resources Experience deal with potential long-term issues • Understand how the International Nuclear Academy are working to• Take a look at some relevant case studies of retrofitting projects from bridge the skills gap in France around the globe • Learn about the proactive initiatives being implemented by theAlstom Power French industry to overcome the lack of skills and resources within the industryPreventive and predictive maintenance Anne-Sophie Defay, Business Development O cer, International• Understand the importance of the following during modernization Nuclear Academy o Repair o Inspection HERE IS THE o Surveillance o Workforce• The importance of predicative maintenance, why we need to do this and how to build our strategy towards this PRESENTATION NUCLEAR MODERNIZATION – THE Department for Nuclear Power Stations with the responsibility of the development of Flamanvile, Iter FACTS! and Cofrentes projects, among others. To celebrate the launch of our inaugural Nuclear Maintenance and Plant Modernization Conference I hope you enjoy the presentation and find much value 2011, I’m giving away access to a presentation from in it for your business. If you have any comments or Nuclear Energy Insider’s Power Uprate conference questions please contact me on the details below. from June 2010. Kind Regards, Modernization and Power Uprates in Nuclear Power Plants Dean Murphy In this presentation, Mr Alejandro Merino Senior Industry Analyst Teillet, Project Manager with Iberdrola Ingenieria y Nuclear Energy Insider Construccion gives a unique insight into: Email: • Project engineering and the importance to Phone: + 44 (0) 207 375 7204 power uprates • The importance of implementation of equipment modifications and retrofitting during projects • Lessons learnt from IBERDROLA on the experience they have learned from outages during modification tasks CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE YOUR These views are based on a wealth of experience with Alejandro being the Manager of the Engineering FREE PRESENTATION
  5. 5. Researched & Organised by: What has been said about our nuclear conferences... “This conference exceeded my expectations in many ways. The program content and quality of speakers was excellent.” Thomas Williamson, Vice President - New Plant Market Strategy, AREVA NPNuclear Maintenance and PlantModernization Conference SAVE €500May 25-26, 2011. Brussels, Belgium register before January 7th Conference Pricing DATE & LOCATION: Below you can find the complete pricing May 25-26, 2011. Brussels, Belgium structure for the 2011 Maintenance and Modernization Conference. Please note we Group Discounts, Play it Smart, Bring Your Team Come along with members of your team and take advantage of Nuclear have 3 options available and that we also have Energy Insider’s special group discounts. The more attendees you sign dates when the prices of the passes will up, the more money your company saves! increase. Below you can find out what benefits Visit you’ll receive from each pass type. or call today on +44 (0)207 375 7575 1. SELECT YOUR REGISTRATION PACKAGE New Year Saver Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Standard Price Before January 15th Before March 18th Before April 15th Platinum • Full 2 day pass • Full summit documentation • Access to all lunches, breaks + €1395+ VAT €1495+ VAT €1695+ VAT €1895+ VAT networking party • Audio & Visual Access Post Conference Gold • Full 2 day pass • Full summit documentation €1195+ VAT €1295+ VAT €1495+ VAT €1695+ VAT • Access to all lunches, breaks + networking party CD • Audio & Visual Access Post €395+ VAT Conference*NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT Enter the discount code when 2. ENTER ATTENDEE DETAILS DISCOUNT CODE: PREBRO50 you register to save €50Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: _________________ First name: ______________________________ Last name: _________________________ Company:______________________Position / Title: ____________________________________________________________Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: _________________________E-mail: ______________________________________ Country: ____________________ Address: _____________________________ Postcode: ____________________ 3. PAYMENT OPTIONSI enclose a cheque/draft for: €____________ (payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Credit card number: __________________________________________________Please invoice my company: € ____________ Purchase Order No.: __________ Expiry date: _______________ Security Number (last three digits on back) ________Please charge my credit card: € _______________________________________ Name on card: ______________________________________________________Amex Visa Mastercard Signature:_____________________________ Country:______________________ MORE EASY WAYS TO REGISTER TODAY! FAX THIS FORM BACK TO ONLINE: +44 20 7375 7576 E-MAIL: FAX: +44 (0)207 375 7576 CALL: +44 (0)207 375 7575Terms & Conditions The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice.Places are transferable without any charge. All prices displayed are exclusive of vat unless otherwise stated but, vat will be charged, where applicable,Cancellations before April 25, 2011 incur an administrative charge of 25%. at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice.If you cancel your registration on or after April 25, 2011 we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. FC Business Intelligence Limited takes every care to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time ofPlease note - you must notify FC Business Intelligence Limited in writing of a cancellation, or we will be publishing however, bookings will only be accepted if there is no material error in the price advertised onobliged to charge you the full fee. the website.